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There are a number of factors that go into deciding what would be a great vacation destination. Some people look for warm sunny locations where outdoor activity is both available and encouraged all year long. Others look to vacation in an area where there are wonderful beaches and access to beautiful stretches of wide open water. Still others look for a destination that offers a number of different activities or sports that can be participated in. Vacationers looking for a travel destination that offers all three of those attributes need look no further than the beautiful destination city of Mazatlan, Mexico for what could be the vacation of their dreams.

Mazatlan sits on the Pacific Ocean, roughly about halfway down the west coast of Mexico. The city is a famous port city which attracts a number of cruise lines during all parts of the year. It sits near the mouth of the Gulf of California and the Baja California peninsula can be accessed via car and passenger ferries that depart Mazatlan regularly. The city has gone through a number of phases including being a transportation hub, a supplier to the local gold mines, and a big player in the fishing industry. It was in the 1940s that the city was discovered by vacationers looking for somewhere south of the Mexican-American border to spend their time. Over the ensuing decades, the popularity of Mazatlan increased with vacationers until it became known as one of the tourism capitals of the Western Hemisphere. One of the strongest things that Mazatlan has going for it is that it is packed with a number of great activities that can be participated in.

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Hit the Water
Some of the most beautiful water worth visiting can be found along the shores of Mazatlan. Vacationers for many decades have enjoyed traveling to Mazatlan and partaking of not only the gorgeous scenery that can be found there, but all of the activities that can be participated in while there as well. In terms of enjoying the water, the many activities that can be done include scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, personal watercraft riding, swimming, boating, fishing, and more. The water has always been seen as one of Mazatlan’s greatest assets, finding new and interesting ways to enjoy it is a worthwhile pursuit of any vacationer that goes there.

Horseback Riding
Mazatlan has a unique geography with beautiful coastal areas, including wide expansive beaches, as well as inland hills and mountainous areas too. One of the top ways to see the area is from the saddle of a horse. There are a number of well maintained and outfitted stables in the Mazatlan area and they all help provide a great time for those looking to take part in this type of exciting adventure. Whether riding horseback on the beach and in the surf, or climbing up the trails that lead from the city into the inland areas beyond Mazatlan, one of the most unique experiences available in the area is exploring the countryside from the back of a horse.

Hit the Sand
The number one attraction in all of Mazatlan is the beautiful beaches that the area features. There is truly a beach for everyone who visits Mazatlan. For those seeking a fun and lively area where tourists and locals mix and enjoy some great activities, the beaches just off the downtown area are the perfect thing. There are also beaches that offer these same qualities both north and south of the city as well. For those seeking quieter times where a more relaxing and laid back experience can be had, there are also small beaches and coves that deliver that too. The beaches of Mazatlan offer plenty of space for those looking to visit them whether they are going there for sunbathing, people watching, volleyball, swimming, or playing in the surf. There are also a number of activities that can be participated in right from the beach too including the rental and riding of kayaks and motorized personal watercraft, parasailing, and more. The beaches of Mazatlan are the main attraction that the city offers, they are also one of the most pleasing things that can be experienced in the area.

Take a Jungle Tour
While most famous for the beaches and the water that is found there, the city of Mazatlan is also located very near to some jungle-like forested areas too. There are a number of ways to tour these areas, but the important thing is that a vacationer coming to Mazatlan should really get out and see them. Tours are available via buses and all terrain vehicles that will get visitors right up into the upper reaches of these undeveloped areas. Tours are also available by horseback and hiking too. There are a number of attractions found in these forested areas too including canopy attractions that feature rope bridges and raised boardwalks as well as off road trails focused on an extreme motorized experience. Aside from the forested hilltops and mountain areas surrounding the city, a visit to Stone Island is also a great way to experience the jungle-like attractions in the Mazatlan area. Unbelievable memories are just waiting to be made in the jungles that surround the city of Mazatlan.

Go Golfing
Mazatlan has been one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico for decades. In recent years there have been more and more golf courses being built in the area. The golf courses in Mazatlan are well respected and thought of highly by not only the locals and the tourists, but the experienced golfers and professionals that visit there too. Golfing in Mazatlan means enjoying the same kind of high quality and challenging courses that can be found elsewhere, but also getting to enjoy the fun of golf while outdoors with the beautiful Mazatlan scenery as a backdrop. Some of the more popular golf courses in the Mazatlan area include El Cid Golf & Country Club, Estrella del Mar, and Club de Golf Campestre Mazatlan.

There are a number of great reasons that may lead a vacationer to plan a trip to Mazatlan, but one of the top reasons is that there are an incredible amount of activities to participate in and experience while visiting there. From quiet times on the beach, to fun in or on the water, to exploring and competing in the surrounding picturesque areas, Mazatlan has a great deal to offer those that visit there. The downtown area of Mazatlan has attracted and satisfied visitors for decades, but it is the incredible wealth of things to do in and around the city that make it one of the best places in the world to vacation in.

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