Don’t Miss Out On All The Fun Available On The Beaches Of Miami

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The city of Miami is one of the most exciting and popular vacation destinations in the entire United States of America. This wonderfully exotic city offers a complete experience to the lucky traveler who chooses it as their end destination. The city serves both as a magnet to tourists as well as a departing point for those continuing south in the form of a Caribbean cruise. It is a true international city, with many different cultures represented, as is evidenced by both the merchandise and cuisine that can be purchased there. Miami has long been known as a high quality destination for a number of reasons, but the overall reason is the incredible amount of things to do there.

The city of Miami really does have it all, including an exciting nightlife, fabulous restaurants, wonderful weather, great golfing, fantastic attractions, luxurious resorts, and more. The one thing that most people want to experience the most when they come to Miami though is all of the fun and excitement that can be had on the beaches both in the city and in the surrounding area as well. It is a natural fact that the city of Miami provides access to some of the nicest beaches that any vacationer could ever hope to find. The beaches are not only beautiful and inviting though, they also offer a tremendous amount of things to do.

People Watching

When it comes to the international past time of people watching, the beaches of Miami are one of the top places to go. With the many different cultures that are located within an easy drive of the beach, there are many different types of people. There are also a number of famous people that frequent the beach area too. Not to mention the incredible amount of tourists that head to the beach each and every day. From beautiful people, to crazy antics, to memorable moments, and even the truly odd, the beaches of Miami have it all.


The weather in Miami is legendary for its many days of warm temperatures and clear skies. Those travelers seeking a chance to hit the beach and soak up some of the South Florida rays that many people flock their for will be more than happy with what they find in the Miami area. Visitors returning home from a vacation in Miami will have no need to head to a tanning salon for a very long time.

Beach Games

The beaches of Miami are a great place to be active. There are a number of different games that can be played right on the soft sand that is found there. Some people like to toss the Frisbee around, while others prefer to play in the surf. Many of the beaches have specific areas set up including volleyball courts and oceanfront basketball courts.


A number of the most popular boutiques and retail outlets are either located right off the beach, or have outlets, street carts, or booths setup adjacent to the beach itself. Whether a visitor is looking for souvenirs of Miami, a much needed pair of sunglasses, or name brand clothing, it can be found right there at the beach. Checking out the booths, businesses, and street vendors is also a great way to take a break from the hot sun.


There are many ways that a vacationer can enjoy the beaches of Miami and also get in some quality exercise. Those wanting an all around workout can hit the water for some vigorous swimming both with and against the waves. For visitors who enjoy running or jogging, they can participate in one of their favorite activities by running on the promenades and sidewalks that line the miles of beaches, or for an invigorating workout they can also go running in the sand. There are either other exercise areas located on some of the various beaches of the Miami area. The active traveler will find themselves right at home on the warm sand.


There are a great many opportunities to enjoy swimming when visiting the beaches of Miami, both for enjoyment as well as working out or training. Most of the beaches approach the water at a very shallow angle, meaning that it is very easy to enter and exit it. There are protected swimming areas along the open coastline as well as in the various inlets, coves, and bays that are found there. Lifeguards are on duty in most places too, so swimming in the open water is relatively safe for the experienced person.


There are few more exciting ways to spend time at the beach than by going parasailing. Parasailing sees the guest hooked by a harness to a parachute, and at the same time tethered to a boat that waits offshore. When the boat motors forward, the vacationer rises in the air as far as the rope connecting them to the boat will allow. Here they are free to enjoy the view and the overall thrilling experience as the boat pulls them around the area water. This is one of the types of experiences that will stay with the traveler, regardless of how many incredible destinations they’ve already visited in the past.

Eating Out

Visitors heading to almost any of the beaches that can be found in the Miami area need not worry when it comes to meal time or snacking needs. Between the hundreds of great restaurants that are within easy walking distance of the beach and the many street vendors and beach side businesses selling various kinds of food, worrying about missing a meal or keeping an appetite in check is usually something a traveler doesn’t ever have to contend with. Some of the best foods in the city can be found right at the beach.


While generally associated with the islands of the Caribbean or even Hawaii, it is also possible to snorkel right off the shore of Miami. In fact, the gentle surf there is very welcoming to beginner snorkelers who are just learning the ropes. It is also an interesting location for experienced snorkelers to venture out into as well. Snorkeling just off the beaches of Miami is a very fun, relaxing, and interesting thing to do.

Personal Watercraft Rental

There are a number of locations around Miami where it is possible to rent personal watercraft that are usable right off the beaches of the city. For those wanting to be active and explore the surface of the water in a more intimate way, an ocean kayak is the perfect rental craft. There are also motorized personal watercraft available for rent, and this is a great way for the more extreme vacationer to have a good time out on the water. Hitting the water right from the beach isn’t a problem at all in Miami, thanks in large part to the many personal watercraft rental opportunities that are there.

Access to the Surrounding Waters

The beaches of Miami also provide visitors with great access to the surrounding waters of the area. Many magical moments are had every day by travelers reaching out far from shore to embrace the ocean that lays before them. These experiences can be had by chartering a fishing boat, booking passage on a boat tour, or even going out on a sailboat. There are a number of tour companies and outfitters in Miami, many headquartered at or near the beach, that can take care of every customer’s exact needs.

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Whether coming to Miami as part of a longer vacation elsewhere, or coming there and using it as the final destination point, vacationers who travel there will be more than delighted with the amount of things they find to do. Of all the things there are to do in Miami though, nothing tops just venturing out and experiencing the many beaches that can be found there. The beaches of Miami are lively and vibrant, and are filled with many exciting things to do. It doesn’t matter if a traveler is seeking a relaxing experience or an activity filled time on the beach, the beaches of Miami can fulfill nearly their every desire. A decision to travel to Miami and experience all that the beaches and the rest of the city have to offer is a very good decision indeed.

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