Eight Fun Things To See And Do During A Vacation To Key West

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There are a number of wildly famous vacation cities in the United States, many of them that have been popular for decades and decades. With its warm weather, numerous tourist attractions, and beautiful scenery it is no wonder that South Florida is at or near the top of the list of most American vacationers. While South Florida has been a popular vacation destination for more than one hundred years, many travelers don’t make it as far south as the fun city of Key West.

Key West sits on an island that it shares its name with at the southernmost tip of the Florida Keys. The island that holds Key West is small, being only two miles wide and four miles long. Key West offers travelers a number of ways to be entertained and satisfied while far from home. There are attractions and activities available in the Key West that satisfy and interest both the outdoor recreation enthusiast as well as the casual traveler. Here is a look at eight of the many fun things to see and do during a vacation to Key West.

Get Out On The Water

Key West is geographically in a wonderful spot for anyone wanting to get out and enjoy the water. For sportsmen, chartering a fishing boat in key West and heading out along the coastline or even further out can provide for one of the most amazing fishing experiences ever. Boat tours are also available and the right captain or guide can make this one of the best ways to see and experience the Key West area. A sailing adventure would also be a grand way to get out on the water there and come away with memories that will last forever. There are even ways to get out on the water that are a little tamer and closer to shore including swimming, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, and kayaking.

Harry S Truman Little White House

For those travelers who appreciate the historical attraction, a visit to the Harry S Truman Little White House is definitely in order. The home itself, and the ones immediately surrounding it, have been kept largely the way they appeared during the time of its by President Truman. He ventured here as a way of escaping the Washington D. C. area and it became one of his truly favorite spots in the entire country. A walk through the building today is a great way to get an up close look at an important time gone by.

The Overseas Highway

There is nothing quite like the experience that can be had from driving across the overseas highway. The highway stretches for more than one hundred miles and connects all the islands of the Florida Keys area to mainland Florida. This is one of the most breathtaking drives that anyone can go on in the entire United States. This is also a great way to come away from the Key West region with a new and deeper appreciation for how far removed it is from the mainland United States. Driving across the Overseas Highway is also a fun way to gain an appreciation for the engineering and construction marvel that it truly is.

Dolphin Watch

Located within an easy walk or biking distance from Old Town Key West is Dolphin Watch. Visitors can come here and not only have fun in the surf and sand, but also venture out into the water and interact with live dolphins in a first hand way. Many vacationers come away from their time at Dolphin Watch saying that it is simply the best thing they did during their entire time in Key West. The opportunity to be hands on with the dolphins, or even to just watch them from afar, is something most vacationers will never forget.

Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

While not the perfect attraction for everyone, most people are truly surprised at how enjoyable they find the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory to be. In fact, many people end up saying they could have stayed there for hours and continued to have been entertained to no end. There are literally hundreds of butterflies housed at the conservatory, many rare and exotic and little seen in this area of the world. There are also other beautiful and exotic life forms too including both plants and birds. This is a great place to visit and a wonderful place to retreat to in order to take a break from the surf, sand, and sun.

Mallory Square

The sunsets seen during a visit to Key West are absolutely incredible, and there is no better place to watch them from than Mallory Square. This is traditionally one of the top places for both locals and tourists alike to head to during the sunset hour. Though it can be crowded at times, it does offer a wonderful way to experience a feeling of community with the others who have traveled there. There are also shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore in the vicinity too. Walking up, down, and through the boardwalk, pier, and town center areas surrounding Mallory Square can be very interesting and fun.

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

For those who have come to Key West and want to get out and spend some quality time on the beach, there is no better place to go to than Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. Visitors should bring footwear as most of the beach areas around Key West tend to be somewhat rocky in nature. From enjoying the sunset, to playing in the water, and exploring the coastline for treasures from the sea, a visit to Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park can be a fun time for everyone. For the traveler interested in history, a tour of the local fort site and visitors center is also more than worthwhile.

Take A Trolley Tour Ride

One of the best ways to see the inland areas in and around Key West is by booking passage on the tour run by Old Town Trolley Tours. This is the best way to make sure that a guest sees all of the important spots and stops. Travelers can be entertained by not only the sights and sounds, but also by the incredibly knowledgeable tour guides that helpfully explain the important features and little known tidbits about the Key West area. This is a fantastic way to get a feel for the layout of the area and find out where all the important locations are.

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South Florida offers a number of fun reasons to go there as the weather and scenery are like nothing else on the entire East Coast of the United States. While there are a number of great destinations that should be considered by vacationers anticipating a visit to South Florida, many of them don’t compare to what is offered at Key West. Key West is enjoyable by those who like outdoor recreation, those who like quiet and relaxing destinations, and those who like fun and exciting locations too. It takes a little bit more travel time to get to a destination like Key West, but in the end it is more than worth it.

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