Eight Great Ways To Tour The Amazing City Of Boston, Massachusetts

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The city of Boston has played an important role in both the founding and development of the United States of America. Over the years it has grown from a city that relied mainly on fishing and industry into a community that features a diverse economic balance of tourism, recreation, higher education, and technology industries. Through all of that though, Boston has remained true to its beginnings and places a big emphasis on the important history that it has had.

There are a number of great historical sites located in and around the city of Boston that are deserving of being seen. Likewise, there are other important buildings and attractions that can be viewed up close by the millions of people that come there each and every year. Some of the popular attractions in the area include Fenway Park, Beacon Hill, the Freedom Trail, Museum of Science, Samuel Adams Brewery, the U. S. S. Constitution, the islands of Boston Harbor, the Historic North End, and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library.  Getting a feel for the layout of Boston, as well as actually getting out to see these and other attractions, can be kind of tough for a traveler to do on their own. One of the best ways to see these and other features of the great city of Boston is to take one of the many tours that are available there. Here are just some of the many available ways there are to tour this wonderful city.

By Duck

There are a lot of ways to tour the city of Boston, and one of the more interesting and unique ways to do so is by booking passage on a duck tour. In this case, a duck is a World War II era amphibious vehicle that has been modified into a tour vehicle. Tourists are then taken down the streets of the city and past most of the major attractions, then the vehicle enters the water and the tour continues offshore. There is no more memorable way to see the city of Boston than by duck.

By Boat

Boston has a surprisingly active and interesting waterfront. There are also a number of offshore islands in Boston Harbor, many of them open to the public. One of the best ways to see all that the waterfront and coastal area around Boston is by taking a tour on water. Boat tours of the Boston area are furnished by a number of companies and they each seem to offer different features. Some boat tours are part of a general tourist attraction, while others add extras like dinners, dancing, and extensive sightseeing.

By Segway

There are some tours that are notable because of the amazing things that are seen information imparted. There are other tours that are more interesting because of how the tours are conducted. One of the best ways to get the best of both worlds is to tour the city of Boston by Segway. A Segway tour takes visitors past most of the important historical sites in the city and also gives them the distinctly modern and high tech experience of riding the forward thinking Segway.

Self-Guided Tours

Sometimes going on a tour with a large group of tourists is not what a traveler thinks of as a good time. For those times, a self-guided tour can be the perfect thing. A self-guided tour, whether done on foot or by car allows a visitor to skip forward to attractions they may be more interested, or even rearrange the order in which things are seen. Self-guided tours can be done either by printed maps or by a CD or MP3 that leads the guest around the city and speaks of the essential things to see.

By Bus

There are a number of tour companies in Boston that offer bus tours to their guests. This is a great way to see the city for a number of reasons. The tour guides in these types of operations often know not only the common facts and historical data, but also have some insightful knowledge that they can share with the traveler, the kind of knowledge that might not be found elsewhere. Touring the city by bus can also allow for better sightseeing because of the fact that the bus is raise up higher than most other vehicles on the road, preventing the tourist from having their vision blocked.

On Foot

Boat tours, car tours, duck tours, and bus tours can all cover a great deal of ground, mainly because motorized transportation allows a tour guide to cover a good deal of ground. These are all great ways to go on a tour of the city of Boston, but sometimes touring an area by foot has its advantages too. Touring Boston by foot allows a group or individual to spend more time at one location than they would normally get to, as well as allows them to get up close and personal instead of having to see it from the street. A foot tour of the city of Boston gives the traveler a much more intimate experience with the city. This is something that will stay with him for a number of years to come.

By Trolley

Taking a tour of the city of Boston as part of the Boston Trolley Tours that are available there can be one of the more fun and interesting ways to see the city. Similar to a tour bus, a trolley tour allows travelers to join with other tourists on a visit where the guides lead them around the city and draw their attention to the important things to see. Another advantage to a trolley tour is the fact that large families or travel groups can book passage all together on the same vehicle which can add to the amount of fun that can be had.

Movie Tour

A number of popular movies and television shows have been either set in or filmed in the city of Boston. Because of the city’s strong historical ties or big business and technology presence, a number of interesting story lines have been inspired by the city or influenced by the real happenings that have gone on there. A movie tour of Boston will guide visitors past some of the places that filming was done. Some of the many movies and television shows filmed in Boston include Good Will Hunting, Cheers, The Verdict, The Brink’s Job, Rescue Me, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and The Departed.

Travel to Boston With Travelocity

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The city of Boston is a true one of a kind city that is perfectly suited to be visited by tourists and travelers either heading to or through the area. The city offers fun shopping opportunities, great dining options, interesting museums, fascinating historical sites, and breathtaking scenic areas. All of this and more can be easily seen by anyone lucky enough to choose Boston as their vacation destination of choice. One of the best ways to see it all, or at least get a taste of this interesting city, is to go on one or more of the many tours that are offered there. Touring the city of Boston can go a long way towards making a vacation spent there the best that it can be.

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