Eight Things To Do And Experience In Perth, Australia

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A vacation to Australia can be the kind of vacation that many people dream about having their entire lives. Australia offers great wildlife viewing opportunities, beautiful expanses of scenic areas, fun and exciting cities, gorgeous beaches, and access to all kinds of water for fishing, boating, and playing in. One of the best and most unique places to visit in Australia is the city of Perth which is located on the western coast of the nation. Perth offers a great deal of things to do and experience both in it and around it. Here is a look at eight things to do and experience in Perth, Australia.

1. Caversham Wildlife Park

Kangaroo and its joey.

Caversham Wildlife Park is located near Perth and is a great place for anyone looking to see the nature provided by Australia up close and personal. Kangaroos and koala bears are found throughout the park, and guest are allowed to feed and even pet them when given the opportunity.

2. Aquarium of Western Australia

Aquarium of Western Australia. By: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sheilaellen/

One of the best and most unique places to visit in the Perth area is the Aquarium of Western Australia. There are a number of opportunities in the facility to see some of the fabulous sea life that is natural to the waters surrounding the city, as well as marine life from other areas too.

3. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of the most welcoming beach areas in the Perth area. There are long sandy beaches, grassy play and picnic areas, and of course access to some of the beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. The scenery available at Cottesloe Beach is top notch as well with a number of great photography opportunities.

4. Margaret River Regional Wine Centre

Routinely rated as one of the most gorgeous and fun places to visit in the Perth area, the Margaret River area, and the Margaret River Regional Wine Centre in particular, offer a great number of things that many travelers highly value. There is beautiful scenery, fun activities, a lively wine industry, and much more all within one gorgeous geographic region.

5. Western Australian Museum

One of the best opportunities to see and learn about the history of Perth, the surrounding area, and the entire Western Australian region can be found at the Western Australian Museum. This facility tells the story of the natives who inhabited the area long ago, the early settlers to the area, the maritime history of the region, and even the more modern accomplishments and happenings there.

6. Trigg Beach

Part of the enjoyment of traveling to the city of Perth and the surrounding area is the opportunity to hit the beach and enjoy the sand and surf. One of the many great places to do this is at Trigg Beach, where the visitors to the area can make use of both the wide open areas of water as well as the sheltered and much calmer waters of an area known as Mettam’s Pool.

7. Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo offers visitors the chance to see many of the native animals of Australia in a way they cannot be observed in the wild. The enclosures are designed in a way to enhance the viewing of the animals and make it so they are rarely hidden from the public eye. There are a great many exhibits, open spaces, and other opportunities for fun.

8. Adventure World

There is no place more exciting and fun for a family on vacation to visit than an amusement park, and one of the best amusement parks in all of Australia is Adventure World in the city of Perth. This is a great diversion from the city itself and other attractions that kids might tire of after awhile. A few hours riding the rides, playing the games, and eating the food will have kids back on top of the world.

Visiting Australia

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Perth is a wonderful place to visit with a great many things going for it. Visitors to the city will enjoy the city itself and all that it has to offer in terms of dining, accommodations, historic and cultural attractions, and more. One of the most popular features about the city and the area that surrounds it is the tremendous amount of natural scenic areas available for both locals and tourists to visit and experience. A trip to Perth offers a unique travel experience, even unique in terms of Australia, because Perth is located on the entire opposite end of the continent from most of the other large population areas. Anyone visiting Perth will find themselves lucky to be in a place with so much beauty and so many things to do.

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