Eleven Awesome Things To Do And See On A Vacation To Barbados

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For many people vacations happen on a yearly basis and involve traveling to destinations that are not all that far away from home. Every so often though, a great vacation opportunity comes along. The kind of vacation that won’t soon be forgotten. These types of vacations are usually farther away from home and involve an exotic location. They also usually involve warm weather, long sandy beaches, remote or even secluded locations, and a great list of things to do. One of the best vacation destinations to fit this kind of build up is the beautiful island of Barbados.

Barbados is located on the eastern end of the Caribbean Sea, right where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest islands to Barbados are Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. The island is also located just north of another popular tourist destination, Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados has incredibly mild weather with warm temperatures enjoyed by travelers heading there any time of the year. The island is actually part of an underground mountain range that stretches from near the island of Puerto Rico in the north all the way to just offshore the South American nation of Venezuela. Barbados gained its independence in 1966 after more than three centuries as a protectorate of the United Kingdom. When compared to the other islands in the area, Barbados is usually ranked as one of the most modern and well developed places in the entire Caribbean Sea region. What Barbados is most famous for though is being a world class tourist destination. It achieves this status for one main reason, it simply offers an amazing list of fun, exciting, and even relaxing things to do.

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Explore Bridgetown

The city of Bridgetown, Barbados is one of the more interesting cities that a traveler could ever hope to visit. It was founded in the mid 1600s by British explorers and has a fascinating history, much of it still visible either in historic buildings and structures, or in the various museums found throughout the city. There are a number of great things to do in Bridgeport including go shopping, dine at some fabulous restaurants, partake of some adult refreshments in some of the best bars in the Caribbean, or just relax and go sightseeing. One thing that should definitely not be missed is a tour of the Caribbean Cigar Company, one of the oldest cigar making companies still in operation in the area.

Go Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

Barbados is known around the world for its crystal clear water and wide array of great locations that are suitable for diving and snorkeling. The island is blessed with a number of beaches that slope gently into the surrounding ocean, making for great areas for beginners just learning how to snorkel. The island is also home to numerous reefs, underwater rock formations, and even shipwrecks that are popular with both snorkelers and scuba divers. These activities can be done right from the shore or as part of a diving excursion that can be booked through any number of tour companies on the island.

Animal Flower Cave

One of the top natural areas to explore on Barbados is Animal Flower Cave. This naturally formed geological sight is actually a series of caves that face out onto the ocean. Over the years the pounding waves from the ocean have slowly eroded the caves into what they are now. These small empty inlets have been taken over by a wide array of underwater life including sea anemones. This attraction is a little off the beaten path, but it is one of the many things on the island that make it a truly special place to go.

Hit the Beach

One of the absolute most popular reasons to head to Barbados is to take advantage of the great beaches that are found there. The beaches of Barbados are long and sandy and very welcoming to the tourists who frequent them. There are also small remote beaches that sit on the banks of coves and lagoons too. A number of activities can be participated in on the beaches of Barbados including sunbathing, people watching, beach games, volleyball, swimming, wading, surfing, and more. Some of the most popular beaches in Barbados include Brandon Beach, Bathsheba Soup Bowl, Sandy Lane Beach, Crane Beach, Casuarina Beach, Accra Beach, Cattlewash Beach, and Barclays Park.

Mount Gay Rum Refinery

The oldest rum refinery in the world can be found in the capital city of Bridgeport on the island of Barbados. Mount Gay Rum Refinery is something that should definitely be experienced by anyone visiting Barbados, especially Bridgeport, who also has an appreciation for rum or adult beverages. A tour of the refinery gives travelers an idea of exactly how rum is made and what goes into the process and the alcohol. At the end of the tour there is an opportunity to sample some of the product that is made there, this is a very popular part of the tour for many people.

Go Deep Sea Fishing

For the outdoors enthusiast, a trip to Barbados means they get to participate in something that many people never ever get to experience, deep sea fishing on the open ocean. There are a number of charter fishing companies that book both short and long tours out of many different ports on the island. A visitor coming there should do some research ahead of time as there are a number of different types of companies offering a number of different types of experiences. The chance to go deep sea fishing is something that many people see as a once in a lifetime experience.

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary


Located near the community of Christ Church, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is a truly special place that any visitor to Barbados with an appreciation for nature and wildlife should without question visit. The landscaping throughout the sanctuary is incredible and beautiful. There are raised boardwalks to walk on, informative signs to learn from, incredible chances to see rare birds and fish, and one of the most beautiful backdrops offered anywhere in the entire Caribbean region.

Explore Inland

While the most popular features of Barbados may be the beaches and the water that surround the island, there are a number of worthwhile experiences to be had inland as well. There are tour companies that run inland safaris, hiking trails that can be explored both on foot or on mountain bike, and even protected natural areas with fabulous things to see. The interior of Barbados shouldn’t be passed up by anyone lucky enough to visit there.

Go Golfing

Like many of the islands in the Caribbean region, Barbados has an excellent selection of golf courses to choose from. Though the sport is still relatively new in this part of the country, it didn’t take long for golf course builders and designers to come up with courses that are both challenging to the experienced golfer and fun for the novice too. Some of the available courses in Barbados include Royal Westmoreland Golf & Country Club, Barbados Golf Club, Sandy Lane Golf Club, Rockley Golf Club, and the Almond Beach Golf Club Resort.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

It is very easy to come to Barbados and get wrapped up in all of the worthwhile, beautiful, and fun things that most tourists coming to the island enjoy. Sometimes though, some time should be taken away from all that and spent out enjoying some of the under the radar attractions that often go unvisited by many people traveling to the island. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a great place to visit and offers one of the most relaxing, tranquil, and interesting entertainment options on the island. Visitors are routinely amazed at the natural beauty seen there, whether it be an untouched section of nature or wildlife roaming about their natural habitat. The animals available to see at the park include crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, and turtles.

Hit the Water

Just as the beaches of Barbados are extremely popular with the visitors that go there, so is the vast amount of open water. The water in Barbados can be enjoyed in a number of ways including kayaking, wind surfing, fishing, whale watching, sailing, or even as part of a dinner cruise. Some of the most beautiful sunsets that can be seen in the area are seen from the deck of a boat as it moves over the beautiful water just offshore of the island of Barbados.

Whether someone is heading to Barbados for the very first time or if they have been there a number of times before, an action packed time is waiting for them and they are on the verge of creating some incredible vacation memories. The island has some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the entire region and it is no wonder that loyal travelers return there year after year. A vacation to Barbados can be all things to all people with some going there for the seclusion and relaxation, some going there for the outdoor recreation and natural beauty, and other going there to enjoy the culture and the island communities. Barbados is a small island in a remote part of the world, but it is absolutely gorgeous and it truly does offer something for everyone who goes there.

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