Enjoy A Day At San Francisco’s Famous Fisherman’s Wharf

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When it comes to planning a vacation to California, most of the attention is paid to the Southern California cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. San Francisco, however, is a top destination city that offers a near incredible amount of interesting and unique attractions, one of which is the world famous Fisherman’s Wharf. For fun and excitement when visiting San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf is the place to be. The wharf offers museums, places to eat, street vendors, wildlife viewing opportunities, and much much more. It is extremely easy for a vacationer to spend a full day exploring and enjoying everything that is available at Fisherman’s Wharf.

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Pier 39

One of the most popular attractions in the Fisherman’s Wharf area is the world famous Pier 39. This famous pier features a number of attractions, many of them completely unique to what is offered elsewhere in the city, or in any other city for that matter. There is a shopping center, restaurants, and great tourist attractions including amusement park rides. The Marine Mammal Center and Aquarium of the Bay are both located on Pier 39 too and are wildly popular. There is a colony of sea lions that moved on to some nearby docks and they are viewable from a number of points along the pier. It is very easy for a vacationer to spend a full day enjoying all that Pier 39 has to offer.

San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

Most people associate national parks with large tracts of forested land. One of the more unique national parks in the country is located right on the waterfront of San Francisco in the neighborhood of Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is right on the waterfront and includes a small museum and research facility, as well as a number of historic ships, boats, and other watercraft too. Some of the examples of historic vessels that can be found there include a 1907 steam tug, 1914 paddlewheel tug, 1890 steam ferry boat, and an 1895 schooner. A visit to the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is something that should not be passed up by visitors coming to this exciting area of the city.

Shopping Possibilities


One of the more popular places to shop at in the Fisherman’s Wharf area is the Cannery Shopping Center. There are great shopping opportunities located throughout the area that features small boutiques, souvenir stores, and street vendors. The famous Ghirardelli Square is located very nearby to the wharf and is a great source for high end apparel and accessories. Doing some shopping in the Fisherman’s Wharf area is a great way to come away from a visit to San Francisco with a number of items that are hard to find in other parts of the country.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf is home to a great many things that most people have never ever seen before. These museums were first constructed in the 1930s and 1940s and today there are 35 of them located in various cities around the world. The Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf entertains visitors with a wide selection of exhibits including deformities, oddities, and people who have accomplished strange or impressive firsts.

The Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf

The Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf originally opened in 1963 and has been a popular tourist attraction along the waterfront ever since. There are a number of themed display areas in the museum including those dedicated to King Tut, sports, history, horror films and characters, and more. Many famous and infamous people have lifelike wax sculptures including Saddam Hussein, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julia Roberts, Carlos Santana, Fidel Castro, Adolf Hitler, Douglas MacArthur, Galileo, Judy Garland, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Great Food!

The Fisherman’s Wharf area offers an incredible selection of food to eat for both locals and tourists visiting this wonderful area. Travelers can sample fine food at the more well thought of restaurants in the area. Vacationers can also choose from a number of cafes and casual dining experiences too. One source of food that visitors coming to Fisherman’s Wharf should not overlook is the many great eats and treats available from the street vendors there. One special place where many go is Boudin Sourdough Bakery and Cafe. Travelers get a great bowl of clam chowder in a sourdough bowl. It’s really to die for.

Boudin Sourdough Bakery and Cafe
at Fisherman’s Wharf
160 Jefferson St.
San Francisco, CA 94133

Fisherman’s Wharf offers a fun and exciting time for those wanting to experience one of the best waterfront attractions that can be found anywhere. When visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, a visitor shouldn’t just confine themselves to what is found there though. There are a number of other great attractions both in the Fisherman’s Wharf area, as well as being located very nearby. Some of these include the Hyde Street Pier, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, U. S. S. Pampanito, and the Balclutha.

Finally, For Fun.. Get Scared by The Famous Fisherman’s Wharf Bushman

A guy that makes a living by scaring the living daylights out of passers by.

Fisherman’s Wharf is unlike any other attraction in any city on the west coast. It not only offers great attractions and amenities including restaurants, museums, historical landmarks, tourist attractions, and more, but it also gives a window into a very real side of life in San Francisco. Though Fisherman’s Wharf is often filled with tourists, it is also part of a real waterfront neighborhood and many of the people encountered there are part of the local scene. A great time can be had in California, a fantastic time can be had in San Francisco, and anyone going to San Francisco really needs to check out Fisherman’s Wharf when they get a chance.

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