Enjoy Excellent Golfing During A Vacation To San Diego

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One of the most popular vacation destinations in all of Southern California is the San Diego area.  San Diego offers beautiful hotels, fabulous restaurants, interesting museums and historical sites, a great nightlife, fun attractions, and more.  The city also offers a healthy amount of well thought of golf courses both within it’s city boundaries and nearby.  Using these golf courses as an added attraction or thing to do is the perfect way to make a vacation to San Diego even better.  There are enough premium courses in the area that it is also the perfect destination for those seeking to put together a great golf vacation.

Among the many excellent golf courses in the San Diego area, here are ten that stand out as some of the ones that must be experienced. Visit all these golf course with a San Diego vacation via travelocity. Use a travelocity promotional code for additional savings.

Arrowood Golf Course

One of the more recent additions to the golf scene in San Diego is Arrowood Golf Course.  The course sits to the north of San Diego and stretches out across the hilltops there.  Golfers of all skill levels will appreciate the course’s challenging holes and incredible scenery.

Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Course

outinely rated as one of the top golf courses, not only in the San Diego area but in the entire state of California, the Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Course has been impressing locals and visitors from outside of the area for years.  The play of the course is excellent and the way it’s layout has been blended in with the surrounding landscape is one of the reasons it is also thought of to be one of the prettiest courses in the area.

CrossCreek Golf Course

One of the best golf courses in the San Diego area that sometimes flies under the radar is CrossCreek Golf Course.  The course is somewhat remote as it is just under an hour away from downtown San Diego.  The first thing that golfers will find visually appealing to this course is the fact that there is little development, including homes, along the edge of the course.  This is a true gem of a course that takes full advantage of the fact that it is set in a very nice natural area.

Eaglecrest Golf Course

When it comes to natural beauty on a golf course in the San Diego area, it is hard not to recommend Eaglecrest Golf Course.  This course sits on rolling hills and features a number of natural lakes.  There is an actual wildlife preserve nearby, and this just adds to the atmosphere found at Eaglecrest.  The course plays well for both recreational and serious golfers.

Maderas Golf Course

North of San Diego is a distinctive area where rolling hills turn into sharp cliffs and rugged rock formations.  This is where golfers can find the Maderas Golf Course which takes a nod from it’s interesting surroundings and provides an extremely challenging golfing experience.  The harsh beauty of the surrounding area has been incorporated into the landscape of the course and creates a golfing experience that is not duplicated in the entire San Diego area.

Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort

The Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Resort opened in 1962, but has gone through extensive updating over the years.  Today, it is one of the most highly thought of golf courses in the San Diego vicinity.  Golfers will enjoy the challenging holes, friendly staff, and the extremely beautiful landscaping and backdrop found there.

Steele Canyon Golf Course

One of the most popular golf courses in the San Diego area is also known as one of the best too.  The Steele Canyon Golf Course offers an incredibly diverse set of holes, many of them entirely unique and unlike anything else offered in the area.  The course not only offers tremendous play, great landscaping, well maintained fairways and greens, and a well outfitted clubhouse, but it also offers it all at a somewhat affordable price.

Temecula Creek Inn Golf Resort

Set right in the middle of the San Diego area’s gorgeous wine country, the Temecula Creek Inn Golf Resort regularly impresses both local golfers and players coming to the area from elsewhere with an extremely well maintained and very playable course.  The course offers 27 holes which only enhances the experience for the golfer and provides them with more options as far as what type of play they can enjoy.

Torrey Pines Golf Course

One of the most famous and exclusive courses in the San Diego area is Torrey Pines Golf Course.  Golf fans will recognize this course from seeing it on television a number of times.  Though it can be a difficult process to book a round of golf at Torrey Pines, it is well worth it in every way.  The course is extremely beautiful and very challenging, even to a very experienced golfer.  Golfers who pride themselves on playing the nicest courses around will feel right at home at the Torrey Pines Golf Course.

The Vineyard Golf Course

One of the most relaxing golf experience available in the San Diego area is the experience of golfing at The Vineyard Golf Course.  The holes are all challenging and well laid out.  They meander over gently rolling rises and small hills, all while blending in to the surrounding lakes, wildlife preserves, and grape vineyards.

While there are a number of reasons to choose San Diego as a vacation destination, the excellent selection of golf courses there is something that should definitely be factored in.  Vacationers looking for a fun and exciting destination, who also enjoy golfing, will never regret choosing San Diego as their destination of choice.  Vacationers looking to specifically plan a golfing vacation will absolutely love all that they find in a location that on top of great courses offers wonderful weather, beautiful scenery, and plenty of other things to do.  The golf options available in the San Diego area are perfect for both travelers specifically looking for a golf vacation as well as travelers just looking to enhance their vacation with great golfing opportunities.  San Diego has definitely earned it’s reputation as a great vacation destination capable of entertaining a wide variety of people.

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