Enjoying Mexico’s Amazing Ports Of Call

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Anyone looking for one of the most exciting and enjoyable vacations of their life should look no further than a cruise to Mexico. A cruise to Mexico offers travelers the chance to experience all of the on board luxury, convenience, and wonder of a modern cruise ship; but also allows them to see and do some amazing things on shore along the way. The thing that makes a Mexican cruise just so fantastic is the wide variety in ports of call that the country has to offer. Many cruise ships heading to Mexico make at least one or two stops along the way and this is the perfect opportunity for travelers to experience both Mexican culture and wonderful travel destinations too.

Here is a look at six of Mexico’s most popular ports of call.


Acapulco Beach

Quite possibly one of the most famous port cities in Mexico is Acapulco. This city first achieved popularity with tourists in the late 1940s, before it began to fall out of favor by the 1970s. It is back and in a big way with a number of great restaurants, shopping opportunities, beaches and more. One thing that Acapulco never lost was the beautiful scenery in the area. The city has catered to millions of vacationers over the years and has a number of things to offer those coming ashore including parasailing, swimming, golfing, boat tours, and more. Also in the vicinity are the famous cliff divers of Acapulco and many historical sites. This is a must see port of call for anyone cruising to Mexico.



Cozumel is an island that serves many cruise ships that visit the eastern coast of Mexico. This island has a small population, but offers a number of distractions and things to do for those that come it’s way. The top attraction on Cozumel is great amount of water recreation that can be found there. Cozumel boasts at being one of the most popular diving locations in the Caribbean sea, and there are many experienced divers that back up it’s popularity by coming back again and again. There are a number of other things to do on the island include explore the inland areas, swim, snorkel, and see the underwater marine life via a small submarine.


One of the first port cities in Mexico that any cruise vessel sailing from the United States will come across is Ensenada. This city sits just over sixty miles south of the border with America and is located right on the Baja Peninsula. There are a number of natural attractions in the area including the beautiful beaches, fantastic ocean water, and individual sights like La Bufadora. There is also a good amount of development in the area too with many tourists enjoying the food and drinks that can be found there, along with the great shopping for handmade crafts, jewelry, and other souvenirs.

Cabo San Lucas

One of the most famous ports of call in Mexico is Cabo San Lucas. The community of Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area offers some of the most fun, relaxing, and exciting experiences in all of Mexico. Fishing trips out into the open ocean are very popular as are golfing outings at any of the first rate golf courses that have sprung up in recent years. There is also great fun to be had on the beach and in the waters of Cabo San Lucas too. The relaxing lifestyle there is attractive to many people who visit and make use of the laid back bars and nightclubs that can be found throughout what is known as one of the safest cities in the entire country.



One of the most active port cities in Mexico is the beautiful city of Mazatlan. Mazatlan offers all of the water and beach recreation options that many have become accustomed to in port cities, but it also offers so much more. A trip into the surrounding hillsides allows for visitors to get an amazing view of the entire city and harbor. Sport fishing in Mazatlan has earned a reputation worldwide with experienced anglers of all kinds. The city of Mazatlan itself though is one of the top attractions in the area with a very tourist friendly layout and community. There are miles of walkable roads in the city and much of the top attractions are located right along the boardwalk that hugs the shoreline.

Puerto Vallarta

Some of the best exploration of a port city on foot can be done in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. The old downtown section of this city is the prime shopping area, with a number of great small shops and galleries. There are great beach activities available, along with fun water recreation too. A number of highly rated golf courses exist in the Puerto Vallarta area and playing golf with the city and natural scenery as a backdrop is quite the experience. Other experiences that can be had in the area include ocean tours, jeep tours into the back country, and even aerial tours for a view the likes of which cannot be had anywhere else.

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Taking a cruise to Mexico is one of the best decisions that anyone seeking interesting and exciting times can make. One of the best things about a cruise to Mexico, aside from the fun that can be had on board the ship, is the incredible experiences that can be had in the many ports of call found in Mexico. There are just so many things to experience on shore in Mexico including parasailing, snorkeling, helicopter tours, deep sea fishing, island exploration, cliff diving, shopping, dining, cave exploration, swimming, golfing, and more that it is sometimes hard to imagine having to get back on the ship. The beautiful ports of call located in Mexico help to make a Mexican cruise all that it can be.

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