Enjoying The San Diego Waterfront And All It Has To Offer

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When it comes time to go on a vacation, many people automatically begin to brainstorm about warm sunny destinations that will provide for the best time away from home possible. Historically, warm weather vacation spots have been the most popular, most likely because they generally provide for the best opportunity to relax and get away from it all. For those looking for a warm and sunny location right on the shore, one of the best places to check out as a vacation destination is the city of San Diego.

San Diego sits on the very southern end of the California coastline and has some of the most beautiful waterfront areas on the entire West Coast of the United States. The city is popular with retirees, vacationers wanting to spend at least part of their time away from home in nearby Mexico, those interested in golfing, and travelers wanting to those just wanting to hit the beach in one of the warmest locations in America. Another feature of San Diego that is very appealing to the many visitors that head there each year is the amazing waterfront area that is found there.

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Here are some of the things that make the San Diego waterfront something truly special.

U. S. S. Midway

The U. S. S. Midway is an actual United States Navy Aircraft Carrier that was built in 1943 and served its country from shortly after World War II all the way up to Operation Desert Storm. The ship is now a museum ship moored in the San Diego waterfront area. It allows a visitor to set foot on the actual deck of a World War II era aircraft carrier and even venture below deck to where servicemen served for more than fifty years. This is a rare opportunity to experience history in a way that no museum can ever deliver. Visiting the U. S. S. Midway is one of the most popular things to do for many travelers spending time in San Diego.

Get Out On The Water

there are a number of ways to get out on the water when visiting the San Diego area. Sportsmen will love all of the charter fishing opportunities, and experiencing deep sea fishing on the open waters of the Pacific Ocean is a far cry from most fishing experiences that most travelers have. A sailboat adventure is a very personal way to explore the water surrounding San Diego. There are also a number of other ways to tour the waterfront area, as well as the rest of the shoreline and even the open waters. One of the best experiences any traveler can have when they visit the city of San Diego is to take the opportunity to get out on the magnificent water that is found there.

Enjoy Eating Out

The San Diego waterfront area is also home to some amazing restaurants. There are Italian restaurants that are loved by locals and tourists alike, street vendors offering some tasty treats that are perfect for those exploring the area on foot, bars that offer great tasting food to accompany the welcome refreshments they have, Chinese restaurants that are more than up to the task of satisfying any traveler’s appetite, and more. Since the visitor will be right on the water though, one of the best things to do is to take advantage of one of the many fantastic seafood restaurants in the area. Eating out in the San Diego can be a great big part of enjoying a visit to the city.

San Diego Maritime Museum

The city of San Diego is blessed with one of the most interesting and fascinating museums on the entire West Coast. The San Diego Maritime Museum is much more than the everyday indoor museum with exhibit after exhibit inside a sterile location. The museum not only features a great collection of artifacts and displays dedicated to maritime history, but it also features a number of actual historic watercraft, many that tourists can set foot on and explore and experience themselves. Some of the many amazing ships located at the San Diego Maritime Museum include a 1968 sumbarine, a 1914 harbor pilot boat, an 1898 ferry that served on San Francisco Bay, and the Star of India which was built in 1863. The museum is also home to the H. M. S. Surprise, a replica of a 18th century British frigate that appeared in the film Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. The San Diego Maritime Museum has been proven popular with history buffs, sailing enthusiasts, and nearly everyone else too.

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a man made reservoir caused by the permanent rerouting of the San Diego River. The bay is set aside now to be used primarily for recreational purposes. Some of the many activities that can be participated in both on the bay and on the land that borders it include jet skiing, sailing, cycling, swimming, sunbathing, jogging, wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling, and more. Surrounding this recreational body of water are a number of fun attractions including Mission Bay Park, SeaWorld San Diego, Belmont Park, and the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. There are also a number of interesting species of wildlife available to see in the area, both above and below the surface of the water. Anyone visiting San Diego who would like to get outside and experience the great outdoors there should definitely take a trip to the Mission Bay area.

Fantastic Shopping Opportunities

Shopping is one of the top activities available in the waterfront area of San Diego. There are boutiques that offer some of the hardest to find fashion lines and accessories, souvenir shops that offer the chance to get the perfect San Diego memorabilia piece, art galleries that offer works by both local and nationally known artists, and more. Shopping in the San Diego waterfront area is one of the best ways to come away from a trip to the city with a unique purchase that cannot be found elsewhere.

Gaslamp Quarter

Located adjacent to the waterfront area in San Diego is the famous Gaslamp Quarter. The Gaslamp Quarter is a totally unique neighborhood that is both historic and vibrant at the very same time. There are sidewalk cafes located throughout the area and other great eating out options too. Museums and nostalgia related shops are also plentiful in the neighborhood and are a fun way to learn about the city and this important area. The Gaslamp Quarter also offers an exciting nightlife too. One of the more interesting parts of the neighborhood are the in character actors located right out on the street that play the parts of historic residents of the city. A walk through the historic Gaslamp Quarter is one of the things that will stick a long time with a traveler visiting the San Diego area.

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With all of the amazing things that there are to see and do during a vacation that incorporates a stopover or long term stay in the city of San Diego, it is hard to pinpoint the best area of the city to focus on. A great area to spend some serious time in though is the waterfront area where there are fun activities, historical attractions, and many other interesting things available for travelers to see. The San Diego waterfront is so packed full of highly entertaining things to do and see that it has the very real possibility of being the highlight of nearly anyone’s vacation.

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