Experience Mexican Culture During A Vacation To Puerto Vallarta

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One of the best parts about taking a vacation to Mexico is the chance to experience new and different things. Puerto Vallarta is famous as a port of call of many cruise lines and offers a wealth of attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. There are so many things to see and do in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that it is sometimes hard for a tourist to make sure that they also take the time to experience the true culture of the city and country they are in. In many ways, Puerto Vallarta offers some wonderful opportunities for travelers to experience true Mexican culture.

Once a traveler gets away from the developed tourist areas of the city and moves towards the area of the community where the locals live, there are a number of opportunities to experience authentic Mexican cuisine that will seem unfamiliar to those that even consider themselves lovers of Mexican food. These restaurants, bars, and cafes serve food and drinks that are more in line with the types of flavor combinations that have been present in Mexican society for centuries. This is a wonderful way to not only eat a great meal, but also experience a side of Mexico that may have been missed.

A great way to experience Mexican culture while shopping is to head for the open market or street fair areas of town. Here, as long as the traveler looks mainly for handmade goods, they can get the chance to purchase and bring home a tangible part of Mexican culture and add it to their lives. These items may have been recently made, but the methods used in making them go back centuries and have important meaning to the people who live there.

Visiting the historical sites that surround Puerto Vallarta is another way to both appreciate and understand a little more about life in Mexico and what it means to be from that area. There are a number of important buildings and sites around Puerto Vallarta that can be visited including the Parish Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Cuale Archaeological Museum, John Huston statue, Plaza de Armas, City Hall, Saucedo Theatre Building, Ixtapa Archaeological Zone, as well as others. Puerto Vallarta also has a number of celebrations and festivals where visitors can both watch and participate along with the locals in honoring or celebrating many aspects of Mexican life. There are also short day trips available that will lead vacationers to unbelievable opportunities to discover more about Mexican culture than they ever deemed possible. A short flight to San Sebastian allows travelers to see the remains of a real 16th century silver mining village perched high up in the Sierra Madre mountains. Also within close proximity to Puerto Vallarta is a Huichol Indian mountain village where residents live very closely today just as they did centuries ago. A great deal of Mexican culture can be experienced by visiting the many historic and cultural sites in and around the city of Puerto Vallarta.

The local art scene in Puerto Vallarta is both ancient and ongoing. There are wonderful examples of artwork in place along the famous Malecon boardwalk in the waterfront district, and there are also other galleries and art museums in the city too. Culture, as expressed through painting and sculpture, is a dominant thing in Puerto Vallarta with many works being not only displayed publicly, but featured on public grounds. The arts are also celebrated within the city through music too, and there are a number of locations and times where local musicians and bands play publicly.

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Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful port city that is set right on the ocean. It has been enjoyed as a vacation spot for decades, both by those trekking there specifically for their entire stay and those just stopping off as part of their Mexican cruise. To say that Puerto Vallarta is merely a resort town and to only experience the water, beach, and tourist areas is to sell the city short and miss out on much of what it has to offer. The historical sites, galleries, museums, authentic restaurants and shopping areas, as well as many other things in the city all allow visitors from outside the area to experience the true culture of Mexico and specifically the people of the Puerto Vallarta area. Experiencing this culture is a great way to add significant value and satisfaction to any vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

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