Exploring And Enjoying The Many Different Regions Of Belize

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When it comes to exciting and unique vacation destinations, few locations in the world can hold up to Belize.  Belize is a small country in Central America, located just south of Mexico, it also borders Guatemala to the south and west.  The country has long been known as a beautiful paradise and tourism has grown as a part of it’s economy every year for decades.  Belize is known for beautiful beaches and clear water.  It has gained a reputation over the years for being the perfect destination for anyone with a love of snorkeling.  There are a number of specific features and attractions in Belize, but the most famous and popular is the Belize Barrier Reef which at 186 miles long makes it the second largest coral reef system in the world, with Australia’s Great Barrier Reef coming in first.

Belize is a fairly new country, having only gained its full independence in 1980 after having been a protected British colony for much of it’s history.  This unique history has made Belize the only country in Central America where the official language is English.  This only helps when it comes to tourism, because tourists coming there from America, Canada, Australia, and Europe automatically have no language barrier to contend with.  Both rural and urban settings in the country are things that should definitely be experienced.  Belize is small, but it also has many different things to offer in the different areas that make up the country.

The Islands

the Belize mainland is beautiful and exotic, but one of the most interesting areas in the nation is the island and atolls area.  There are literally more than one hundred islands and atolls that sit off the mainland of Belize, and each offers a totally unique experience.  This is where the best diving and snorkeling takes place, here and at the large barrier reef that sits just a little farther off shore.  The beaches in this area are long and expansive tracts of white sand. 

The waters here have an abundant amount of fish and there are many places where even a beginner will be able to enjoy snorkeling.  There are a number of small communities located on some of the islands off the coast of Belize’s mainland, many of them are great places to headquarter for those seeking a vacation centered around water recreation.  Two of the most popular destinations in this region are Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.

Northern Belize

Several fine examples of Mayan ruins are accessible to visitors coming to the northern region of Belize.  Visiting these archaeological sites is a fascinating way to get a glimpse at the culture of the people who lived and thrived in this area long before European settlers came.  The New River is another popular attraction.  This was once a major waterway for the native people, but now has become an intense wildlife paradise with wonderful examples of exotic vegetation and animals. 

Birdwatchers visiting this area will be thrilled with the results and the birds they get to sight for the first time.  It is in this area that fields full of sugar can can also be seen right from the roadways that pass by.  Visiting Corozal and Orange Walk is a perfect choice for vacationers seeking a one of a kind vacation.  Northern Belize is beautiful and unique, not just in the world, but in the nation of Belize as well.

Central Belize

The most populated area of Belize is the central region, due in large part because it is home to the largest city, Belize City.  This region sits on the east coast and it’s stunningly beautiful beaches allow access to the warm Caribbean waters.  From the coast, the many islands and some of the atolls that make up the island region of the country can be seen.  The available Mayan ruins that visitors can visit are in this region of Belize as well, with many of the temples being included on the various tours available from the tour companies in the region. 

 Belize City is the cultural center of the country and a fabulous experience can be had in the city.  There are great attractions to be entertained at, wonderful restaurants offering exquisitely cooked cuisine, and some of the best shopping in the entire country available there.  Most travelers seem to enjoy the distinctive mix of modern and old world architecture, culture, and businesses  available there.  Some of the most lively and exciting times in Belize can be experienced in this region of the country.

Western Belize

The capital of Belize is Belmopan which is located in the Cayo district in Western Belize.  The area that makes up Western Belize is truly unique when compared to other regions of Belize.  Here there are more typical inland features including forests, mountains, mountain ridges, caves, and thick jungles. 

 Remnants of several Mayan cities are still left in this region of Belize, many are accessible to travelers and are very interesting to visit.  Tourists can access many of the caves, rivers, and waterfalls as part of tours and expeditions, or on their own.  Visiting Western Belize makes the traveler feel like they are visiting a completely different country than they found to the north, on the coast, or on the islands.  Western Belize is very different, yet very beautiful in it’s own way.

Southern Belize

One of the more popular areas of Belize to visit is the southern region where tourists will find pursuits, activities, and attractions geared towards both urban and natural pleasure seekers.  The popular vacation destinations of Placencia and Hopkins offer the kinds of experiences those going on an international vacation to a tropical destination expect to find.  Here visitors will be catered to with first class resorts, great restaurants, and incredible shopping experiences.  There are still ways to escape the tourist areas though and see what real life in Belize is like there too. 

The southern region of Belize is also home to the bulk of the nation’s citrus production farms.  Bananas and other tree fruit grow all over this region, are harvested, and then shipped to countries in need of these wonderful products.  The golden sandy beaches here look out on the Caribbean Sea and are a great place for swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, kayaking, beach games, and even motorized watercraft rental.  Southern Beilize is also home to the nation’s biggest marine reserve, the only jaguar reserve in the entire world, and one of the most beautiful rain forests in all of Central America.  A visit to Belize doesn’t seem complete without a visit to the southern region of the country.

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Belize is a unique and wonderful country.  It is not only unique in that it is different from most places that tourists going there come from, but it is also unique and stands out from other Central American countries.  There are a number of things to do in the nation of Belize that will entertain visitors interested in water recreation, outdoor recreation, relaxation, pampering, quality time on the beach, wildlife interaction, and more.  Belize is regularly rated as one of the top vacation destinations in the world, and for a very good reason; the nation simply offers an incredible amount of things to both see and experience.  A visit to Belize is a great idea for any vacationer looking for a little something different for their next vacation.

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