Fascinating Vacation Spots Worth Visiting In Canada

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When vacationers decide on their destination, most often their eyes drift south towards areas of the world that are sunny and warm. Beach destinations are extremely popular with vacationers from around the world. Other areas can be just as exciting and fun though and should not be overlooked. One of the best places to vacation to in North America is the country of Canada.

Canada has a fascinating history and a wealth of attractions, each very interesting to most of the travelers that head it’s way each year. The country is enormous and is perfect for anyone with an appreciation for the great outdoors. Canada has plenty of wide open spaces, some on the coast and others more inland, that are just the thing for those interested in outdoor recreation. The nation of Canada also offers well developed and modern cities worth visiting too. There is no shortage of things to do in Canada, all that is required for a traveler to take advantage of all that is offered there is reservations.

Here are just five areas of Canada that would make wonderful vacation destinations.


Being the largest Canadian city on the West Coast means that the city of Vancouver has a lot to measure up to when compared to the other major Canadian cities. Luckily for residents and the travelers that head there each year, the city can both meet and exceed those expectations. The city offers a number of ways to enjoy the more natural side of things including protected park land within the city’s boundaries and access to some of the most beautiful scenery available surrounding the city. The city is also exciting itself, offering a great many attractions including professional sporting events, great shopping opportunities, first class dining options, interesting museums, and much more. Vancouver is a splendid place for a traveler to choose as their destination.

Prince Edward Island

One of the seemingly more remote vacation destinations in all of Canada can be found in the province of Prince Edward Island. This small maritime province features beautiful forested areas that lead right up to the North Atlantic coastline. There are also a great many small port communities, many of them still to this day centered around the fishing and water transportation industries. It is fairly easy to arrange for a chartered boat trip, both for touring and fishing purposes, in the Prince Edward Island area. Those same maritime communities offer a great look at the history of the region, as well as quaint shopping opportunities, and incredible seafood dining experiences. A visit to Prince Edward Island always pays off for the lucky traveler heading that way.

Niagara Falls Region

One of the most beautiful and awe inspiring places to visit in all of Canada is a natural scenic site that the nation shares with it’s neighbor to the south, America. Niagara Falls is the largest waterfall in all of North America, and it is one of the most visually impressive sights in the entire nation of Canada. It is possible to see the falls from a number of locations both on the Canadian and American sides of the border. Visitors coming to the falls can also book passage on boats that will take them right up into the spray of the falls.

 Niagara Falls are incredibly impressive, but there is more to the local region than just them. The Niagara Falls area also sports great shopping opportunities, good dining options, a casino, and a local winery industry that is gaining more and more recognition with each year that passes. A visit to the Niagara Falls region is something that will not be forgotten anytime soon.


Toronto is an exciting and vibrant city to travel to in Canada. The city is filled with a great many fine restaurants, many of them known far beyond the boundaries of Toronto, and even Canada. The city offers a wealth of historical sites and well respected museums to attend. Toronto is also home to a very active entertainment world including film making, stage productions, and comedy. There is also a definite international flavor in Toronto thanks to the many cultures that many of it’s residents have come from and are willing to share. Toronto can be a very exciting place to visit.

Jasper National Park

One of the most gorgeous areas of Canada, especially from a forest and mountains perspective, is Jasper National Park. This huge park, it covers more than 4,000 square miles, is located in the Canadian Rockies and is one of the more popular destinations in the province of Alberta. The equally popular Banff National Park is located just to the south and also offers a ton of great things to see, do, and experience as well.

The great outdoors is the biggest attraction to Jasper National Park and there are a number of ways that tourists can experience everything that the park has to offer. Aerial tours, off road tours, hiking, and more are all ways that visitors to the park can get out and see what is there first hand. Visitors will enjoy seeing all of the phenomenal natural scenery located there, and they will be excited with the opportunity to see some of the wildlife that calls the park home including mountain goats, grizzly bears, caribou, elk, mule deer, beavers, black bears, bighorn sheep, gray wolves, wolverines, mountain lions, and white tailed deer. It is possible to find overnight accommodations both within the park as well as nearby. A visit to Jasper National Park is fun for both kids and adults.

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Canada is a vast country that spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, completely across the continent of North America. Listed above are just a very few of the wonderful areas to vacation at in Canada. There is enough things to do and see there to interest, occupy, and excite even the pickiest of tourists. From ocean front destinations to inland areas high in the Rocky Mountains, and even modern and exciting international cities, Canada truly does have a way of offering something for everyone. A visit to Canada is a convenient way for someone to see some incredible sights, experience some fascinating things, and gain a whole new appreciation for this huge and wondrous country. A vacation to Canada is a very good idea for couples and families alike.

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