Five Amazing Caribbean Ports Of Call

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One of the best ways for a traveler to have the time of their lives on a vacation is to do something they’ve never done before and to do it in an incredibly fantastic location. Fitting that bill perfectly for most travelers is a Caribbean vacation. A Caribbean vacation takes the vacationer to an exotic tropical location and shows them the kind of things that they most likely not be able to find back home. By far the most popular way to see the Caribbean is to take a cruise and for those looking at that as an option, there are a number of amazing ports of call worth visiting.


Curacao sits north of Venezuela, very near the islands of Aruba and Bonaire, and is another of the highly traveled to vacation destinations in the Caribbean. The island is popular as a port of call and as a vacation destination in its own right. There are beautiful coastal areas that include rolling hills and wide expansive beaches, and there are also beautiful small communities to explore too. The friendly towns of Curacao are one of the features that keep bringing repeat visitors back again and again. Curacao has strong historical ties to the Netherlands and the pastel colors and architecture found there have a distinctly Dutch feel to them. Some of the popular things to see and do on the island include the Maritime Museum, Queen Emma and Queen Juliana Bridges, Christoffel National Park, Shete Boka National Park Curacao Sea Aquarium, and the Hato Caves. Getting out and enjoying the water either by chartering a fishing excursion, going sailing, or taking a boat tour is also a popular activity to participate in while visiting this beautiful Caribbean destination. Visiting the island of Curacao can really make a cruise vacation even that much better.


The community of Cozumel is one of the lesser known ports of call in Mexico, but it is also highly appreciated by experienced travelers to the area. There are some great shopping opportunities to be had in Cozumel, there are items offered at boutique shops, locally owned stores, and even internationally recognized outlets too. Shopping through the local open market is one of the top experiences in the area, and it is a great way to come away from a cruise vacation with a truly unique souvenir. Enjoying the beach and the ocean is also popular for those that visit Cozumel. Snorkeling is popular and of high quality with a number of underwater rock formations and reefs to explore. Seeing some of the beautiful and even rare undersea creatures found in this area of the world up close and personal is something that should definitely not be passed up on. Cozumel is extremely beautiful and is geared towards giving the tourist a fun and exciting experience for the brief time that they are allowed off the ship.

Saint Croix

The largest of all of the United States Virgin Islands, Saint Croix is composed largely of rolling hills, thick rain forests, and beautiful quaint coastal communities. Saint Croix has been a popular vacation destination for both cruise ships to stop at and vacationers to head out to by air for decades, and with good reason. The beaches of Saint Croix are fabulous and seem to stretch on forever. The island also offers a number of secluded and remote beaches that are found in inlets and small bays too. The main communities on Saint Croix are Christiansted and Frederiksted, and though both are very small, they still offer a great many attractions, amenities, and experiences that a vacationer would value greatly. Visiting the tidal pools of Annally Bay and the rain forest located in the northwestern section of the island are two very popular activities for vacationers to participate in. Aside from that, Saint Croix is an awesome place to go to spend some quality time on the sand and in the surf of a beautiful Caribbean island.


Located just fifteen miles north of the the nation of Venezuela in the southern Caribbean Sea is the island of Aruba. Aruba is extremely gorgeous, but for a number of reasons related to its location near the coast of South America, it offers a somewhat different terrain and plant life than most other Caribbean nations. Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, and Barcadera are two of the most traveled to cities on the island. Each offers something different, but both they and the other local communities and wide open areas offer a great Caribbean vacation experience. The beaches are long and tranquil, the inland areas are vast and pristine, and the communities are lively and fun. There are few more all around entertaining places in the Caribbean than the island of Aruba.


One of the most rugged and harshly beautiful areas in the entire Caribbean region is Dominica. Dominica is located approximately halfway between Puerto Rico and the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It is covered with high volcanic peaks and lush thick forests. Much of the island’s most impressive natural areas have been set aside and are protected as national park lands. They are still accessible though and hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, camping, and generally exploring these areas are one of the top draws that the island offers. Dominica is also home to some quiet little tourist and fishing villages, found mostly on the coastline, each of which offer some great experiences as far as what life on a small Caribbean island is all about.

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Whether a vacationer chooses to go on a short term or long term cruise through the Caribbean, they should not pass up on the opportunity to experience other cultures and other areas of the world. Visiting these ports of call allows them to experience different activities, different shopping and dining opportunities, different scenic areas, and different ways of life. A Caribbean cruise delivers the type of vacation that everyone deserves at some point in their life.

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