Five Attractions That Should Not Be Missed When Visiting Trinidad and Tobago

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A person’s vacation time is a valuable asset that they most likely don’t feel they have enough of. For this reason, it is very important that they maximize this time by planning the best vacation possible. Sometimes what is called for, when planning a vacation, is choosing an unusual destination that the vacationer has not traveled to before. When traveling to a location that not a lot is known about, it means that every experience is going to be new and most likely interesting. For the traveler in this situation, one of the best places to travel to is the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago sits in the southern Caribbean Sea and offers many of the fantastic experiences that other destinations in the region do as well. The islands are located just northeast of Venezuela and are very near to another popular tourist destination, the island of Barbados. There are a number of smaller islands and rock outcroppings that make up the nation, but it mainly consists of the two main islands of Trinidad in the north and Tobago in the south. One of the things that makes the islands a great destination for those from the west is that the official language there is English. The islands offer a combination of a wide variety of types of beaches and landscape that goes well with the wide variety of communities available to be visited and experienced. This allows for Trinidad and Tobago to cater specifically towards certain types of vacationers. It is a small and remote island destination, but it does a good job of offering something for everyone. Here are just five of the attractions there that should not be missed.

La Brea Pitch Lake

One of the most unusual sights to see, not just in Trinidad and Tobago, but anywhere in the world is the La Brea Pitch Lake. This is the largest natural asphalt lake in the world and it is located in the middle of this beautiful vacation location. The La Brea Pitch Lake is a 100 acre lake that releases natural asphalt from the depths below. The drive to the lake takes guests through an interesting area and there are some wonderful paths and trails in the area worth exploring too. This is an extremely unusual sight to see and a great photographic opportunity.

Fort King George

One of the most historically significant attractions in Trinidad and Tobago also provides some of the nicest scenic views. Fort King George stands high above the surrounding landscape and the views from the fort’s walls are absolutely stunning. It can be a bit of a test to get to Fort King George, but it is completely worth it on a number of levels. Climbing about and walking through the structure is enjoyable for everyone in the entire family. Getting an up close look at this historic structure gives great insight into what life on the island must have been like years ago.

Mount St. Benedict Monastery

Not just a religious attraction for the guests that go there, Mount St. Benedict Monastery is also a great historical and incredibly beautiful site too. This can be an important stop for any visitor with strong religious beliefs, but it can also be of a great interest to everyone else too. The architecture and features of the monastery are absolutely beautiful. The scenery around the monastery, along with what can be seen from the structure itself, is some of the best available on the island. Visitors to the monastery can also take advantage of the gift shop and restaurant that are located at the monastery. All of these things together make a stop at Mount St. Benedict Monastery a definite must for anyone traveling to Trinidad and Tobago.


One of the more unusual stops available for guests coming to Trinidad and Tobago is the island of Chacachacare. This island sits just five miles off the northwest coast of Trinidad and has a fascinating history. Long ago on this island was a leper colony that was run by a group of history making nuns. There are many remnants still visible from the leper colony that was once there, including a variety of buildings that are largely overgrown with vegetation. Guided tours of the island are available, and taking a tour with a knowledgeable tour guide can make this even better than it already is. There are a number of activities that can be participated on the island too including swimming, diving, snorkeling, hiking, and more. A visit to Chacachacare is an aspect of life on Trinidad and Tobago that will not be forgotten.

Nylon Pool

Located on the larger island of Tobago, the Nylon Pool is a true slice of paradise that should not be missed by anyone venturing to this beautiful island country. Located in the shadow of a large reef, the Nylon Pool has the unique appearance of a swimming pool, complete with a different shade of water, that sits right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking are all fun activities that can be experienced in the Nylon Pool. Guests to the islands routinely rate this as one of the best beach or water destinations in the entire country. There are a number of boating companies that offer boat rides out to the Nylon Pool, some even featuring rides aboard glass bottomed boats, and finding a way to enjoy this unique location is quite easy. A visit to the Nylon Pool allows a vacationer to combine a chance for physical activity with an opportunity to see a true natural wonder.

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While there are a great number of vacation destinations that are more famous, popular, and traveled to more often, there are few that offer the kinds of experiences that one can find while visiting the exotic destination of Trinidad and Tobago. From the fine weather, to the beautiful beaches, to the great access provided to the stunning water that surrounds the islands, Trinidad and Tobago is a wonderful destination for anyone seeking an exotic Caribbean vacation, but still wants to go somewhere that is a little off the beaten path. The communities that dot the landscape of these two islands also add to the experiences that can be had there. Trinidad and Tobago have a very unique history and culture, and exploring and experiencing it can go a long way in making the islands that much better of a vacation destination. For a completely unique vacation experience, one of the best destination choices any vacationer can make is the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

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