Five Awesome Things To Experience During A Vacation To Cairo

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The trick to having the best vacation ever is to choose a destination that offers the kinds of things that make it incredibly unique. The city of Cairo is just that type of city. Cairo is one of the oldest major cities in the world and can trace its history back for many centuries. It is the perfect city to travel to for anyone interested in unique experiences, as well as those interested in history, or more specifically Egyptian history. The city is famous for being very near to a number of important archaeological sites and pyramids, but it also has a great deal to offer inside its borders too. Cairo has a lively nightlife, wonderful restaurants, and a great many extremely fun and interesting attractions to see. 

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There is so much to do in the city of Cairo, that visitors going there for the first time are often surprised at the selection of things to do and experience that they are met with. Here is a look at just five of the many awesome things to experience during a vacation to Cairo, Egypt.

Boat Tour On The Nile River

One of the most important natural features in the Cairo area is the Nile River. The river is extremely long, fairly wide, and responsible for irrigating the land around and bring water to the city of Cairo. The Nile has played an important role throughout Cairo’s history, both as a geographic barrier and as a relied upon natural resource. The river is home to several types of wildlife, and viewing them in their natural setting is both exciting and interesting. There are several types of boat tours available to take on the Nile from the city of Cairo including everything from small skiffs meant to hold four or fewer people to large tour boats capable of holding hundreds of passengers. Most of the tours have knowledgeable guides who will share their wisdom with the patrons making use of their services. This is by far the best and most comfortable way to see the desert area that surrounds the city of Cairo. There are several communities and historical sites along the river that can be visited depending on the purpose of or type of cruise that is taken. Some cruises last as little as an hour while others might stretch out over a full day or even longer. Cruising the Nile River is an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

The Egyptian Museum

Egypt has a long and fascinating history, a history that many people around the world are at least vaguely aware of. This history is all on display at one of the most incredible museums in the world, the Egyptian Museum. The biggest attraction in the museum is the King Tut display. This display not only features the famous masks and crypt of King Tut, but also a fabulous display of much of the wealth that was discovered in his tomb. Photography really isn’t that much of an option in the museum as almost everything is behind glass. The museum is well laid out so that almost anyone visiting can learn about the history of Egypt in chronological order. Visiting the Egyptian Museum is a great way for a vacationer spending time in Cairo to come away with a new and deeper understanding, even appreciation, for Egypt and its culture.

Saqqara Pyramids

The area that surrounds Cairo is known around the world as home to some of the most famous pyramids ever built. Seeing the pyramids first hand is an opportunity to see something incredibly amazing and should not be passed up by anyone. One of the best places to go visit for this type of activity is the Saqqara Pyramids. There are a number of important archaeological sites and findings available to see in Saqqara including the Pyramid of Unas, Pyramid of Sekhemket, Tom of Mereruka, the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and the underground Persian Tombs. The area is open daily and tours of these incredible historical sites are an experience that will stay with a traveler for the rest of their lives. Almost every person alive has seen photos or films of the pyramids, but without seeing them in person they are extremely hard to imagine. Traveling out to the pyramids and touring them and the area around them allows the vacationer to join an exclusive club of travelers that have achieved this incredible experience in person.

The Sphinx


When in Cairo, a traveler would be remiss if they did not venture out into the desert to see another of Egypt’s most famous treasures, the Sphinx. This is the largest sculpture from ancient times and is carved from a ridgeline of stone that measures 240 feet in length and 66 feet in height. Seeing this incredible sculpture up close and in person is a very rewarding experience. It really cannot be truly enjoyed for both its artistic worth as well as from the perspective of it being an engineering marvel without being seen first hand. There are also a number of other important pyramids and historical sites in the area surrounding the Sphinx, which makes a visit to this historic sculpture that much more of a thing that should definitely be done. The drive out to and the return trip from the site are very interesting and give the traveler a taste of the vast desert that surrounds the city of Cairo. A visit to Cairo without a trip out to see the Sphinx would seem to be a great waste of an incredible historical opportunity.

Khan Ali-Kalili

Visiting foreign cities can be a great way to experience the culture of the people from other parts of the world. This doesn’t happen though by strictly sticking to known tourist attractions and the insides of resorts and hotels. One of the best ways to get out and experience a new area that is being visited is to find a large public gathering where many locals flock to. One of those type of places in Cairo is Khan Ali-Kalili. Khan Ali-Kalili is Cairo’s largest open air market. The most unique thing about Khan Ali-Kalili is that it appears largely the same today as it did during the 14th century. Locals and tourists alike can stroll through row after row of booths filled with local delicacies, handmade crafts, exotic perfumes, hand crafted jewelry, and of course souvenirs. No price in the market is ever firm, and most tourists seem to enjoy the haggling process. Many first time visitors to Khan Ali-Kalili are so enthralled with the size of it and everything that is offered that they don’t realize how fast time flies by and often come to realize that they have spent better than half of a day there.

Cairo is one of the most interesting international cities in the Mediterranean Sea area and the Middle East. It has a fabulous outdoor area surrounding it that features incredible expanses of sand dunes, the unforgettable Nile River, the impressive sight of pyramids and other historical sites, and much more. The city also has a vibrant city life which features everything from hotels and restaurants exhibiting mostly western customs and flavors to authentic Egyptian neighborhoods and businesses that allow visitors from outside the area to experience Cairo like a true Egyptian sees it. Whether coming to Cairo to experience the city, experience the area surrounding it, or both; a visitor coming to this beautiful city will always be glad that they came and will treasure the memories they made for the rest of their life.

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