Five Can’t Miss Attractions To Visit In Buenos Aires, Argentina

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There are a number of incredible vacation destinations located in different parts of the entire world. One of the best things to do when choosing a vacation destination is to look for a region that will deliver experiences that the vacationer has either never or rarely had before. A great vacation can be had by visiting the beautiful continent of South America. When visiting South America, one of the must visit cities there is the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Buenos Aires is a completely modern city with a fabulously interesting history. The city is the capital of Argentina and is located on the Rio de la Plata along the southeastern coast of South America. From the time of it’s discovery by European explorers in the 1500s up through present time, Buenos Aires has gone through many interesting different periods. Many of these interesting times have been captured in the museums of the city as well as the gorgeous architecture that is found there. Whether it is to view these many important historical sites, have fun in the extreme wilderness that can still be found in the area surrounding the city, venture out onto the water that supplies the city with much of it’s industry and transportation, or to just visit the city where the Tango was originated; a visit to Buenos Aires has the possibility of being one of the most incredible vacation experiences of a lifetime.  A great way to visit the beautiful city is using Expedia.  Use an available expedia coupon to take advantage the best discounts available through Expedia. 

Here is a look at five can’t miss attractions to visit while in the city of Buenos Aires.

Palacio Barolo

One of the best things to do when visiting a new city, or any new place for that matter, is to head to the highest place around to get the best view of the area. In the city of Buenos Aires, that place is Palacio Barolo. The architecture of the building is very intriguing, with many different aspects and features to look at. Tours of the building can be arranged and an English language pamphlet is provided. The key feature of the building is the viewing platform at the very top. The small viewpoints allow for a near 360 degree view of the city, including many of the famous landmarks and buildings. At the top is a small lighthouse-like extension which visitors can enter two to three at a time for a true 360 degree view of the entire city and the surrounding area. A visit to the top of Palacio Barolo is both a satisfying attraction as well as a great way to get a layout and feel for the city.

Museo Evita

One of the most famous people associated with Argentina is Evita Peron. To this day she is still revered by the many residents of the country. One of the best ways to understand Evita Peron the person, as well as the way the citizens of Argentina felt and still feel about her, is to visit the Museo Evita. The Museo Evita is a museum dedicated tot he life and work of Evita Peron. There are videos, displays, exhibits, and artifacts all dealing with different aspects of her complex and notable life. Anyone with an interest in history and historical figures would love to take the time it takes to explore this small but thorough museum. The Museo Evita does a wonderful job of explaining Evita’s life and impact on Argentina in a way that even tourists from outside the country will be able to understand more clearly.

Museo de los Ninos

One of the top places in Buenos Aires to take children to is the very popular Museo de los Ninos. The Museo de los Ninos in Buenos Aires is one of the top children’s museums in all of South America. Here children can learn a great deal about Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America, and even physical science too. Most, if not all, of the displays and exhibits are interactive in nature which makes kids that much more apt to learn something since they are participating in the learning process. All of the exhibits are specifically geared right towards young children and there is something that each one should enjoy. Buenos Aires is not known as an extremely kid friendly city, so the Museo de los Ninos can be a welcome relief for parents too. The museum is a great place for kids to spend two or more hours of a day at and while they are there they will be active, entertained, and even learn something too.


One of the truly fun things to do when visiting a foreign city is to explore the different neighborhoods that are found there. Some neighborhoods are historic in nature, some are lively and centered around outdoor performances or bars and nightclubs, and some are centered around specific industries. The Recoleta neighborhood in Buenos Aires is a historic neighborhood that has become very upscale in nature and now is one of the more fashionable neighborhoods in the entire city to see and be seen in. A visit to Recoleta will treat the traveler to boutiques with high class clothing, galleries with one of a kind pieces of art, and cafes offering some of the tastiest foods in the city. On weekends, Recoleta changes completely and becomes one of the largest street fairs in the city. From the architecture of some of the older buildings in the area to actual historic sites in the neighborhood, a visit to Recoleta can also entertain and satisfy a visitor by other means as well.

Temaiken Park

One of the most beautiful places to visit in the Buenos Aires area is Temaiken Park. Just a short drive from Buenos Aires is Temaiken Park, one of the most gorgeous and full featured wildlife zoos in South America. The park is divided into a number of different sections including African and Asian, but is most known for it’s tremendous display of creatures big and small from South America. This is a wonderful way to see these interesting animals in terrain and habitat that is very much like where they would live in the wild. Some of the many amazing wildlife species that visitors to Temaiken Park are treated to include sharks, manta rays, tapirs, turtles, penguins, alligators, and hippos. There is also a fine selection of birds that can be found throughout the park. The paths weave and meander through the well laid out zoo, offering great vantage points from which to see the animals in their environments. Temaiken Park is not located directly in Buenos Aires, but can be traveled to quiet easily by bus, taxi, or rental car. This is easily one of the best activities in the area for anyone visiting Buenos Aires.

There are a number of great vacation destinations to check out all over the entire world, but one of the top cities to go to for a fun and exciting time is the city of Buenos Aires. South America possesses an entirely different culture than any other place in the world. The city of Buenos Aires reflects that culture in a number of ways that are specific to South America, as well as specific to Argentina. From the historical government buildings to the many religious and historical sites, the city of Buenos Aires offers a decent amount of attractions that will interest almost any traveler. Buenos Aires is more than that though, it is also a great place to visit for fun on the water, exciting nights on the town, and great shopping too. A completely well rounded vacation experience can be had by those taking the chance of venturing off to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires.

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