Five Facts You May Not Know About San Francisco

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The choice of a vacation destination has a lot to do with how enjoyable that vacation ends up being.  People can choose to vacation in the wilderness, in small quaint towns, and in large urban cities.  Each option brings with it a wide array of wonderful things to do, see, and experience.  When choosing an urban vacation destination, there are few places as worthwhile as the city of San Francisco.

San Francisco is famous for a number of reasons including the fact that it has played a large role in the history and development of the entire West Coast.  San Francisco was a vital port for early explorers, settlers, and ranchers.  There was also an important military presence housed in and around the city through the modern history of the United States.  Today, San Francisco offers a great many opportunities for travelers to get a feel for the city’s history, but also have an exciting and satisfying stay in an extremely modern location.  There is a lot known about the city of San Francisco, but here are five things you may not know about this wonderful vacation destination.

1.  The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge connects the two cities and spans across San Francisco Bay.  The two spans of the bridge meet in the middle of the bay at Yerba Buena Island, which is part of the city and county of San Francisco.  The island received its name officially in 1850 from the first California legislature.  For a period of 37 years, from 1895 to 1931, the island’s name was officially changed to Goat Island.

2.  The tallest building in the city of San Francisco is the Transamerica Pyramid.  The building was completed in 1972 and includes more than 3,600 windows.  The building gets the white color on it’s exterior from the fact that it is covered with crushed quartz.

3.  The Transcontinental Railroad was finished in 1869 with the driving of the final spike in Promontory Summit, Utah.  This even had a great effect on the Port of San Francisco as within two years the tonnage of vessels handled by the port had dropped by nearly half.

4.  Alcatraz is an island in the middle of San Francisco Bay that is home to a now-closed, but once famous prison that housed some of the most dangerous criminals in the nation.  Civilian prisoners were first jailed there beginning in 1906.  The island had been used as a prison though long before that as military prisoners had been kept there as far back as the Civil War.

5.  The Hyde Street Pier is located in the very popular Fisherman’s Wharf area of the city.  There are a number of wonderful things to see there these days.  Before the Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937, the Hyde Street Pier was the site of the main ferry that operated there and connected San Francisco with Marin County and the East Bay.

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While there are a number of great places to visit on the West Coast, San Francisco remains one of the top tourist draws for a number of reasons.  The city offers a great many things to do to the lucky travelers that choose it as their destination.  From fun tourist attractions, to world class museums, and incredible opportunities to get out and explore the wonders of San Francisco Bay, a visit to the San Francisco area has a big enough supply of things to do to occupy even the pickiest traveler.

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