Five Great Destination Cities To Visit On A Vacation To Australia

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One of the best vacation destinations in the entire world is the exciting continent of Australia. A visit to Australia means that vacationers can experience wild times in the Outback, fun times on the beautiful beaches, amazing times in the protected natural scenic areas, and more than interesting times in the well equipped cities that are found throughout the entire country. The cities of Australia all offer uniquely different experiences, each of them incredible once in a lifetime opportunities. Here are five great destination cities worth visiting on a vacation to Australia.


The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide is known for its beauty and outdoor natural areas, many of which are protected and preserved for the use of the people that live there and those that visit there too. Adelaide has a number of popular attractions including gorgeous swimming beaches, a vibrant nightlife, interesting shopping opportunities, great restaurants, and much more. Some of the popular things to see in the city include historic suburb of Gleneig, Adelaide Hills, Montefiore Hill, Windy Point, Migration Museum, South Australian Maritime Museum, and the Hahndorf German settlement. The city is the most populated urban area in the region by far, but is located very near to a number of great natural areas too including Belair National Park, Cleland Conservation Park, Morialta Conservation Park, and Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary. A visit to Adelaide is a great opportunity to see a portion of the country that is not often visited or seen.


The city of Canberra dates back to 1913 when it was purposefully built to be the capital of the nation of Australia. It has grown over time to not only be the location of the government of the nation, but also a city in its own right with an identifiable culture and atmosphere all its own. It sits on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and is one of the best places to travel to in all of Australia for anyone looking to find out more about the history of the country and its people. Some of the more interesting things to see in Canberra include the Australian War Memorial, Canberra Museum and Gallery, National Museum of Australia, Australian National Botanic Gardens, National Portrait Gallery, Parliament House of Australia, Australian Institute of Sport, Black Mountain Tower, and Kangaroos in the Wild. Visitors planning a trip that includes time in Canberra should try to time it so that it coincides with any of the local festivities that are very fun to attend. Some of these festivals include the Multicultural Festival, Thai Embassy Food Fair, Diplomatic Charity Bazaar, National Folk Festival, and the Canberra Show. Canberra offers the chance to see the more official side of Australia and learn a little bit about how the country was founded, formed, and how it developed.


As major cities go, Darwin is on the rather small side, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in the diversity of things to do that it offers both residents and visitors coming to the city. Darwin sits in the north-central region of Australia, right on the Timor Sea. It is a true melting pot with people from many nations making up its population. The lifestyle in Darwin has been described as laid back by many who have visited there before. Because of its remote location, the most popular way to get to Darwin is by airplane. It is possible to cross the continent by road or rail, but each of those methods comes with its own set of problems. Darwin has a unique history and much of that history is on display in the form of the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, Darwin Wharf Precinct, Burnett House at Myilly Point, and The Old Court House and Police. Darwin is also located near a number of beautiful natural attractions to including George Brown Botanical Gardens, Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Charles Darwin National Park, Lake Alexander, and Bicentennial Park. Because Darwin is home to such a diverse population, the restaurants that can be found there are simply extraordinary offering cuisines from around the world as well as many hybrid dishes too where different aspects of different cultures can be found in the same dish. A visit to Darwin is a visit to one of Australia’s truly unforgettable cities.


The city of Melbourne is the second largest city in the entire country of Australia. It sits on Port Phillip Bay and offers a number of fantastic things that a vacationer would love to do and see. With it being right on the water, one of the most popular things to do when visiting Melbourne is to get out and experience the ocean in a number of ways. Vacationers can stay close to shore and go kayaking, swimming, diving, or snorkeling. Travelers can also venture further out away from the shore and go boating, sailing, and even deep sea fishing. Back on dry land, Melbourne offers a number of attractions that are very popular with travelers including the Docklands, Eureka Tower, Parliament House of Victoria, Woodlands Historic Park, Prahan Market, Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen Victoria Market, AFL World, Melbourne Museum, and Federation Square. The city of Melbourne is known by many as the cultural capital of Australia, one visit is all it takes for even the experienced traveler to see why that is.


the most famous, most traveled to, and most popular city in all of Australia is the city of Sydney. Sydney sits on the shores of Sydney Harbour and is an exciting city that offers an incredible experience to those travelers who come its way. Sydney is also blessed with being very near to a number of natural areas in the surrounding region that are also popular with visitors from outside the country. It doesn’t matter where someone is from, but they have probably already seen photos of the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Both of those are worth visiting and are extremely interesting, but Sydney is much more than that. Sydney also offers attractions like Darling Harbour, Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Tower, Taronga Zoo, Powerhouse Museum, Australian Reptile Park, The Australian Museum, Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World, St. Mary’s Cathedral, The Rocks, Parramatta, Luna Park, and more. There are also a wide variety of fun things to do in and around the Sydney area. The city has a number of vibrant shopping districts that offer fun and interesting boutiques, shops, and malls to explore. The city also has an incredible variety of restaurants that feature everything from Asian cuisine to distinctly American dishes. Swimming and spending time at the beach are popular activities and there are plenty of inviting coastal areas to choose from both within and just outside of Sydney. Sydney is also very bicycle friendly and it is possible to rent bicycles and ride them all about the city. So much can be done during a visit to this wonderful international city that it is nearly impossible to see it all in one trip. Sydney has been the focal point of tourism in Australia for decades and it will continue to be that so long as it keeps offering the amazing experiences that it does right now.

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A visit to Australia allows a traveler to not only experience such famous attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, the fabulous beaches, and the incredibly exciting and exhilarating Australian Outback, but also visit some of the most interesting destination cities available in the entire world. Whether checking out Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Adelaide, Canberra, or any of the other great Australian destinations, vacationers are sure to have one of the best vacation experiences of their entire lives. A vacation to Australia offers an incredible array of attractions, experiences, and activities that simply cannot be seen or done elsewhere. A vacation to Australia truly is a one of a kind experience and something everyone should be interested in doing during their lifetime.

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