Five Great Historical Attractions In The Community Of Mazatlan

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There are some fabulous vacation destinations in the nation of Mexico that have been attracting tourists for decades, if not longer. Mexican destinations offer year round sun, an inviting and friendly culture, and a multitude of attractions to see and activities to participate in. Each destination also seems to offer experiences that are very different from the other places available to visit. Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Cabo San Lucas are all popular destination cities that are much loved by the many vacationers that regularly frequent Mexico. Another great destination city is the community of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan is a port city on Mexico’s west coast and features a number of popular beach areas, as well as great access to the beautiful blue water that it sits on. The city is extremely popular with the cruise ship industry as most of the major players in the industry schedule stops in Mazatlan on a regular basis. Whether visiting the city as part of a stop on a cruise or as the ultimate destination of a vacation, tourists should not have a problem being entertained with all that the city and the surrounding area has to offer. With that in mind, here is a look at five interesting historical attractions that are available to be seen in the area.


One of the best escapes from too much time at the beach or at the resort is to venture out to the historic village of Copala. The community of Copala is a quaint little village that comes complete with colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. There are awesome restaurants and cafes there, along with fun shopping opportunities and other attractions too. Copala also acts as a great backdrop for photographic opportunities. This is a fun place to learn a little bit about the old time culture of the Mazatlan area and have a great experience seeing a seldom visited area too.

Old Mazatlan

Located right in the middle of Mazatlan is the historic Old Mazatlan area of town. Here is where the oldest aspects of architecture and local history can be found. This is one of the top things to do in Mazatlan and one of the activities that most people remember long after they head back home. This historic neighborhood is home to religious sites, retail shops, and cafes. Most of the businesses in Old Mazatlan cater to locals and frequenting them is another great way to come in contact with the very real side of Mazatlan.

El Faro Lighthouse

One of the most beautiful and picturesque areas in Mazatlan is Cerro Creston, the tallest hill overlooking Mazatlan and the surrounding water. At the top of Cerro Creston sits the El Faro Lighthouse. It isn’t the most imposing or impressive lighthouse, but it is one of the highest in the entire Western Hemisphere. A great way to experience the more natural side of Mazatlan is to venture up the hillside via one of the many challenging but beautiful trails that can be found there. The hike is rather strenuous and not for everyone, but for the visitor that makes it all the way to the top it is extremely rewarding.

Museo Arqueologia

Though it is a small museum, the Museo Arqueologia is one of the best museum experiences that can be had in the Mazatlan area. The museum is located in Olas Altas and is one of the best sources for information on Sinaloan history and culture. There is also a very well equipped pottery display located at the museum too. A visit to the out of the way Museo Arqueologia is a great idea for anyone wanting to learn a little more about the local history of Mazatlan.

Caverna del Diablo

Translated as Cave of the Devil, Caverna del Diablo is a great attraction to visit for those looking to enjoy nature and natural geologic features, but it is also of great interest to those interested in local history. During the days when war was one of the main things going on in the Mazatlan area, soldiers would often keep and guard ammunition there. Today the cave is open to the public and can be visited by travelers that come to Mazatlan for nearly any reason. It can be enjoyed by both those looking for a day out in nature as well as those looking to experience a great example of a true local history site.

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Mazatlan Video

Mazatlan is many things to many vacationers. For those looking for an active vacation destination, Mazatlan has hiking trails, diving and snorkeling opportunities, ways to get out and enjoy the water, and much more. For those looking for a quiet secluded vacation experience, Mazatlan offers a number of somewhat remote beaches and coves. For those wanting to visit a friendly community that offers fun retail buying opportunities, great tasting cuisine, and a lively nightlife; Mazatlan has that taken care of too. Many visitors to any destination though feel that their vacation is not complete until they’ve visited just some of the many historic sites that can be found there. Mazatlan comes through in this department too, with a number of interesting and intriguing historical sites that are open to the public.

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