Five Great Places To Visit In Berlin, Germany

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One thing that makes certain cities great vacation destinations is their historic background.  One of the most historic cities in Europe is the German city of Berlin.  More than three million people call Berlin home and there are many worthwhile activities and attractions in the city that are entertaining to both visitors from outside of the area as well as tourists coming to see the city.  The city’s history is tied very closely to the types of attractions it has to offer.  There are actual historical sites dating back to centuries ago that sit right alongside important historical sites from within the last hundred years.  Visiting these places is an important way to understand and experience history in a first hand kind of way.  The city is home to a great many museums as well, many of them presenting subjects or artifacts that cannot be found elsewhere in Europe.  Here is a look at five great places to visit in Berlin during a traveler’s next journey there.

1.  Museum Island
While quality museums are usually highly ranked in terms of vacation attractions, Museum Island in Berlin is something that should not be missed.  The area is actually located on the northern part of an island in the Spree River and contains a large number of important museums that are not only famous within the city of Berlin, but also around the world.  The more notable museums located on the island include the Old Museum, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery, the Bode Museum and the Pergamon Museum.

2.  Berlin Wall

Though little of it is still standing, the Berlin Wall is a must-see item by visitors coming to the city of Berlin.  This wall kept West Berlin separated from East Berlin and the rest of East Germany for almost thirty years before it was brought down during what many refer to as the fall of communism.  There are still a few preserved sections of the wall standing for those visitors curious enough to go and see, plus there is a very well thought of museum that has a great number of interesting displays and exhibits relating to the wall itself, and what it meant to the people of Germany.

3.  Tiergarten
Quite possibly the finest park in all of Berlin, Tiergarten serves as a great distraction and recreational opportunity in the middle of this developed and commercialized city.  The park is popular with both locals and travelers and is one of the main gathering points for crowds of locals during various times of the year.  A visit to Tiergarten is a great idea for anyone looking to escape the overdeveloped and tourist related parts of Berlin.

4.  Brandenburg Gate
Nearly every tourist coming to Berlin should make sure to make a visit to historic Brandenburg Gate.  This is the only remaining city gate left standing in the Berlin area.  From the time it was built in 1788, Brandenburg Gate has seen a phenomenal amount of history, though none so fascinating as the time during and immediately following World War II.  Many important events have occurred at the Brandenburg Gate including speeches by American Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

5.  Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz
One of the most historically troubling, but fascinating none the less, sites that can be visited is the Haus der Wannsee Konferenz.  This is where the German government set about discussing the “final solution of the Jewish question” and is now both a museum relating to that time and the events that followed, as well as a memorial to those who suffered as a result of the policy decided upon there.  This rare look at a stunning time in world history is truly something to experience.

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While Berlin may be known around the world as one of the more important urban settings in Europe, there are a great many people that never travel there.  The city has a great deal to offer any visitor who fancies themselves a world traveler.  From historical sites to art galleries and so much more, Berlin offers a look at a very interesting area of Europe that has a fascinating amount of history.  The city also has a good deal of other attractions too including world class resorts and fantastically inventoried art galleries.  A visit to Berlin is the perfect way for many travelers to see a completely different side of the European continent.

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