Five Great Places To Visit In Nova Scotia

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There is no doubt that some of the best scenery in North America can be found in the nation of Canada. There are a number of specific scenic areas to travel to in Canada, but for some of the most interesting and unique attractions and surroundings, a trip to far-off Nova Scotia may be just what is in order. Nova Scotia is located on Canada’s southeastern coast and sits right on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s main industries for years were tied to forestry and fishing, but in recent decades tourism has become more and more popular in the area. Visiting Nova Scotia is a real treat, and here are five great places to see should someone take the time to head that way.

1. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Founded in 1948, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is both the oldest and largest maritime museum in all of Canada. The museum is highlighted by not only having a very well maintained network of exhibits and display areas, but also by having approximately seventy small watercraft of varying uses. The focal point of the watercraft located at the museum is the CSS Acadia which was launched in 1913 and is a steam powered survey ship.

The museum has played host to a number of important events through the years including meetings of world leaders. There is a great deal of historical information available inside the museum that applies to not only the Nova Scotia area, but general maritime history as well. Located nearby the museum is the HMCS Sackville, a World War II ship that is open to the public but is not part of the museum.

2. Cabot Trail

At 185 miles in length, Cabot Trail easily has enough to do along its route to satisfy and occupy the pickiest of travelers to Nova Scotia. The scenic roadway meanders through the norther tip of Cape Breton Island and travelers venturing down it will view some of the more scenic sights in the area. The roadway actually forms a loop, making it very convenient for travelers as they don’t have to backtrack to where they started their trip.

The Cabot Trail roadway passes through a number of small communities including Baddeck, St. Ann’s, Ingonish, Dingwall and Cape North. Along the way there are a number of great stops that include beaches, communities, museums, waterfronts and natural areas. A trip down the Cabot Trail is a great way for visitors to Nova Scotia to experience a true taste of the region.

3. Citadel National Historic Site
There is no better viewpoint to look down on the Halifax Harbour, as well as McNabs Island and George’s Island, than the view provided from the Citadel National Historic Site. Sometimes referred to as Citadel Hill, this location is home to a wonderful look at a site that was first host to a military fort during the 1740s. The fort is accessible today by tourists who visit the area and they can be treated to tours of the fortifications, a look at every day life in the fort recreated by actors, and more. There is even a daily ceremonial firing of the artillery in the fort as well. The military museum housed at Citadel Hill is first class and known throughout the region as a great place to go.

4. Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park

Situated on the beautiful southern tip of the Halifax peninsula, Point Pleasant Park has served the area well over the years in every capacity from the location of artillery batteries during the early settlement of the area to its more modern use as a wonderful and scenic park. The park has a number of pathways and hiking trails for visitors to explore and is a great place to go to and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding water. The area fell victim to the forces of Hurricane Juan in the fall of 2003, and the results are still viewable within the boundaries of the park. This remains one of the nicer scenic locations in the area and is popular with locals and tourists alike.

5. Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Few places in the world can match the fishing history of Nova Scotia, and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is perfectly suited to not only point this fact out, but also showcase in detail the area’s long history with the sea. From the opportunity to step aboard historic Bluenose II, an actual operational fishing schooner that also offers cruise opportunities, to the chance to meet and talk to those with intimate ties to Canada’s fishing past, a visit to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in history. The museum itself is well stocked with artifacts related to the historic original Bluenose schooner as well as many other aspects of Nova Scotia fishing life.

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Beautiful scenery is available around every corner in Nova Scotia, but this unique Canadian province is much more than that too. There are fun attractions, interesting experiences, and great things to see in just about every area of Nova Scotia. Of particular interest is the coastal area, with a number of opportunities to both view the ocean from high cliffs and rolling hills, as well as get out on the water via a boat tour or charter fishing trip. A trip to Nova Scotia offers many chances to take part in once in a lifetime type experiences. Nova Scotia is definitely a worthy place for anyone to vacation, but especially if they’re a fan of the great outdoors and gorgeous scenery.

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