Five Great Reasons To Vacation In Bend, Oregon

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One of Oregon’s most beautiful, fun, and relaxing communities that can be visited is the city of Bend. Bend is located in Central Oregon and is located conveniently near a great many wonderful natural resources including rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, mountains, and forests. The city itself is also a fun place to go to and offers some great restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping opportunities, museums, art galleries, and more. Here is a look at just five great reasons for someone to choose Bend, Oregon as their next vacation destination.

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Deschutes National Forest

The city of Bend is in a unique part of the state of Oregon. East of the city is largely an area with near desert-like conditions while west of the city is protected forest land. The Deschutes National Forest is located very near to the city and is home to a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. Some of the many activities that are popular with visitors coming to the forest include backpacking, mountain biking, boating, fishing, bird and wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, and general sightseeing. The forest is also home to some spectacular scenery that must be seen to be believed. There are a great many specific features worth seeing in the Deschutes National Forest including Lava Butte, Broken Top, Tumalo Falls, Moffitt Butte, Paulina Creek Falls, East Lake, Todd Lake, and Paulina Lake. A visit to the Deschutes National Forest is something that every vacationer heading to or through the Bend area should definitely do.

Bike Friendly Community

For the active traveler, Bend is a dream come true. Vacationers heading to Bend during the warmer months of the year should either bring their bikes or plan on renting bikes when they get there. The community has a number of bike trails, some that wander off on their own even venturing out into the surrounding landscape, and some that mix right in with the city transportation infrastructure and act as a great way to get around town. The bike paths in Bend allow visitors to access everything from the downtown area and many of the notable attractions right from their rental house, condominium, or hotel. Utilizing the bike paths in the area, the vacationer can experience physical activity and participate in a healthy action, and at the same time not miss out on the restaurants, shopping locations, museums, outdoor areas, and attractions that the city has to offer.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument

One of the most unusual areas to visit in the vicinity around Bend is the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Visiting this massive area is one of the best ways to get a first hand look at a real volcanic area. The scenery and landscape is like nothing that can be seen elsewhere. The ability to walk along paths that wind through and over an actual lava flow is something that will be remembered for a very long time. There are many things to see at the monument including a well equipped visitor center, an actual cinder cone, and an unbelievable opportunity to venture inside an actual lava tube. Kids and adults will both love the opportunity to study, learn about, and experience this true national treasure in a very up close and personal way. This is one of the many natural resource areas in the state of Oregon that not only entertains visitors, but also allows them to learn without even realizing that is what they are doing.

Go Whitewater River Rafting

One of the most exciting things to do in the Bend area is to go whitewater river rafting. Bend is conveniently located smack dab in the middle of whitewater river rafting country. Unlike some areas where there is just one river to venture out onto, Bend is blessed with a number of options. Among the rivers that area tour companies book packages on are the Deschutes River, North Umpqua River, Rogue River, McKenzie River, Salmon River, and John Day River. The greatest part about river rafting in the Bend area is the flexibility that is available. There are trips available on quiet stretches of relaxing rivers, as well as on rivers that carry some of the highest ratings for rapids available. There are also a number of different lengths of trips available including half day, full day, and even multi-day trips. Whether someone is wanting to experience a fun time on a local river by themselves, with their significant other or a friend, or as part of a family or group outing, the opportunity to do just that is available through one of the many river rafting companies that operates out of the Bend area.

Go Snow Skiing

Bend is also in a prime location for skiing enthusiasts. First, the city caters to the skiers when they are off the mountain. There are some fabulous restaurants to sample, lively bars and nightclubs to frequent, and fun attractions to see in the city. Skiers can stay in Bend and trek up to the slopes or they can stay in any of the accommodations available up on the mountain too. There are three main ski resort areas in the immediate vicinity around the city of Bend. The most famous of the three is the Mount Bachelor Ski Resort where visiting skiers have a choice of a number of different ski trails that are perfect for everyone from the beginner to the expert. There are also notable events that take place at the resort and on the mountain every year too. The Hoodoo Ski Resort is also a popular choice for skiers and provides them with the choice of challenging powder and somewhat back country skiing as well as well groomed runs capable of holding a great many skiers on any given day. The Willamette Pass Resort is also located within driving distance of Bend and offers some great skiing opportunities. There are nearly 30 different and exciting downhill runs available there as well as the chance to enjoy other activities including snowshoeing, snowboarding, snow tubing, and more.

From outdoor natural resources to indoor events and places of business, Bend has more than enough to captivate, entertain, and occupy any traveler lucky enough to choose the city as the destination for their next vacation. While most of the visitors coming to Bend are doing so to enjoy and take advantage of the tremendous natural resources found in the immediate area, a great many are also coming to enjoy the relaxing and laid back atmosphere that the town is famous for. A visit to Bend is a great way to experience a small resort community that takes great advantage of its close proximity to the beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, and lava flow features that are found in the area. A vacation to Bend has every possibility of being one of the best vacations someone ever takes in their life.

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