Five Great Reasons To Visit Houston, Texas

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One of the tricks to picking the right vacation destination is finding a location that offers something for everyone making the trip.  Some people prefer relaxing activities, while others look for a more active experience where they can participate in recreational opportunities and be out and about.  The city of Houston is a wonderful place to spend a weekend or a full vacation.  It really does offer something for everyone, as there are plenty of things to do in the city, but there are plenty of things to do in the area that surrounds it too.  Those vacationers looking for a trip to a true world class city will be happy with the urban features of Houston.  Vacationers wanting to see historical sites, natural areas, or even the gorgeous Texas coastline will also be pleased with the selection of Houston as their destination of choice.

Here are five great things to do when visiting the city of Houston.

Get Around Town

Getting into and out of Houston is easy and can be done by plane, train, bus, or car.  You can even arrive in the city by boat if need be.  Houston is also one of the more easy to get around cities that there is in the United States, especially considering it is the fourth largest city in the country.  There are more than enough taxis to serve the entire city, including the needs of locals, business travelers, and vacationers.  Houston has a very good metro bus system with convenient routes and more than enough space for everyone.  The buses even have bike racks for those that are getting around on two wheels.  Travel by rail is available in the city too as MetroRail offers a seven and a half mile light rail line that serves the downtown, midtown, and museum district.

Most travel within the city of Houston though is done by car and the roads are somewhat easy to navigate, thanks in large part to the presence of the 610 loop.  The 610 loop is a section of freeway that encircles the main part of Houston’s downtown area.  This allows those heading downtown to get off the freeway very near to where they need to be, at the same time it allows those just heading through the city a way to avoid plugging up the downtown streets.  Whether walking, driving, riding, or biking, most of the popular places in Houston are fairly easy to get to.

Explore Both Downtown And Uptown Houston

Downtown Houston has some very entertaining and popular attractions including some very impressive skyscrapers.  The downtown area is also home to the nation’s second largest theatre district.  There are many other great features to the downtown area including wonderful restaurants, interesting museums, and other attractions.  Most of the buildings in downtown Houston are connected via the Downtown Tunnel System and seeing this tunnel system first hand can be very interesting.  Discovery Green Park is a centrally located downtown park that is very popular with everyone.  Chase Tower is the tallest building in Texas and offers visitors coming to downtown Houston the chance to see the sights from the observatory on the 60th floor.

The Uptown area of Houston, sometimes referred to as The Galleria Area, comes complete with a very popular high end shopping mall and tons of other shopping opportunities including both nationally known brand names and small boutiques too. The Williams Tower is an interesting spectacle as it is the largest skyscraper in the world that is not located in a downtown area.  Great restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are a signature of Uptown Houston and it is an extremely popular area for both locals and vacationers alike.

A Wealth Of Museums

One of the more interesting things to do when on vacation is to frequent museums. Whether going to a museum that focuses on a broad subject or going to a niche or regional museum that instead focuses on local history or even a specific person or event, a good time can be had by everyone.  Some of the more impressive museums that can be seen during a vacation to Houston include the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Health Museum, Contemporary Arts Museum, Children’s Museum of Houston, Forbidden Gardens, and more.  One of the most famous, and somewhat thrilling, museum stops in Houston is Space Center Houston.  This space museum is an extremely fun place to go for both parents and children and offers a great amount of hands on learning opportunities.  It includes high quality exhibits, displays, and even actual spacecraft on display.  The city of Houston is extremely blessed with the amount of first class museums located there.

Attend A Local Celebration!

Houston is a very active city and it hosts some very fun celebrations and festivals.  Visiting the city during these times is a great way for a traveler to have an experience they otherwise would never have, and also a fun way to see a side of Houston that most visitors never do.  Some of the popular yearly celebrations and festivals include the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Bayou City Art Festival, Houston Children’s Festival, Houston Film Festival, Art Car Parade, Latino Book and Family Festival, Greek Festival, and the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Enjoy Some Truly Great Food

Eating out in Houston can be a real treat.  The city is famous for its superb Tex-Mex restaurants, but it really does offer something for everyone and restaurants representative of a number of different cuisines.  Finding great food in Houston is easy.  The city has wonderful options including fine dining, family restaurants, cafes, and even street vendors.  Some of the favorites in the city include Goode Company Barbeque, Benjy’s, Taste of Texas, Tokyo Bowl, Cafe Annie, Monarch Restaurant and Lounge, Pappas Bar-B-Q, Kim Son, Ruggles Grill, Mission Burritos, Aloha Joe’s Grill, Niko Niko’s, Vargo’s Restaurant, and the Rainbow Lodge.

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Houston sits in Southern Texas, right near the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  There are numerous urban attractions to visit including landmarks, monuments, museums, theaters, shopping areas, and other attractions.  The city is also conveniently located very near to a number of natural attractions including the wide open spaces Texas is famous for, as well as the gorgeous coastline and beach areas.  When it comes to competing with the more popular and famous vacation destinations in the south, Houston does a great job of offering an experience that appeals to people from the region and also for travelers coming from around the world.

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