Five Great Rocky Mountain Cities To Travel To

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There are few more beautiful places to visit in the United States than the Rocky Mountains of the American West. The Rockies extend from up north in Canada to the state of New Mexico in the southwestern United States. Along the way, these rugged mountains geographically divide the country and provide for some of the most astounding natural scenery available anywhere. The Rocky Mountains offer some of the tallest peaks in the country and also some of the deepest canyons and wildest rivers. For those that love outdoor recreation, the Rocky Mountain delivers on almost every kind imaginable. Few people ever regret a visit to the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

Hidden away amongst the Rocky Mountains are a number of well outfitted cities that benefit both from the aesthetic beauty of the region, as well as the many great things to do and attractions that are found there. People living in these cities have the luxury of enjoying stunningly beautiful scenery, a clean environment, and easy access to some of the best natural areas in the world. These cities are also located very near to some of the most impressive national parks and protected lands too including Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Glacier National Park. The lifestyle and experiences afforded to the residents of and visitors to the cities located in the Rocky Mountains is unlike that which can be found anywhere else.


The city of Denver is the largest metropolitan area in the Rocky Mountain region. It is a major city in every sense of the term. The city offers a great many different options for people traveling there in terms of accommodations, dining, activities, and more. The city is very much in tune with it’s location and many of the businesses both acknowledge and involve the natural areas surrounding the city in their business images, if not their business plans. There are a number of fun things to do and see in the Denver area including professional sporting events, the 16th street outdoor shopping area, Larimer Square, Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Art Museum, brewery tours, Cherry Creek Bike Path, Colorado State Capitol, Four Mile House Historic Park, and the Mount Evans Scenic Byway.


Missoula is located in Western Montana and sits right on Clark Fork River, near where the Bitterroot and Blackfoot Rivers flow into it. The city is very much a college town, with the presence of the University of Montana, but it also offers something for everyone else too. It is conveniently located very near to a number of other great destinations in that part of Montana including Kalispell, Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, Flathead Lake, Lolo Hot Springs, Butte, Fairmont Hot Springs, and Glacier National Park. The city has a vibrant local scene where live entertainment, shopping, great restaurants, and even small casinos can be enjoyed. Some of the fun and interesting attractions in Missoula include 10,000 Waves Water Park, Splash Montana, Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center, Fort Missoula Museum, Patee Canyon, Woods Gulch Loop, and Caras Park.


The community of Jackson sits in the Jackson Hole Valley in Western Wyoming. This is a very popular area to travel to for may visitors, especially the discriminating traveler with an interest in experiencing the great outdoors. The National Elk Refuge, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone National Park are all conveniently located within an easy drive of the city of Jackson. The town offers a unique blend of both modern and old west atmosphere in the many restaurants, hotels, and shopping opportunities found there. Some of the popular things to do and experience when visiting Jackson include river rafting, fishing, hiking, aerial tours, wagon train tours and experiences, Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, Jackson Hole Playhouse, National Museum of Wildlife Art, Snowmobile tours, kayaking, canoeing, trail running, and more.

Grand Junction

The Colorado River flows right along the community of Grand Junction in Western Colorado, and provides for a great deal of the outdoor recreation possibilities that are enjoyed both by visitors coming to the city as well as those that already live there. Grand Junction sits less than 20 miles east of the Colorado-Utah border and is situated in what is often referred to as high desert country. Grand Junction is a very inviting community and offers a number of options when it comes to hotels and restaurants. Finding something to do in the area is also rather easy as there are a number of things to do and see including Grand Mesa, Grand Junction Motor Speedway, Monument National Park, Dinosaur Discovery Museum, Museum of Western Montana, Dominguez Canyon, and Canyon View Park. Some of the popular activities to participate in while in the area include hiking, fishing, camping, skydiving, exploring, hunting, and more.


Located high above most of the other cities in the Rocky Mountains, the community of Aspen is a famous, but close-knit, community centered on skiing and winter recreation. The area was originally home to a mining camp and then town following the Colorado Silver Boom, but since that time has promoted it’s intimate connection with the surrounding mountains. Aspen has grown over the years and slowly gained a reputation as a playground for the famous and well-to-do. In recent times, much of Aspen has changed from the historical old west mining town look it had years ago to a more upscale destination city complete with designer stores and trendy boutiques. A visit to Aspen though is an opportunity to see and experience a truly wonderful place. Some of the more interesting things to do and see in Aspen and the immediate vicinity include Independence Pass, Ajax Mountain, Crater Lake Trail, Silver Queen Gondola, John Denver Sanctuary, Maroon Lake Scenic Trail, Wheeler Opera House, American Lake Trail, Aspen Art Museum, Buttermilk Mountain, Grizzly Lake Trail, Ashcroft Ghost Town, Ute Cemetery, Conundrum Creek Trail, and more. There are also ski resorts and golf courses throughout the area surrounding the town to take advantage of as well.

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The Rocky Mountain region is famous the world over for the mountains, rivers, and forests that make up the incredible scenery there. The area is also widely known for the many outdoor activities that can be participated there including hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing, camping, trail running, water skiing, off roading, rafting, wildlife viewing, and more. Travelers coming to the region should not underestimate or miss out on all the great things that can be experienced in the many cities in the region. From major metropolitan areas like Salt Lake City and Denver, to the smaller cities like Missoula, and even the small towns that are seldom seen as destinations, the Rocky Mountain region offers experiences that most travelers will remember for the rest of their lives.

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