Five Great Things To Do And See When Visiting Melbourne, Australia

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When it comes to choosing a wonderful vacation destination, there are a large number of people who would be very happy choosing Australia.  Of the specific destinations available in the nation, Melbourne is definitely a city that should not be missed by anyone.  The city of Melbourne offers a number of popular, fun, and exciting things to do.  There is great shopping, dining, and recreation available in the city and it always leaves a pleasant taste in the mouths of those that go there.  A visit to Melbourne is a great idea for anyone visiting Australia.  Here is a look at five great things to see, do, and experience in the gorgeous city of Melbourne, Australia.

City Circle Tram
Riding the City Circle Tram is beneficial to travelers coming to Melbourne for a number of reasons.  First, the tram is free of charge which means that a greater amount of a vacation budget can be spent on accommodations, food, or souvenirs, and less on transportation expenses.  Second, the tram has a convenient hop-on hop-off style of boarding and disembarking which speeds up the travel process and also makes use of the tram even easier.  Third, the vast majority of the popular tourist attractions in Melbourne are located right on the route of the City Circle Tram.  Fourth, the tram comes along regularly at convenient intervals, meaning that anyone using this mode of transportation shouldn’t have to spend too much time waiting for their ride.  This is the perfect way for someone from outside of the area to become familiar with and obtain an introduction to the city of Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market

Easily one of the most fun and popular shopping spots in the city of Melbourne is the Queen Victoria Market.  The market itself is a landmark in the city and covers about 17 acres in size.  The market is the largest open air market in the entire southern hemisphere and it is fairly easy for anyone to find something they like should the go shopping there.  A wide variety of items can be shopped for and purchased at the Queen Victoria Market including arts and crafts, clothing, fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, deli foods, gourmet foods, spices, shoes, jewelery, and more.  There are also a number of places within the market to purchase ready-to-eat items that can be consumed there or taken home.  One of the best parts about the market is the great people watching that can be done there as it attracts a wide array of people on a regular basis.

Eureka Skydeck 88

Eureka Skydeck

Standing at just under 1,000 feet tall, the Eureka Tower is not only the tallest building in the city of  Melbourne, but the tallest in the region.  As it is filled with private living quarters, the tower is the tallest residential living structure in the world.  The entire 88th floor is occupied by the Skydeck which offers 360 degree views of Melbourne and the surrounding area.  This is the highest public observation deck in the entire southern hemisphere.  The view from the Skydeck are breathtaking and leave many people speechless.  This is by far one of the best places to go for taking photographs of the Melbourne skyline or cityscape.  For an extra fee, visitors can enter a feature known as The Edge.  This is a glass tube which projects approximately ten feet over the edge of the building.  The Edge offers visitors the chance to see not only the view of the city, but the view straight down with nothing between them and the ground other than the glass tube they are in.  Guests can even purchase photographs of themselves in The Edge, suspended out above the city of Melbourne.

Melbourne Zoo
Established in 1862, the Melbourne Zoo is the oldest zoo in all of Australia.  The Melbourne Zoo is one of the more popular tourist attractions in the city and there is a good reason for that.  The zoo not only offers a very interesting look at animals from around the world, but it also offers one of the best opportunities to view the wild animals that are native to Australia.  Some of the newer habitats created for the animals are amazing as they really do appear to be as close to the animals’ natural surroundings as they can be. 

The zoo was originally modeled after the London Zoo in London, England.  There are also opportunities for visitors to the zoo to get a look at the kind of cages and animal enclosures that were used during different points of the zoo’s history.  There are not only pleasant areas for the resident animals to spend time in, there are also pleasant areas for the guests of the zoo including open grassy fields, play areas, and areas that are perfect for picnicking.  Some of the popular exhibits included in the Melbourne Zoo are the Trails of the Elephants, Butterfly House, Orangutan Sanctuary, Asian Rainforest, Australian Outback, Savannah, Lion Park, Stories of the Sea, African Rainforest, Treetop, and Small Cat Alley.

National Gallery of Victoria
Australia’s oldest art museum is found in Melbourne too, with the National Gallery of Victoria having been opened in 1861.  The gallery is also the largest public art gallery in Australia, and is divided into two units.  The Art Centre specializes in showing off works of art from around the world.  This is a great way for the viewer to see some of the more striking and important pieces done by some of the greatest artists who have ever lived.  Another option to go to is Federation Square which concentrates on showing off the artwork of Australia.  This is a great way for visitors to get an even better understanding and appreciation for the nation and continent of Australia that they are visiting.  The gallery not only has some of the most treasured pieces of artwork found in Australia housed within it’s walls, it also hosts some of the best traveling exhibits as well.  The National Gallery of Victoria has a long and rich history in Melbourne, and residents there should be very proud of it.

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Visiting Australia is a wonderful way to experience a country that at the same time feels completely unique and somewhat familiar.  When in Australia, there are a number of important cities that can be visited to help insure that the visitor is having the best time possible.  One of those cities is Melbourne and it has been a popular destination for much more than 100 years.  A visit to Melbourne is a great way to get to experience a large urban Australian city up close and personal.  Melbourne never disappoints the many visitors that head it’s way each and every year.

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