Five Great Things To Do While Vacationing In Raleigh, North Carolina

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There are a number of popular vacation spots in the United States. Some of them are located right along the ocean, while others can be found high up in the mountains. The most popular destinations for vacations in the United States are usually found in New York, Florida, California, and Hawaii. There are many other destinations though tha are more than worthwhile. Many of them even offer more things to do, or at least more enjoyable things to do, than their more popular counterparts.

One of those overlooked vacation destinations is the Raleigh, North Carolina area. This area of the country combines naturally beautiful scenery with a great many exciting, relaxing, and interesting things to do. A visit to the city of Raleigh and the surrounding area is a great way to gain a whole new appreciation for an area of the country that is often not thought of as a place to head to for a vacation. Raleigh though offers enough to occupy, interest, and satisfy travelers of all ages. Here is a look at just five of the many great things to do and see while vacationing in and around the city of Raleigh.

Museum of Natural Sciences
A wonderful place for children and adults to both visit is the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina. The museum features a number of incredibly interesting displays and exhibits, many detailing the how and why of topics that most visitors hadn’t even considered. There are a number of hands on interactive exhibits in the museum that offer a great learning experience to children of all ages. Plenty of the displays are interesting for the parents and other adults too. Some of the best fossil and dinosaur displays in the entire world can be found in the Museum of Natural Sciences. The butterfly house is a very rewarding exhibit that is popular with many visitors.

North Carolina State Capitol Building
One of the more interesting ways to learn about the history of Raleigh, North Carolina, and life in the South is by visiting the North Carolina State Capitol Building. Among other things, the Capitol contains a statue and portrait of George Washington, and a number of artifacts relating to the early days of North Carolina. The grounds around the Capitol are gorgeous and are a very attractive and interesting part of the attraction. The beautiful architecture that makes up the building itself is incredibly interesting and truly something to behold. A fun time for all ages can be spent with a visit to the North Carolina State Capitol Building.

Stagville Plantation
One of the best ways to get a true feeling of the history of the Raleigh area is to venture out of town a bit to the historic Stagville Plantation. In it’s glory days, the Stagville Plantation was covered more than 30,000 acres and included a number of the smaller surrounding plantations. The grounds of the land that makes up the current plantation are literally littered with historically important artifacts and structures. The main house, the Benneham House, was built in the late 1700s and still stands today. It can be toured and seen up close by visitors interested in this important look into life in days gone by. There is also a number of slave residences still standing on the property, including the only two story slave homes left in North Carolina. A great amount of history can be learned simply by walking the grounds and seeing the buildings of the historic Stagville Plantation. This is one of the more unforgettable attractions in the Raleigh area.

City Market
A very nice way to get out in the city of Raleigh, experience a historical neighborhood, and participate in a very modern part of Raleigh daily life is by going to the City Market. The City Market is a cobblestone paved street in Raleigh that houses restaurants, art galleries, bars, breweries, and other retail establishments. The area is popular with locals and tourists alike. There are seasonal beers that are brewed right on site and the brewing equipment can be viewed through the clear glass windows that separate the work spaces from the areas where the customers are allowed. The art galleries are very interesting to walk through and even purchase something should the impulse be needed. Several of the area restaurants and art galleries provide live music both inside their establishments and outdoor too as part of local promotions and celebrations. This is a very nice way to have fun at some wonderful venues, restaurants, and bars; all while taking in a very interesting historical neighborhood.

Marbles Kids Museum
One of the top spots to visit in the Raleigh area for families with young children is the Marbles Kids Museum. Here kids are allowed to let loose and be entertained by stuff that is specifically made just for them. The museum is best suited for preschool aged kids through about second grade. There are places where the kids can physically get down and explore areas utilizing their climbing and crawling skills. There are also interesting displays that will interest adults some too. There are large building blocks to play on and with, a full sized city bus with a slide coming out of the back of it, a pirate ship, and much more. It is no wonder that this is a regular stop for many parents in the area with young children, as it will just make their day.

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The city of Raleigh has a unique history and has played an important and interesting role in the development of North Carolina. Much of that history is on display in the form of historical sites and museums. Raleigh offers much more than historical experiences and attractions though. There are a number of things travelers can do while visiting Raleigh that they cannot do elsewhere. The city of Raleigh is truly a special place in the Carolina region of the United States. Anyone considering a vacation there will bee more than happy with the choice they have made.

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