Five Great Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting In Vancouver, British Columbia

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When it comes to choosing a vacation destination that has a distinctive international feel to it on the West Coast, there is probably no better choice than the city of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.  Vancouver is a coastal city that sits on the Strait of Georgia, across the water from Vancouver Island.  The city is just a few miles across the border from the state of Washington in the United States.  The city has for decades received people from a wide array of places around the world and today capitalizes on that fact by offering some of the best international foods, products, and experiences that can be found in North America.  The city is also extremely well placed near a wealth of natural resources that are popular with vacationers, making it a great destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors.  There is much to do within the city as well, and with that in mind, here are five great tourist attractions worth visiting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

English Bay Beach

Located right in the downtown area of Vancouver is English Bay Beach.  The sand is fine here and it is a popular place for sunbathing.  Visitors who come to the beach will notice a wide variety of people there, based mostly on its convenient location.  It is not uncommon to see tourists, students, office workers, and families all enjoying the same area.  There is plenty of room to play, and though the water is a little on the chilly side, swimming is allowed.  The beach is regularly staffed by lifeguards and there is even a slide out on an anchored dock for both children and adults to enjoy.  There is also plenty of green grassy area above the sand for visitors to picnic on.  English Bay Beach is true downtown Vancouver treasure.

Whistler Mountaineer
The Whistler Mountaineer is a train ride that residents and visitors in Vancouver can take from the city up to Whistler, a nearby ski resort.  This train trip can be done as a multi-day trip fro those wishing to stay for an extended time in Whistler, and it can also be done as a day trip as it makes the run on more than one occasion each day. 

There are a number of different things to enjoy both inside the train and outside as well.  The cars take their passengers past stunningly beautiful scenery up high in the mountains including peaks, creeks, waterfalls, and even wildlife.  The cars are immaculate and offer a great look at what rail travel from days gone by must have been like.  There is even a chance to enjoy part of the trip from the outdoor car where fresh air is abundant.  The trip can be combined with lodging in Whistler and even a trip back to Vancouver via a float plane.  A very unforgettable experience can be had aboard the Whistler Mountaineer.

Stanley Park
One of the more beautiful urban parks on the West Coast of North America is Stanley Park in Vancouver.  This park is gorgeous and multi-faceted as it can cater to the visitors that come there in a number of ways.  There are forested areas of the park, many of them left protected and natural.  There are hiking trails that meander through the trees and even down close to the water. 

 There are beach areas where visitors and locals alike can and do gather to enjoy both the surf and the sand.  There is even a wide path suitable for walking, jogging, running, or biking that circumnavigates the entire park.  Some of the interesting things to see within the park include Lions Gate Bridge, Siwash Rock, the Theater Under The Stars, Children’s Farmyard, and many statues and monuments placed throughout the park property.

Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center
A trip to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center is a must for anyone traveling through the area, but especially if they are traveling with children.  The aquarium houses a number of different marine animal species and offers wonderful opportunities to not only view them, but in some cases interact with them up close and personal. 

From sharks, to small fish, and even Buluga whales, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center has it all.  The setting is gorgeous, and the aquarium’s location within the beautiful Stanley Park makes it convenient for those visiting the area to take in all that the park has to offer as well.  No trip to Vancouver is complete without a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Center.

Lynn Canyon Park
While Vancouver is a wonderful city with great shopping, dining, and entertainment; sometimes travelers desire the ability to get out and enjoy the great outdoors while still remaining fairly close to the city.  Visiting Lynn Canyon Park is a great way to do this.  The forested area is lovely and offers a wonderful chance to walk through mostly natural forest areas.  There is a river that flows by and a nice beach like area where children and adults can play both on the shore and in the water. 

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The most popular attraction in the park though stretches high overhead or those that are far off below.  The canyon is home to an exciting suspension bridge where visitors can walk out and enjoy the view up and down the canyon.  The suspension bridge does move with the wind and with every step that visitors make, which brings a little bit of thrill into the attraction.  Many visitors to Vancouver return year in and year out and make Lynn Canyon Park a regular part of their visit.

Vancouver offers a number of experiences that just cannot be duplicated elsewhere.  From the wide variety of eating establishments, to the fun shopping experiences, and the beautiful natural areas that are protected both within the city’s borders and nearby, Vancouver is a wonderful place to travel to for a long weekend or even an extended stay.  The city is very modern and has a number of attractions that cater to those seeking to take part in or experience forward thinking opportunities.  The city also has a number of ties to nature and the history of the area as well.  A vacation that includes a stay in Vancouver is going to be a vacation that will be remembered as long as the traveler lives.

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