Five Great Vacation Destinations In Australia, And What They Have To Offer

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One of the most popular international vacation destinations is the nation and continent of Australia. Australia offers the kind of experiences that many people only dream about. The secret to Australia’s success and popularity as a destination is in the wide variety of things there are to see and do when someone ventures there. Australia is a large country with a very diverse culture and landscape. It also regularly rates as one of the top vacation places in the world.

Australia can offer so many things to so many different travelers because of the many different areas there are to explore there. There are remote outback areas that are perfect for those wanting to experience nature in a very secluded way. There are mountains and forests for those that want to see some of the most scenic areas of this beautiful country. There are vibrant and lively cities that offer experiences both inside their boundaries as well as access to tour companies that will take visitors out into the more natural areas. Possibly the most famous physical asset that Australia has is its long coastline that attracts visitors wanting to experience its sand, surf, and beauty. There are also numerous chances to see a wide variety of wildlife in each of those settings.

Here is a look at five great vacation destination cities in Australia, and just some of what they have to offer.



The city of Sydney is the most famous, and largest, of all Australian cities. It sits right on the eastern coast of Australia on an inlet of the Tasman Sea. Sydney offers great access to many outdoor areas including protected natural areas, parks, and of course beaches. Sydney is also home to a few of the more famous sights in Australia including the Sydney Opera Hous, Sydney Harbour, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The city is also famous for its many high quality and first class restaurants, shopping opportunities, and accommodations.


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Located between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne, the city of Canberra is mainly known as the capital city of Australia. Canberra offers the best of almost all Australian worlds with a fine chance for visitors to take part in sailing, fishing, cycling, and hiking. There are a number of important historical sites in Canberra too, many of them are fascinating to visit and learn just a little bit more about. The city is blessed with more than its fair share of park and natural areas within its boundaries, and they are very welcoming places to both locals and travelers. Among the many things to visit in Canberra are the capitol building, the Australian War Memorial, and the National Gallery.


Darwin, Australia. By:

the city of Darwin is located in the Northern Territory and is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a place to use as a jumping off point for excursions into the lesser traveled to areas of the country. Darwin prides itself on being a multicultural city with more than fifty ethnic groups making up its population. This gives the city a very unique take on the shopping and dining opportunities it can offer to those travelers coming there for a long stay or just passing through. Darwin has a lot to offer visitors including art galleries, restaurants, open markets, hotels, and a very popular nightlife. Some of the things that should be seen by those traveling there include the Old Police Station and Courthouse, Lyons Cottage, Old Darwin Town House, among other attractions.


Adelaide. By:

Adelaide sits in the southern portion of the country and is in fact the capital of South Australia. The city is known for its many gardens and natural spaces, and offers a number of outdoor events that are open to both residents and travelers. The city also has a number of historic sites within its borders and is very protective of the important history it has played in the development both of the local area, as well as the development of Australia as a whole.

The country’s largest river, the Murray river, flows through the city and many of the parks are found along its shores. In the city center alone there are a number of interesting attractions including the Adelaide Town Hall, Edmund Wright House, National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, Victoria Square, and more. Other attractions in and around Adelaide include the beauty that can be found in the Coorong National Park, the Fleurieu Peninsula, and Kangaroo Island.


Perth. By:

The city of Perth, being on the entire opposite end of the continent of Australia from most of the other highly populated areas, offers a completely different experience than most other destination cities in the country. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and offers a number of things that make it a great vacation destination. It is a little farther removed from the more urbanized areas of the country, which allows for exciting trips into the surrounding undeveloped areas, but the city is very modern and offers many great attractions.

Some of the fun things to see and do in and around Perth include the Western Australian Maritime Museum, Caversham Wildlife Park, Aquarium of Western Australia, Kings Park & Botanic Garden, John Forrest National Park, Perth Zoo, Cohuna Koala Park, and more. The city also offers many historical buildings, great shopping, fine dining, first class accommodations, and access to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

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While there are a number of great places to travel to in the world, few can compete with the many diverse things that the destination cities of Australia can offer. The five cities listed here, and the many other worthwhile vacation destinations in Australia, offer access to the mountains, outback, forest, and beaches that the country is famous for. They also offer more than that though as they provide the visitor with a wonderful opportunity to experience the culture of Australia, as well as the culture of the people who have immigrated there and added to Australian life. A visit to Australia has the chance to be the perfect vacation that everyone dreams of taking at one point in their life.

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