Five Little Known Facts About Five Destination Cities In Texas

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When it comes time to chose a vacation destination, many people immediately start thinking of some of the most popular and overcrowded tourist destinations around. One of the most exciting, interesting, and just plain fun destinations in the United States to go to though is the great state of Texas. The state of Texas offers all kinds of attractions and experiences including great shopping, wonderful food, beautiful scenic areas, access to the gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and more. There is a lot known about the state of Texas, but here is a look at five little known facts about five destination cities in Texas.

The city of Dallas was founded in 1841 and then formally incorporated as a city in 1856. Southern Methodist University was established in Dallas in 1914 for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons was that the Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee had just recently stripped the Methodist Church of all it’s authority over Vanderbilt University, and the church was looking for another official college to support and guide.

The city of Houston was founded and incorporated as a city in 1837. The city was named after one of the most famous Texans in history, Sam Houston, and upon it’s incorporation was almost immediately named as the temporary capital of the independent Republic of Texas. The main surveyor who set up the city and is credited with planning the wide streets that are still found there was Gail Borden Jr. who would later go on to found Borden, Inc., famous for it’s condensed milk.

San Antonio
The city of San Antonio was one of the first inland Texas areas found by early explorers from Europe. The city is famous for a number of things including being the home of the Alamo, a famous historical site. The Fairmount Hotel is the second oldest hotel in all of San Antonio, having been built in 1906. In 1985, at a cost of more than $600,000, it became the heaviest building ever to be moved intact when it was moved to a location just three blocks south of the famous Alamo.

The capital of the state of Texas is Austin which is located very near to the geographic center of the state. Austin was founded in the 1830s and became the capital of the independent Republic of Texas in 1839. When founded, the community had originally been named waterloo, but was later renamed after Stephen F. Austin who many consider to be the father of Texas. Texas was part of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, and after the war the city of Austin hosted a garrison of Union armed forces. The commander of these forces was none other than General George Custer who would go on to become famous at a place called Little Big Horn.

Galveston Island has a long history dating back to the time when Galveston Island was inhabited by members of the Akokisa and Karankawa Native American tribes. For awhile in the early 1800s, Galveston was the home base of famous pirate Jean Lafitte. Though it was located on land that was originally claimed by Spain, then by Mexico, and then by the Republic of Texas, before being annexed into the United States; the city of Galveston was actually founded by Canadian businessmen who purchased land and sold off home and business plots as early as 1838.

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The state of Texas is a grand place to visit, with a number of first class destinations. The five cities listed above all offer some of the best entertainment options and interesting attractions that can be found anywhere in the state. There are other worthwhile destinations in Texas too including Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, El Paso, South Padre Island, Lubbock, and more. A visit to the state of Texas allows travelers to experience everything from modern world class cities to remote locations that still carry some of that famous Texas charm. One of the best destinations anyone could choose for their next vacation is the great state of Texas.

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