Five Little Known Facts About Madrid, Spain

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madridWhile deciding on a vacation destination can be tough at times, there are also those locations that are true no-brainers in terms of whether or not they are worthwhile places to visit.  Madrid, Spain is just such a place.  Madrid is the capital and also the largest city in the nation of Spain and it has played an important role in not only the country’s development, but also in European history as well.  The city has been home to a great many rulers from a great many lands during its time and today a great deal of influence from all of them can be seen in everything from architecture to the names of specific places.  A great deal is known about the city, but here are five little known facts about Madrid, Spain.

1.  Two of the most distinctive buildings in Madrid are known as the Puerta de Europa.  These two identical office buildings built in the mid 1990s lean towards eachother at a fifteen degree angle and make up one of the most unique skylines in the world.

2.  The site regarded by many as the home of bullfighting in Spain is the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, or more commonly, Las Ventas.  This arena has a seating capacity of approximately 25,000 people and has an unusual pricing structure for guests coming to watch the events held there.  Like normally in other venues, lower seating that is closer to the action is more expensive.  There is also a premium though placed on seats, regardless of their level, that are in the shade during the time of the event.

Royal Palace of Madrid3.  The Royal Palace of Madrid is a large and impressive building.  It is filled with many great and rare treasures including weapons, paintings, sculptures, jewels, and important royal belongings.  The Royal Palace of Madrid is also the only place in the world where visitors can find a complete Stradivarius string quartet.

4.  The main international airport serving the city of Madrid is Madrid-Barajas Airport.  This is the tenth busiest airport in the entire world, and the largest and busiest in all of Spain.  Madrid-Barajas Airport serves as one end of the Madrid-Barcelona route which is routinely ranked as the busiest air route in the world.

5.  Real Madrid is one of the most popular, famous, and recognizable football (soccer)  clubs in the entire world.  Its official name is Real Madrid Club de Futbol and it was founded in 1902.  The club plays its home matches in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid.  The stadium currently seats nearly 80,000 people, though at one time after an expansion in the early 1950s, the seating capacity peaked at an incredible 120,000.

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A visit to the city of Madrid is a real treat to the world traveler.  From sports and outdoor recreation to the finer things in life like dining and art galleries, there is a great deal to absorb in a visit to this wonderful Spanish city.  The city has attractions that appeal to both those looking for an exciting and vibrant vacation as well as those looking for a more laid back and relaxing time.  Very few people ever say they were disappointed with their trip to Madrid, Spain.

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