Five Must Do Attractions In Victoria, British Columbia

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A traveler heading off with their partner or family for a much anticipated vacation has a number of experiences they are hoping to have. These might include experiences involving beaches, mountains, outdoor activities, historical sites, live performances, or quiet relaxing times. There are a few vacation cities that deliver much more than the traveler ever thought they would experience. The city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is just one of those vacations.

Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and sits on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. There are a number of ways to get to Victoria including by air, by ferry from the larger city of Vancouver, or by ferry from Seattle to the south. Traveling to Victoria from Seattle is an excellent choice as it adds a sense of anticipation as the sights of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands come and go with the city of Victoria waiting off in the distance.

The city was founded in the early 1800s and was incorporated in 1862. It has a long history with ties to several industries including timber, ocean transportation, and fishing. Today, Victoria welcomes a great amount of tourists who want to come and see the many surviving Victorian and colonial era homes and buildings there. Victoria also takes advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, both on the water and on the land, and offers a number of recreational activities for them to participate in. There are a number of very impressive things to see and experience in Victoria, here is a look at just five of them.

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens.

One of the most popular attractions in Victoria for years has been the gorgeous Butchart Gardens. The many gardens found there are often described as stunning, fabulous, and breathtaking. There are fabulous eating establishments both at the gardens, as well as nearby. The floral gardens are wonderfully cared for, manicured, and maintained. Many people wouldn’t think it, but it is very easy to spend hours and hours walking around the gardens, admiring what can be seen there. One of the most unique things about Butchart Gardens is that the gardens themselves truly are year round attractions, with something to see every season of the year.

Whale Watching

There are few wildlife sightings that can be as impressive as seeing one of many kinds of whales up close and personal. There are a number of options as far as tour companies in Victoria that will take guests out on the open ocean to view the whales that both reside in the area, as well as those that migrate past Vancouver Island. Different tourists will like the different choices in watercraft available for whale watching including larger cruise ships holding hundreds of sightseers as well as small boats holding a handful of travelers. Sighting a whale while out in its habitat can be one of the top experiences anyone has on their vacation.

Royal British Columbia Museum

Though it had been around since 1886, the Royal British Columbia Museum was not declared to be “Royal” until a visit by Queen Elizabeth II in 1986. The museum houses a number of the finest artifacts, works of art, and historical displays that are associated with ancient and modern history alike. There is also a specialized gallery there that is devoted to the people of the First Nations groups. The architecture of the Royal British Columbia Museum alone is worthy of a visit, but when coupled with the fantastic treasures that are found inside, the museum is easily one of the biggest must-see attractions in Victoria.

Oak Bay Marina

Oak Bay Marina.

There are many activities that can be experienced with a visit to Victoria’s Oak Bay Marina. Walking the docks and looking at the many interesting and sometimes fabulous boats and ships moored there can be a fun time for both kids and adults. There are seals that climb right up onto the wooden decks and beg for food. Children will especially like feeding the seals and listening to their cries for more and more food. There are also great restaurants in the area ranging from cafes to fine dining. Plenty of local shops also cater especially to the tourists that come there each and every day. Oak Bay Marina is one of the top attractions in the city for a reason, it packs a load of fun



Regularly rated as one of the more interesting and fun places to visit in Victoria, Parliament is both a historical site and a working government building. The architecture of the building is stunning and many people come just for that. There are tours available that start in front of the facility and run about 45 minutes. These tours not only allow guests to admire the building itself, both inside and out, but also allow them to learn a great deal about the history of Victoria, British Columbia, and the Canadian West Coast. The tours often also interject costumed guides that take on the persona of a historical character. This is a surprisingly fun time for both children and adults.

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Victoria has come a long way since it was little more than a wilderness fort that protected and aided explorers and settlers coming to the Pacific Northwest. Today it has many attractions in it that help visitors coming there learn a little bit more about the famous history the city and surrounding area has seen over the years. Victoria offers much more than historical sites and museums though, it also offers chances to get out and participate in and experience life in and around this small city in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Travelers coming to Victoria should definitely bring along their cameras, as there are more than enough beautiful things to see there to keep them occupied all vacation long. A visit to Victoria is a great idea for anyone looking to take a vacation to a wonderful location that is a little off the beaten path.

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