Five Must Places To Visit On A Vacation To Venice

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Deciding on a vacation destination is the most important thing that goes into whether a vacation will be a success or not. There are a number of great cities to travel to in Europe should a vacationer decide to go in that direction. One of the best cities to vacation to is the city of Venice, Italy. Venice offers the kind of attractions and scenery that almost any traveler will come to appreciate. There is beautiful architecture, stunning views, fascinating culture, and of course fun attractions that can be experienced by travelers of all ages. The city of Venice offers much more than that though, it offers a number of ways that a vacationer can sink right in and experience what life is really like in one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Here is a look at just five of the great places to visit on a vacation to Venice.

Rialto Market

One of the best ways for a vacationer coming to Venice to get a true taste of the city is by visiting the Rialto Market. The market opens early in the morning and is a wonderful place to see fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and even handmade goods. Many representatives of the city’s top restaurants can be found shopping here for items to bring back to their kitchens. For the traveler, there are some unique purchasing options to be had at the Rialto Market. Above that though, the best experience that comes from visiting the Rialto Market is viewing the local shoppers and how everyone interacts with each other. The Rialto Market is the perfect setting for anyone interested in seeing one of the many true sides of the city of Venice.

Grand Canal

The one absolute must-see attraction in Venice, the one that will be remembered the most and appear on some of the best photographs of the city, is the famous Grand Canal. The city’s network of canals is fascinating to view and explore. The Grand Canal however is something entirely different. This main waterway sees a fair amount of traffic, and many of the most notable buildings in the city are located just off the canal. The Grand Canal is fabulous to look at from the walkway or a bridge, but the best way to experience it is from the water itself while riding in a gondola or other type of watercraft. The colors and varying styles of architecture present in the buildings that line the Grand Canal are fascinating to look at and photograph. Many visitors regularly rate their time on the Grand Canal as their favorite memory of their trip to Venice.


Located very near to Venice is the island of Burano. This historic neighborhood includes much of the same culture that Venice does, but also has it’s very own identity as well. The boat ride to Burano from Venice is a nice opportunity to have some quiet time on the open water, as well as to see Venice from afar across the water as the boat pulls away. Burano is absolutely gorgeous and offers a very colorful and small neighborhood feel that contrasts with the exciting and vibrant city of Venice. What makes Burano so unique is its brightly painted houses, giving it its own unique identity. Anyone who wishes to paint their house, must have their colors approved by the local government.

Burano - brightly colored houses make Burano distinct.

Burano is described by different travelers in a number of ways, but most often it is described as being a quaint little Italian island community. The trip to Burano takes approximately a half hour and visitors will find the island very inviting. A relaxing walk around the island of Burano can be done in about half a day, depending on what the traveler finds to stop and linger over or take more time to enjoy. There are great shops, eating establishments, and attractions on the island that will add a great deal of enjoyment to the visitor heading that way.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco.

One of the most famous places to visit in Venice is Piazza San Marco, also known as St. Mark’s Square. This public square is breathtaking in it’s beauty as it combines historic aged stone buildings with a vibrant and modern city all around it. The square is home to a number of specific historical attractions that are well worth viewing and photographing. It is a popular city square and visitors will find a number of other travelers there, as well as a good amount of locals too. One of the most recommended ways to enjoy St. Mark’s Square is to grab an open outdoor table at any of the area bars and enjoy watching the people and soaking up the atmosphere while sampling a beer or glass of wine. There are also some great restaurants in the area and experiencing St. Mark’s Square at night is something that will not be forgotten.


For the traveler who either wants to see a completely different side of Venice and the surrounding area, or who wants to take a break from the crowds and hectic pace associated with the city at times, a great idea for a side trip is the island of Lido. Lido is a medium sized island that offers a great deal of things to do to the vacationers that venture there. Travelers can get there by a short boat ride and, once on the island, can explore it rather easily in a number of ways. Walking through the local community is a great way to see life on an Italian island as it happens.  While walking you will experience some magnificent view of the city from across the lagoon.

  There are some great opportunities to rent bicycles which can help a traveler cover more ground and see the surrounding countryside easier. There are also tours that can be joined which will lead the vacationer around the island in an informative way. The island offers an amazing look at small maritime community life in Italy, a beautiful countryside, and some very interesting and quaint small marinas. 

One of the most famous annual happenings in Lido is the annual film festival. This takes place from the end of August to the beginning of September. Many fans and movie stars from Hollywood come to Lido to view this festival.

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A visit to Venice can be the top vacation experience that someone may have during their lifetime. Venice has a great deal to offer for the travelers that come there. Whether a first time visitor to the city, or if a traveler is coming back to experience it all over again, the city offers new and exciting experiences regularly. One of the keys that makes Venice such a great vacation destination is that what it offers is more than scenic views, stunning architecture, and historical buildings. The city of Venice offers the vacationer the opportunity to immerse themselves in it’s culture and environment, in a sense becoming part of the city itself. A vacation to Venice is something that any traveler will remember for the rest of their life.

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