Five Must See Attractions To See During A Trip To Christchurch, New Zealand

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A vacation to New Zealand is something that many people will only ever dream about and never do.  New Zealand offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the entire world.  One of the favorites of locals and travelers alike in terms of places to visit in New Zealand is the city of Christchurch.  Christchurch is a lively community that offers some of the best accommodations in the area too.  It really does have something to offer for nearly everyone including relaxing attractions that are focused on the finer things in life, as well as outdoor recreational activities that can be participated in individually or in a group.  The city is one of the most welcoming in the country too.  Here is a look at five must see attractions to see during a trip to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Canterbury Provincial Buildings
At first glance, the Canterbury Provincial Buildings appear to be just ordinary historic government buildings.  The truth is though that a great deal can be learned and experienced here.  This is an essential stop for anyone seeking to better understand and appreciate the history of New Zealand.  The Canterbury Provincial Buildings are made of stone and timber and are located right near the Avon River in the city center of Christchurch.  The buildings are largely open to the public and can be explored in a self-guided way, or there are also organized tours that take place there as well.  These beautifully restored buildings give a great look into one segment of life in New Zealand in the mid 1800s.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
For the traveler venturing to New Zealand and possessing an appreciation or love for animals, a visit to the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is a necessity.  The Willowbank Wildlife Preserve is home to some of the most interesting animals found in New Zealand.  For the most part, the animals are allowed to walk the grounds themselves right next to the humans who come to see and feed them.  One of the most rewarding experiences at the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is hand feeding some of the wide variety of animals that attempt to make contact with the patrons of the park.  This is routinely rated as one of the best attractions in all of New Zealand, much less the community of Christchurch.  The chance to interact one-on-one with these beautiful birds and other creatures is something that should not be passed up.

Adrenaline Forest
For those visitors coming to New Zealand and desiring to experience something a little more extreme or hardcore, a visit to the Adrenaline Forest may be just what they are needing.  Adrenaline Forest is a completely unique way to experience and learn to appreciate the forests of New Zealand.  Guests of the attraction are given a short training lesson, and then are let go to attempt to navigate any of the many aerial rope courses that will take them high above the ground and into the canopies of the local trees.  The only people this will probably not appeal to is those with a fear of heights.  Adrenaline Forest will leave the travelers who choose it as one of their activities with a whole different perspective on both tourist attractions and the local forestland.

Port Hills
Port Hills are the hills that serve as a scenic backdrop to the city of Christchurch.  The hills are not only great accent for photography done from town, but are a wonderful attraction themselves.  A short drive up to the Port Hills reveals a whole world of things to do and see.  Visitors can drive the scenic summit road that will take them all the way to Godley Head where they can enjoy some of the most incredible views of the surrounding ocean.  Visitors can also explore the hills by hiking or mountain biking.  There is also a popular gondola ride that takes guests from the floor below up to the tallest of the peaks.  Once on top, there are features and sights to see there as well including the Crater Rim Walkway.  There is so much to explore in the Post Hills area that many people find that they come back again and again as it is a great way to see the scenery surrounding the Christchurch area.

One of the best experiences in all of New Zealand can be had just outside of Christchurch by taking a trip on the TranzAlpine train.  This train can be used as part of a day trip or overnighter, or it can be utilized as an important piece of the transportation picture during a tour or vacation involving all of New Zealand.  This scenic trip takes the riders on a comfortable ride over the gently rising hills that surround the area and into the rugged imposing mountains that tower above Christchurch.  Viewing the Southern Alps like this, from a train right at their feet and snaking into them is one of the best ways to experience these beautiful mountains.  The snow covered peaks stand over the train and it’s tracks as it chugs it’s way right up into them.  An added bonus to this relaxing and beautiful trip is the knowledgeable and helpful conductor and or fellow guides that impart their wisdom on their guests and provide them with a great deal of information, some of it extremely interesting.

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One of the most unique countries to visit on a vacation has got to be New Zealand.  From the beautiful port cities along the shore to the gorgeous mountains and forest covered hills that sit further inland, New Zealand offers a great deal that other places simply cannot.  One of the most popular cities to visit in New Zealand is Christchurch which has wonderful architecture, great dining opportunities, fabulous shopping outlets, and very interesting historical sites and cultural attractions.  A visit to New Zealand is great, but to truly make it special a traveler should be sure to include the city of Christchurch in their itinerary.

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