Five Must See Museums For Any Berlin Vacation

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Traveling through Europe can bring a whole new understanding of the ways of the world and historical perspective to the traveler that has not ventured there before. There are a number of great cities and regions to visit in Europe too, and it is often best for a traveler to concentrate on a few areas instead of trying to take in the entire continent. The cities of Europe range from coastal paradises, to mountain top urban cities, to cultural centers. Each European city seems to offer a completely different vacation experience than the next one, and this is a very good thing that should be appreciated by the vacationer. The trick to making a vacation as unforgettable as possible is to match up the vacationer with the exact European destination that they will appreciate the most. One of the most interesting cities that should not be passed up on is the city of Berlin in Germany, especially for anyone with an interest in history and some of the more cultural pursuits.

The city of Berlin has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries and more than enough ways to bring that history right to the lucky travelers that venture there. The city is filled with many high quality museums that deal with a wide variety of things including the history of the Earth, Europe, Germany, and Berlin. There are also museums that deal with subjects that are not strictly historical including architecture, pop culture, and of course art. Beyond art museums, Berlin is also home to a phenomenal amount of art galleries and important government buildings with important artwork on display. For the vacationer who has an interest in art, history, and the more cultural pursuits, Berlin is the perfect place to travel to.

Berlin is a great place to travel to get the sense of the history of Europe. Travel to Berlin at a discount by using an online service like Expedia. Use an expedia coupon to get the best discounts available on Berlin. Here is a look at just five of the many great museums there are to see in the city of Berlin.

Neues Museum

One of the many famous and respectable museums on Berlin’s famous Museum Island is Neues Museum. This fantastic building not only houses some great artifacts, but is a museum piece itself having been built in the mid 1850s. The museum is home to a number of exhibits and displays related to both Egyptian and Early History. The featured attraction inside the museum is the bust of Nefertiti. A visit to the Neues Museum is a great way to see an architecturally beautiful building as well as some of the world’s most interesting treasures.

German Museum of Technology

With an main focus on the technological advances in transportation, the German Museum of Technology also features exhibits related to other forms of technology. The museum’s interesting structure, once part of a freight depot facility, is noticeable from a number of nearby viewpoints, as well as from approaching aircraft bound for Tempelhof Airport. There are a number of intact aircrafts on display at the German Museum of Technology including a V-1 flying bomb, Messerschmitt Bf 110, and more.

Museum fur Naturkunde

The Museum fur Naturkunde, known also as the Humboldt Museum, is one of the most widely respected and known natural museums in the world. The msueum’s collection includes an amazing 25 million specimens from the world of zoology, paleontology, and mineralogy. The most famous item on display at the Museum fur Naturkunde is the largest intact mounted dinosaur in the entire world. The museum dates back to 1810 when it was established and through the years has built itself to be one of the best natural history museums anywhere.

The Bunker

Today, The Bunker is a very interesting museum displaying a fine collection of contemporary art for visitors to view at their leisure. The pieces of art on display at The Bunker offer a great look at what the art world has produced and influenced in the last half of the 20th century up through present times. The building itself has a fascinating history as it was constructed in 1943 as a large bomb shelter during World War II. Over the years it has served in a number of capacities including a prisoner-of-war camp, warehouse, food storage building, and a techno club. Seeing this fine display of contemporary art in a building with such a somber history adds to the overall effect the museum brings to the visitor.

Bode Museum

Another of the popular and highly thought of museums located on Berlin’s famous Museum Island is the Bode Museum. The fabulous building overlooking the water, complete with ornate dome, was built in 1904 and houses an incredible selection of sculptures. The museum also regularly hosts scheduled exhibits of sculptures, coins, medals, and Byzantine artwork. In fact, the Bode Museum is the home of one of the largest and most valuable coin exhibits found anywhere in the entire world. Like many of the museums on Museum Island, the Bode Museum is not only enjoyable for the artifacts it houses, but also the beautiful architecture that it exhibits itself.

There are a number of impressive and amazing cities in the Europe that would all be great places for many people to visit on their vacations. Different travelers have different interests though and some European cities are more enjoyable to certain types of travelers with specific interests. With its vast array of historical sites, museums, and art galleries, a vacationer with an interest in those types of things would be more than satisfied with spending the bulk of their vacation in the beautiful and interesting city of Berlin. There are many sides to Berlin, and the city can entertain and occupy many different types of tourists. But the city’s specialty is providing an incredible amount of interesting historical sites, museums, and art galleries to those that are interested in all things cultural. Vacationers wanting to experience a wealth of history and come away from a European city with a much deeper understanding of it than they originally had would be more than happy with a vacation to the one of a kind city of Berlin.

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