Five Of The Most Interesting Places To Visit In Montreal

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Montreal is an incredibly interesting international city that welcomes visitors to it from around the world. It is not uncommon to venture into Montreal and be able to sample the cuisines, retail items, and culture of people from around the world. The city is also a strong example of Canada and all sides of the country’s background. The city of Montreal has a number of attractions worth visiting including both indoor and cultural as well as outdoor and natural. One of the top things to do in the city though is visit one of the many great museums that is offered there. From local history to natural history, a great deal of information can be learned by frequenting the many museums available in the city.

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Museum of Archaeology and History

One of the most unusual ways that any visitor to Montreal can discover the interesting history of the city is by attending the Museum of Archaeology and History. There are self guided tours of the facility available, as well as well produced multimedia presentations too that both tell the very interesting story of the history of the city of Montreal. Visitors will be amazed to find out that this museum is on the actual site where the original colony was founded in 1642. Many of the artifacts that have been discovered at the site are still on display in the publicly accessible underground corridors and crypts, right where they were found. Truly one of the most unique and interesting museums in a city that is known for great historical museums.

Canadian Railway Museum

Canadian Train on Display

For history fans and railroad enthusiasts, there isn’t a better place to visit in the city of Montreal than the Canadian Railway Museum. The facility not only includes exhibits, displays, and video presentations related to the early days of the railroad in Canada, but it also is home to an incredible number of actual locomotives, railroad cars, and railway vehicles. There are very few railroad museums in the world that can match the amount of artifacts and railroad cars that are on display at the Canadian Railway Museum. With more than 150 vehicles in its inventory, those interested in railroading and railroad history can occupy themselves there for a very long time.

Notre Dame de Bonsecours Chapel

One of the most beautiful churches in the city of Montreal is also home to a fantastic museum too. The church is known locally as the Sailors’ Church, mainly because of the many large wooden ship models that can be seen throughout the building hanging from its ceiling. The church is not only a valued stop for tourists because of the history it holds and the story that the museum located there tells, it is also an extremely beautiful building architecturally speaking, and it provides some great views of the local surroundings. For those who enjoy visiting chapels and other religious sites, this will go down as one of the more unique structures they have ever seen.

McCord Museum of Canadian History

One of the most complete pictures of the history of Montreal, the surrounding area, and the entire country of Canada is painted well by the McCord Museum of Canadian History. The museum covers events that have happened in the area and the country extending to well before the time of European settlement of the area. The amount of attention paid to the Indian settlements that existed in the area is very impressive. The museum is also very complete in that it not only covers the ancient and colonial history of the country and area, but studies and displays information pertaining to all periods of time, including right up to current day. A visit to the McCord Museum of Canadian History is a great way to get a new and complete understanding of the city of Montreal, the surrounding area, and indeed the entire nation of Canada.

Montreal Insectarium

Included as part of the city of Montreal’s impressive Botanical Garden, the Insectarium is popular with many adults, but especially popular with young kids. A visit to this world class nature center and specialty museum gives those who go there the opportunity to see up close many of the creepy crawly bugs that people have unnatural fears about. There is also a great amount of learning that can be accomplished in the Montreal Insectarium too. This is a facility that will help create memories of a vacation that will not be forgotten soon.

From bugs and insects to the people that existed centuries ago where the city of Montreal is today, a great deal of the most interesting things to do and see in the city of Montreal can be found in the many museums that the city has to offer. Depending on the interests and background of the travelers involved, a visit to a museum can be the highlight of a vacation to this wonderful city. Kids and adults both enjoy museums and the opportunities they hold for learning interesting and little known information. By visiting the great museums of Montreal, one of the five listed above or any of the other quality facilities, travelers coming to the city will leave at the end of their stay with an understanding of the city that few other people ever get.

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