Five Things You May Not Know About Buenos Aires, Argentina

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When it comes to choosing a vacation destination, one of the most beautiful and interesting places that can be chosen is the South American nation of Argentina. And when visiting Argentina it is hard to contemplate not spending a decent amount of time in the city of Buenos Aires. Visitors coming to Buenos Aires will notice right away that the culture, atmosphere, architecture, and way of life is different there than in many other international cities, even different than other cities in South America. It is precisely these differences though that make it a fantastic place to visit.

The city of Buenos Aires has a long history stretching back to when it was one of the earliest areas settled by European explorers. Since that time, much has happened and the area has grown from a wilderness, into a colony, and finally into the capital of the independent nation of Argentina. Buenos Aires is a true international city now in the truest sense of the term. A great deal is known about the city, but here are five things you may not know about Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1. Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens

One of the more popular stops for tourists coming to Buenos Aires is the Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens. These gardens were completed in 1967 after an earlier much smaller version had been demolished. There are pathways, meditation points, and viewing areas where guests can walk among and admire the beautiful landscaping that has been done there. This is actually the largest public Japanese garden in the world outside of the nation of Japan.

2. Buenos Aires Zoo

For children and adults alike, a favorite stop in Buenos Aires is the Buenos Aires Zoo. The zoo covers more than 44 acres of land and is home to just over 2,500 different animal species. With the facility’s goals being to conserve the species, be a viable research institution, and educating the public, the zoo has become a favorite of not only tourists, but locals too. The area was established as a park in 1874 and was home to a small sectioned off area that held a small display of animals as far back as 1875.

3. Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is a waterfront neighborhood in Buenos Aires that has undertaken renewed interest and growth in recent years. This renewed popularity has seen the area both add new modern touches to the landscape and waterfront area, as well as show an appreciation for the neighborhood’s past. The waterfront port area was actually constructed in the late 1800s. Before it’s completion large cargo and passenger ships were forced to anchor far away and run their payloads and passengers to the dock by barge or ferries.

4. Rio de la Plata

The Rio de la Plata, which forms the northeast border of the city of Buenos Aires, is actually an estuary formed by the combining of the Uruguay River and the Parana River, right where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. This is one of the main locations in South America where large cargo ships can access sizable ports, and is the primary place where the markets of Argentina are accessed. The river actually separates and serves both Argentina and Uruguay. This is known to be the widest river in the world, stretching a distance of 137 miles wide at the point where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

5. Kavanagh Building

Located on Florida Street in the Retiro neighborhood is the famous Kavanagh Building. This building stands at 393 feet tall and consists of 29 floors. To most tourists with experience visiting cities elsewhere, it actually looks somewhat unimpressive in size. The building was completed in 1936 and was immediately popular with the locals in the city. The exterior of the building has a distinctive Art Deco look to it and it’s facade received an American Institute of Architects award in 1939. While it’s overall height has been passed a number of times by other buildings since it was completed, the Kavanagh Building is notable as it was at one point the tallest building in Buenos Aires, as well as the city’s first skyscraper.

The city of Buenos Aires is truly one of the more impressive cities in the entire Western Hemisphere. Visit Buenos Aires with Travelocity, they offer great international discounts to Argentina. A travelocity promo code can save travelers on flights and accomodations to the beautiful city. Buenos Aires began as a simple settlement and port town, but has grown to be the capital of Argentina and a true international city. From the city’s impressive architecture, to the wonderful array of historic and religious sites, to the vibrant nightlife and shopping areas, the city has a wealth of interesting experiences it can offer to the traveler who comes it’s way. A visit to the city of Buenos Aires is a great way to spend a vacation, especially for the experienced international traveler who wants to immerse themselves in a unique and interesting culture.

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