Five Things You May Not Know About The Exciting City Of Tokyo

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One of the real treats when it comes time for a vacation is the exciting and fun major cities that can be found in all corners of the planet. These cities not only offer many of the highly sought after type of attractions that vacationers are looking for, including luxury hotels, protected natural areas, a lively nightlife, great restaurants, and wonderful attractions. They also offer a number of attractions that are specific to the people, culture, or geographical features of the city. One of these exciting and fun cities worth traveling to is the city of Tokyo.

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Tokyo is the capital city of the nation of Japan and is one of the world’s largest and most populated cities. There are more than 12 million people who call the city of Tokyo as their home town. The city traces its history as far back as the mid 1400s. Tokyo has for years been one of the main cities of East Asia and has played an important role in the development of both Japan as well as the countries around it. The specific industries that are very important to Tokyo include tourism, transportation, fishing, electronics, and more. The city also has a number of great historical and religious sites that are available to be visited and motivated by. Tokyo is one of the most well known cities in the world, but here are five things you may not have known about this exciting and somewhat exotic vacation destination.

1. The Tokyo Dome is one of the many distinctive architectural sights on the Tokyo cityscape. This famous stadium is widely known as the home field for the Yomiuri Giants baseball team. It has also hosted other types of events including mixed martial arts programs, American football games, concerts, monster truck races, basketball games, and more. The Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame is housed right there at the stadium.

2. A famous sight in Japan is the Rainbow Bridge that spans the northern section of Tokyo Bay. This suspension bridge is a recent addition to the skyline, having been completed in 1993. The colored lights that accent the bridge and add to its visual splendor are actually solar powered and self-sufficient. The name Rainbow Bridge was decided upon via a contest that involved allowing the public to share their voice on the bridge’s name.

3. The city of Tokyo can trace its history back to its days as a small fishing village in the mid 1400s. To this day, the city still holds those ties close and is a major player in the fishing industry. The city is famous and known around the world, but was not actually called Tokyo until it was named the capital of the Empire of Japan in 1868. Prior to that, the name of what would become one of the most populous countries in the world was Edo.

4. Tokyo has long been known as a crowded metropolitan area. Scenes of the city regularly feature the numerous skyscrapers and crowded streets and sidewalks. Most people don’t know though that within the city boundaries of Tokyo, there are actually three different national parks. Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi National Park is visited by more than two million people a year who mainly come there to visit Mount Takao, one of the highest points in the local area. Ogasawara National Park is actually made up of a number of islands that sit offshore of the city of Tokyo, but are also included as part of the city itself. Ueno Park is a large park that is home to not only some wide open spaces but also a number of monuments, statues, and museums.

5. For those traveling to or through the city of Tokyo, a popular sight and mode of transportation are the famous “bullet trains” that operate there. The bullet trains, known as the Shinkansen, actually make up the world’s busiest high speed rail line by transporting more than 150 million passengers each year. While high speed rail travel is known as a more recent development in transportation, the initial plans for the bullet trains of Tokyo actually took place before the outbreak of World War II.

While some people may feel like they will never be able to visit Tokyo, for those that do travel internationally though, it is a great destination with many many payoffs. The city has some of the most famous historical sites and religious temples and buildings in the entire nation of Japan. There are also a good many protected natural areas within an easy to travel distance from the city itself. For those vacationers considering a trip overseas, or even better a trip to the city of Tokyo, they will have a hard time finding another vacation in the future that can match up to it. The city of Tokyo has an amazing array of featured attractions worth visiting, each of them a great asset both to the city and to the vacationer’s itinerary. There are very few people that regret taking a trip to the fabulous city of Tokyo.

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