Five Things You May Not Know About The Vacation Destination Of Haiti

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Sometimes the best vacations can be had by traveling to the lesser traveled to locations on Earth. The Caribbean is a fantastic destination for anyone wanting to experience a once in a lifetime vacation. The islands of Barbados, the Bahamas, Aruba, and more all offer the kinds of experiences that will stay with a vacationer for the rest of their life. One of the countries in the Caribbean that often gets overlooked is the nation of Haiti.

Haiti shares the island of Hispaniola with the neighboring country of the Dominican Republic. Haiti has a rich history that dates back long before the discovery and settlement of the area by adventurers from Europe. The culture in Haiti is also unique and experiencing it is something that can be a near life changing event in a traveler’s life. Seeing everything the country has to offer, from the mountainous regions of seemingly untouched wilderness to the pristine beaches and beautiful water. Haiti is an interesting and fantastic place to visit and here are a few things that most people don’t know about it.

1. The capital and largest city of Haiti is Port-au-Prince which is located on the eastern shore of the nation and sits on the Gulf of Gonave. The city has a long history of being one of the central and most important locations in Haiti. Unlike most other major cities in the Western Hemisphere, there was no native settlement to speak of in the vicinity that would grow up to be Port-au-Prince. It would later become a base of operations for some pirates that preyed on the ships that came through that area of the Caribbean.

2. One of the top attractions for visitors to check out when they venture to Haiti is the Citadelle Laferriere, more commonly known as the Citadel. This is a large fortress located on the top of a mountain that was used as both a lookout facility as well as for defensive positions. The mammoth stone building was built by more than 20,000 workers in the early 1800s. The impending attack that the fort was constructed to withstand never materialized, though it did survive a number of earthquakes. Shortly after the structure was built it was outfitted with more than 350 cannons. There are still stacks of cannonballs present in the structure today and they are viewable by the many visitors that make the adventurous trip there all year long.

3. John James Audubon, the famous naturalist who the National Audubon Society was named after, led a fascinating life. He was a painter, naturalist, hunter, and ornithologist. He became well known for his discovery of new bird species and the observations and paintings he made of the natural world. He is regularly thought of as one of the quintessential Americans, due in large part to his love of the outdoors. Many people don’t realize that this vibrant American of French heritage was actually born in Haiti in the community of Les Cayes.

4. The Spanish had settled and developed the island of Hispaniola, today the home of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, since the 1400s, but in the early 1600s the king of Spain ordered the colonists there to move closer to the capital city of Santo Domingo as a way of offering better protection from pirates. This move soon backfired as pirates and settlers of many nationalities soon settled on and moved into the newly evacuated portions of the island.

5. Mole Saint-Nicolas is a beautiful city on the northwestern coast of Haiti. This city offers a great experience for those that travel there including great beaches, fun activities, and scenic beauty. The city was also one of the spots where Christopher Columbus landed on his first voyage to the Americas in December of 1492. To this day there is a celebration in the community to commemorate the arrival of Columbus. This celebration offers visitors a great opportunity to see life through the eyes of the country’s residents, as well as enjoy a fun and festive time.

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When it comes to finding a vacation destination that will be absolutely everything that the vacationer wants it to be, there are a number of Caribbean choices to choose from. When it comes to finding that one unique destination though that offers the chance to experience a different culture on an in depth level, Haiti is the obvious choice. The nation of Haiti is known for many things and often gets overlooked as a vacation destination. Deciding on vacationing there is a great way to come away from the region with a completely different understanding of the people that live there.

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