Five Unforgettable Attractions To See On A Vacation To Hong Kong

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There is something to be said for the vacation that includes an exotic international city. Many of these type of destinations offer experiences that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. These types of destinations carry with them many benefits that a vacationer can take advantage of. From the shopping opportunities, to the incredible eating establishments, to the historical and cultural sites too; a trip to a well developed international city can be just the thing for the traveler looking for the vacation of a lifetime. In fact, it could go down as the best vacation that the traveler ever takes in during their lifetime.

The city of Hong Kong is just this type of destination city. For many years, Hong Kong was a protected colony of Britain, but in the late 1990s the city was turned over to be administered by the Chinese government. Often described as the place where east meets west because of the fact that it is a society that features both Chinese and Western culture and history, Hong Kong is a beautiful city that offers a grand time to any vacationer lucky enough to travel there. From its fascinating history dating back to its time before British occupation, to the modern day world of big business and tourism, the city of Hong Kong has learned to cater to the needs and desires of those visiting it. A traveler finding themselves in Hong Kong will find that they have the world at their door and the possibilities for entertainment and diversion are nearly endless.

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Here is a look at five unforgettable attractions to see on a vacation to the international destination city of Hong Kong.

Victoria Peak

The area of Hong Kong that offers some of the most fun is known as Victoria Peak. This is the highest point in Hong Kong and offers a number of great scenic vistas that allow vacationers to get the best views of the city of Hong Kong, the surrounding water, and the many islands that sit just offshore. The hub of activity on Victoria Peak are two adjacent shopping malls that offer restaurants, retail shopping, and fun attractions. There are three ways to get up to secluded Victoria Peak, by the long and winding Peak Road, by the Peak Tram, and by foot up the Old Peak Road. Victoria Peak is located in Hong Kong, but is very different from any other area in the city. This is a great location for individuals, couples, and families to visit during their stay in the city.

Hong Kong Museum of History

In terms of the major cities of Asia, few can match the interesting history of the city of Hong Kong. From its long ago history as a fishing village, to its eventual acquisition as a British Colony, and then to its eventual reacquisition by the nation of China, Hong Kong has had a varied history, all of which contribute to its current culture and atmosphere. All of this fascinating history is made available to vacationers at the Hong Kong Museum of History. The museum does a great job of displaying this history in the form of exhibits and artifacts detailing what life was like in days gone by. A visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History can give the traveler a whole new appreciation for the city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland

One of the newer Disney owned properties in the world is the Hong Kong Disneyland. This attraction is unlike most of the other Disney properties in that it is quite a bit smaller, but it does not have any problem entertaining both the locals and the tourists that come its way. One of the first things that experienced Disney park goers will notice about Hong Kong Disneyland is the lack of long lines, which is indeed a welcome sight. Though it is smaller, this is very much a Disney property and does a great job of creating a fun and exciting atmosphere that people of all ages end up loving. A fun time can be had by all at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Big Buddha

Buddhism has played a big role in the development of much of Asia and Hong Kong is no different. One of the must see sights to see in the city is the Big Buddha. A number of different companies offer bus trips to the site of Big Buddha and while there, travelers can enjoy many other things including the beautiful scenery and views that can be seen from there. The climb up to the Big Buddha can be strenuous for those not used to physical activity as it consists of more than 200 stairs. There are a number of photo taking opportunities along the way though that make for great places to take a break. Visiting Hong Kong without taking the time to see the Big Buddha is a missed opportunity for anyone traveling to this wonderful and interesting city.

Lantau Island

Hong Kong is an exciting city that offers a number of things to see and do at all hours of the day. For those that want a brief escape from the excitement and on the go lifestyle that Hong Kong offers, there is an option. Lantau Island is less than 30 minutes away from the central business district of Hong Kong and offers an experience that is the exact opposite. Life on Lantau Island is laid back and relaxing. There are a number of things to do too including head out on the water, have fun on the shore, and take the cable ride to the historic Ngong Ping Monastery. A visit to Lantau Island is a great way to get away from it all while visiting Hong Kong.

While there are other more famous and popular destinations in the world, few can compete with the incredibly unique offerings of the city of Hong Kong. For those vacationers seeking cultural or historic attractions, Hong Kong is the place to go. For those travelers looking for incredibly luxurious hotels and resorts, Hong Kong has just what is needed. Tourists looking for delicious local dishes will find more than enough opportunities to sample some of the best food that can be found in the region. Hong Kong really does offer something for everyone, regardless of their background, interests, or needs. A visit to Hong Kong is a vacation that will not soon be forgotten.

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