Great Things To Do During A Vacation To Amsterdam

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Europe is filled with high quality tourist destinations, each one offering unique experiences and very good times. One of the top destinations in all of Europe though is the city of Amsterdam on the western coast of the continent. Amsterdam is famous for a number of things, including many of which that are illegal or at least frowned upon in other cities and cultures. Amsterdam has the reputation of offering the kind of experiences that cannot be found in other western cities, and that for the most part is one hundred percent true. The city of Amsterdam also has a great selection of historical and cultural attractions too that families with children of all ages love. Whether going to Amsterdam for the social, historical, artistic, luxurious, or other experiences, no one in a travel group will be disappointed because there is enough to do there to entertain absolutely everyone. Here is a look at just five of the great things to do during a vacation to Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

For those traveling to Amsterdam, regardless of the reason, one of the places that absolutely must be visited is the Anne Frank House. This is the famous place where the young Jewish girl, her family, and others hid from the Nazis during World War II. Her father later published her diary which has been read by millions and has also been turned into films and stage productions. Many visiting the Anne Frank House describe it as a deep emotional experience. Every inch of the house turned museum has been painstakingly restored and preserved. Walking through these spaces and imagining the people living their in hiding for an incredibly long time puts what was before simply a historical story into a much deeper context. Any history enthusiast will love a visit to the Anne Frank House. This is by far one of the most important and popular landmarks or points of interest in all of Amsterdam.

Tour the City

The city of Amsterdam is a fascinating place to visit. It has great access to the water, incredible examples of age old architecture, amazing historical sites, great museums and art galleries, and so much more. From social opportunities to strolls through historic neighborhoods, Amsterdam is the place to be. One of the best ways to see the city is through any of the great tour companies that operate there. There are a number of different ways to take a tour of the city too. Walking tours give travelers an opportunity to see specific buildings and sights at a very close range, as well as for as long as is needed to experience it the way it should be seen.

There are several places where visitors can get audio tours in the form of CDs or MP3 files that they can play in their own car or rental car as they guide themselves around the city. Boat tours that take visitors along the rivers and harbor of Amsterdam allow them to see the city and the surrounding area in a way that most others miss. There are also other ways to tour the city too including by bus, bike, Segway, and more. Touring Amsterdam is one of the best ways to get a feel for the city, a general layout of how to get around it, and of course a wonderful way to see many of the important buildings and sights.

Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the world’s most famous painters and is appreciated greatly by many people from around the globe. His works of art are hung in some of the most popular and well respected museums on Earth. Amsterdam is home to the Van Gogh Museum which is thought of very highly by those with an affinity for this great artist. The museum is actually where the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh paintings in the entire world can be found. Within the walls of the museum are more than 600 drawings and 200 paintings, all done by the hand of Vincent Van Gogh himself. For a traveler with an appreciation for art, or even for Van Gogh’s work specifically, this is by far one of the most important places that should be visited. A great amount of time can be spent in the Van Gogh Museum, and the viewing experience is above criticism.

The Resistance Museum

World War II was one of the most historically significant wars in the history of the world. Many countries played important roles in the fighting, whether it be largely as a launching point for attacks or in supplying forces, or even if they were involved in the battles themselves. One of the more fascinating subjects about World War II is the resistance fighters that fought against Nazi Germany after Germany had already overrun their country. Amsterdam is home to The Resistance Museum which does a great job of preserving and displaying artifacts and exhibits that detail the Dutch resistance to the German army during World War II. The museum is very highly rated and does a great job laying out and explaining methods and equipment used, as well as hardships endured and the many successes of the resistance fighters too. History buffs especially will absolutely love this incredibly detail oriented museum dedicated to these heroic fighters.

Wetlands Safari

The city of Amsterdam is one of the most intriguing historical cities on the continent of Europe. It offers a wealth of fun social things to do including going out to the many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, dance clubs, and adult entertainment venues that are located there. It is also home to a wealth of great museums dedicated to telling the story of Amsterdam, the surrounding area, or specific experiences or occurrences that took place in the city. Amsterdam is one of the last places someone would go and think that they could participate in something classified as a safari. That’s just what visitors to the area will find though should they frequent the Wetlands Safari tour attraction located in the nearby Dutch countryside. The tours are taken in canoes and travelers get to explore the local nature and different recreated villages from different time frame’s in the history of Holland. This is often described as a simply stunning experience that is made that much better because it is an activity that most people would have never guessed they would find.

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Amsterdam is a fabulous city to visit and it has a fascinating and long history. Much of the architecture dates back centuries and is not only very interesting to look at, but it also provides for one of the most beautiful urban backdrops that a vacation can have. Vacationing in Amsterdam is a pure joy with a number of incredible attractions to be seen. There are great restaurants, fun bars and nightspots, luxurious hotels, one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, well outfitted museums, and much more to distract and satisfy the traveler. The city is a great place for a business trip, a couple’s romantic getaway, and a family or group vacation. When it comes to European vacation destinations, it is hard to match or compete with everything that the city of Amsterdam has to offer. It is simply one of the best places to travel to in the entire world.

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