Incredible Places For A Vacation On The Georgia Coast

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One of the most beautiful places in America is also a place that only seems to be known about in certain circles. The Georgia coast offers a number of things that other places don’t, but the two features that it combines in a fine way are beautiful natural areas and secluded vacation destinations. It is possible to go to the Georgia coast and see interesting historical sites, gorgeous scenery, and fun tourist attractions. A large part of the coastline is protected in one way or another and this only preserves the area for the many visitors that come it’s way. The Georgia coast offers a number of incredible places where tourists can plan and enjoy a fantastic vacation.

Fort Pulaski National Monument
Situated right between the popular vacation destinations of the city of Savannah and Tybee Island, Fort Pulaski National Monument is a popular place for vacationers and locals to visit and learn a little bit about the history of the area at. The fort is historically notab le as the place where the Union Army successfully tested a rifled cannon. The monument takes up all of McQueens Island and most of Cockspur Island. The fort was turned over to the National Park Service in 1933 and since then has been rehabilitated into the condition of its glory days. Today, the grounds and structures serve as wonderful living history artifacts for vacationers and locals alike to walk amongst and see as it was during the time when it was in use.

Tybee Island
The state of Georgia is famous for the string of barrier islands that line it’s coast. Only four of the are accessible by automobile though and Tybee Island is one of them. Tybee Island was one of the earliest of Georgia’s barrier island to be developed and today it is popular with tourists for a number of different reasons. There are great opportunities to walk the beaches and explore the shoreline for treasure brought up with the tides. There is also wonderful opportunities for fishing on Tybee Island, from the shore, from fishing piers, and from the decks of chartered boats. Some of the popular attractions on Tybee Island include the Tybee Lighthouse, Marine Science Center, Tybee Island Museum, and Fort Screvin.

Wassaw Island
Wassaw Island sits just south of Tybee Island and is one of the most unspoiled barrier islands on the Georgia coast. There are a number of activities participated in on Wassaw Island, including biking, hiking, boating, kayaking, fishing, birdwatching, and exploring the beach, but there is very little development. Sitting on the north end of Wassaw Beach are the ruins of of Fort Morgan which was built in 1898 during the time of the Spanish-American War. The Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge dominates the area and the animals and natural surroundings are protected. Some of the wildlife that can be seen in the area include loggerhead sea turtles, alligators, wild boars, white-tailed deer, bald eagles, egrets, herons, falcons, and more. The main way of accessing Wassaw Island is via the federally run dock and marina.

Saint Catherines Island
Owned by the Saint Catherines Island Foundation, the ten mile long stretch of oceanfront paradise is very popular with certain types of visitors. The beaches of the island are really the only part that are accessible by visitors and they can be reached from a number of nearby marinas including Shellman Fish Camp and Half Moon Marina. The interior of the island was once a large hunting preserve and today, with cooperation from the New York Zoological Society, acts as a survival center for endangered species. The interior of the island is off limits to the public, but the beaches are open to the public and provide some wonderful opportunities to explore and experience the coast of Georgia.

Sapelo Island
There are no roads heading onto Sapelo Island, but that doesn’t mean guests can’t get there. A 30 minute ferry ride is all it takes, and once there tourists can enjoy exploring and having fun on the more than five miles of secluded beach they find there. There are a number of sights to see on the island, along with the natural beauty that is found there, that can be of interest to the vacationer. There is a recently restored lighthouse that offers a great view to go along with the interesting chance to visit a historic lighthouse up close and personal. There are historic mansions that are available to view and tour on the island, and they tell a great story as to what happened there. The community of Hog Hammock is on the island too. This is a very interesting place to visit as it is home to a small group of residents that are descendants of the slaves who once worked the plantations there. Sapelo Island is a great stop for anyone wanting to enjoy both beautiful scenery and unique historical locations.

Sea Island
Sea Island is a small island that sits just east of St. Simons Island. This island is one of the smaller coastal vacation islands in Georgia, but also one of the locations that aims at entertaining tourists to a high degree. Horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, biking, swimming, and more are all available on the island. The key attraction there is the Cloister Hotel that was built in the early 1900s and now features three full 18 hole golf courses, a number of tennis courts, and some of the most beautiful landscaping in the area. The Cloister offers more than just hotel rooms, it also offers a small community of cottages that guests can stay in too. A visit to Sea Island, with it’s combination of seclusion and luxury, is like nothing else in the area.

St. Simons Island
A great place to go for a nice stay on the Georgia coast is St. Simons Island. This little island offers some incredible experiences for tourists of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds to enjoy. There are forests filled with massive oak trees that seem imposing to anyone who comes there way. There are sandy beaches which welcome visitors to both enjoy what is possible on them, as well as provide access to the beautiful ocean too. For travelers who want to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Georgia barrier islands but also want to have a number of attractions and comforts, St. Simons Island is the place to go. The St. Simon’s lighthouse, Fort Frederica, and Christ Church are all wonderful attractions that any tourist would love to see. The historic plantations, many restored to the grandeur they had during their glory days are also a treat to see in person. St. Simons is one of the more developed islands on Georgia’s coast, but there is still a great deal of the island that has been left in it’s natural state. Add to that the ease of visiting nearby Sea Island and it is easy to see why St. Simons Island is popular with those vacationers from Georgia, as well as those from outside the area.

Jekyll Island
For the perfect combination of protected natural areas and popular attractions and activities, visitors to the Georgia coast can try a trip to Jekyll Island. With miles of bike trails, a great many golf courses, and some fine restored hotels and bed & breakfasts, Jekyll Island offers the kinds of experiences that cannot be had elsewhere. Travelers coming there can tour the island from the comfortable seat of a horse drawn carriage. They play on the beaches and enjoy the water in a number of ways. Jekyll Island has been attracting tourists for well over 100 years, and one visit to this beautiful area tells the traveler exactly why. Jekyll Island offers the chance for any traveler, either as part of a family or part of a couple, to have the time of their lives. Many visitors coming to this beautiful and quaint island make the decision to come back again and again.

Cumberland Island
For a truly unforgettable experience, the tourist looking to vacation on the Georgia coast need only set their course for Cumberland Island. This island, probably the most famous of all of Georgia’s barrier islands, offers an incredible amount of things to do, see, and experience. The island was designated as a National Seashore in 1972 and with that designation came a newfound turn of attention from would be travelers heading that way. There are nearly 20 miles of secluded beaches which are exciting to those looking to explore the shoreline, and romantic to those wishing to have some precious time alone with that significant someone. There are historical sites like the incredible Plum Orchard mansion and the fascinating ruins of Dungeness. The island is accessible by ferry from St. Marys, itself a popular vacation destination, and this limited type of access makes this gorgeous area even more pleasurable because many people do not make the trip. The beaches are beautiful, the oceanfront forests are stunning, and the experiences are incredibly memorable. A visit to Cumberland Island, for whatever purpose the traveler has, can help create the kind of vacation that will be remembered for a lifetime.

St. Marys
Located just west of Cumberland Island is the community of St. Marys. This town sits up on a high bluff which means that there are incredible views in a number of directions. Technically, St. Marys is not an oceanfront destination as it sits on the St. Marys river, but the river does provide ships with access to the nearby ocean. The area has a fascinating history dating back as far as the time of the Timucuan Indians who once lived there. The community offers a number of local attractions and things to do, and as the jumping off point for reaching Cumberland Island, it is an extremely popular place for travelers to come for a long weekend or an extended vacation.

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From great golfing to fabulous charter fishing experiences, a vacation on the Georgia coast offers some incredible experiences for the lucky travelers heading it’s way to enjoy. The Georgia coast’s biggest assets are the fascinating history that has happened and is still preserved there, and the beautiful natural surroundings that have been lovingly protected by the many forward thinking people in the state’s past. A vacation to the coastal areas of Georgia can be the vacation of a lifetime for anyone looking to enjoy this truly special place.

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