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The perfect vacation destination can depend on a lot of things.  Some people love history and are in search of a destination filled with historical sites or great museums.  Some people have a love for professional sports and seek out destinations where they can take in as many sporting events as possible.  Some travelers enjoy quite and secluded vacations and are always on the hunt for a little populated area in the mountains or along the coast.  Another type of vacationer though are those that are seeking out locations where there is a great amount of opportunity to participate in an active lifestyle.

One of the best places to go for those who enjoy outdoor recreation is the beautiful Mexican port city of Puerto Vallarta.  This ocean front community features all of the great things anyone could hope to find in such a destination including authentic Mexican culture, beautiful beaches, great access to water, incredible dining and shopping opportunities, and fabulous scenery.  But, one of the most exciting parts of Puerto Vallarta is the tremendous amount of outdoor recreation that is available there, both on the water and off.


The Puerto Vallarta area is an emerging golf lover’s paradise.  There are a number of world class courses in and around the community, and nearly all of them offer some of the finest golf that can be found anywhere.  Golfing in Puerto Vallarta is a great one-day activity as part of a larger vacation, or as a daily activity as part of a golfing vacation.


One of the most fun ways to hit the water in the Puerto Vallarta area is windsurfing.  This interesting sport is fun for both experienced windsurfers, as well as beginners just learning the ropes.  Windsurfing allows the traveler to enjoy the beautiful water that can be found in the area in a whole new way.  It is both exciting to participate in, as well as watch from the shore.

Swim with the Dolphins

the Nuevo Vallarta Dolphin Center both educates and thrills visitors with the opportunity to get right in the water and swim with the dolphins there.  These magnificent creatures amaze tourists with how gentle, playful, and intelligent they are.  Some of the best memories of any vacation to Puerto Vallarta can be made playing with the dolphins.


As beautiful as the Puerto Vallarta area is above water, some of the most beautiful sights available in the area can be found underwater.  Here, experienced divers and those just learning how to dive can enjoy seeing the underwater rock formations, amazing varieties of fish, and the fabulous sea mammals present in the area.


One of the best ways to explore the coast in the Puerto Vallarta area is by kayak.  Renting a kayak and hitting the water allows a traveler to determine their own course as they travel up and down the coastal waters.  This is a great way for a vacationer to experience the water surrounding this beautiful vacation community first hand.


It isn’t enough to explore Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area on land or on the water, those brave enough can also check it out from high above.  Parasailing is where a traveler is connected to a parachute by a harness, and that harness is connect by a tow rope to a powerboat.  As the boat then accelerates through the water, the parachute lifts the guest high above where they can get an amazing view of the entire coastal area.  This activity is available at nearly every beach in the area and is one of the top extreme experiences that any tourist can have.


While diving is a great way to see and experience the amazing things that can be found underwater, the equipment is bulky, there is a time limit that it can be used, and there is a learning process involved to it.  Snorkeling is a much simpler way to see what lies beneath the surface of the ocean water, it is less expensive and a lot easier to do too.  Snorkeling is popular right along the shore of Puerto Vallarta, and also available to be participated in as part of a tour where visitors are taken off shore to some popular rock formation and underwater cavern sites.

Inland Safaris

The water isn’t the only thing in the Puerto Vallarta area that is worth exploring.  There are several opportunities to go on inland Jeep safaris where visitors can explore the natural countryside that surrounds the community.  This is a great way to gain an appreciation for both the landscape and the wildlife in the area.


For those that like to get out and experience the outdoors first hand and in a very personal way, hiking the surrounding countryside of Puerto Vallarta is a fun and exciting choice for an activity to participate in.  Hiking allows for the traveler to get an up close look at the vegetation, geological formations, and scenery of this beautiful destination.


Fishing is available in the Puerto Vallarta area both from the shore and from piers, as well as from charter fishing boats that take guests far out on the ocean to the popular and plentiful fishing grounds found there.  Catching some of the more unusual deep sea fish is a great way for any outdoorsman to feel at home on the open waters of the warm Pacific Ocean.  There are also numerous fishing tournaments and contests held in the area too.


A great way to see and experience the countryside surrounding Puerto Vallarta, as well as the city itself, is from the seat of a bike.  Touring the city by street bike is a fun activity where people can travel at their own pace.  Mountain biking in the surrounding jungles and hillsides can also be a fun and exciting adventure.

All-Terrain Vehicle Tours

Another great way to see the surrounding natural areas is by hitting the throttle and whizzing by it at full speed on an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).  Seeing the scenery by ATV allows a visitor to have an exciting time and also view some amazing scenery that they may not have seen had they stuck a little closer to the city.

Jet Skiing

Whether a traveler refers to it as a jet ski, waverunner, or personal watercraft, Puerto Vallarta is the place to go for those seeking some motorized thrills on the water.  These personal watercraft are available to rent on most of the more popular beaches and are a great way for travelers to both explore the coastline as well as experience the excitement of racing across the open water at high speed.

Horseback Riding

There are several local outfitting companies that specialize in treating tourists coming to the Puerto Vallarta area with a horseback ride out into the hillsides and valleys surrounding the community.  This fun experience is a great way for vacationers to bond both with an animal as well as with each other as they explore the local countryside the way local cowboys have done for centuries.

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As beautiful as Puerto Vallarta is and as much as it caters towards those vacationers seeking a luxury vacation in luxurious tropical surroundings.  Puerto Vallarta is also designed perfectly for the visitor coming to the area who has a high level of interest in outdoor recreation.  The outdoor recreational opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, both on the water and off of it, are legendary with those who know what they are doing and have sought out these type of attractions their whole life.  These fun activities are also available to the more inexperienced traveler too.  In fact, participating in one of these or other outdoor recreational activities is a great way for any traveler to experience Puerto Vallarta as few people do.  A traveler who samples Puerto Vallarta’s more adventurous side is a traveler who is maximizing the enjoyment they will be getting from their vacation.

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