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While there are a number of interesting and exciting vacation destinations available to go to in the world, when it comes to looking for the most unique experience available, few places can top the destination city of Rio de Janeiro.  A visitor looking for an exciting vacation will get more than what they bargained for by vacationing in the city of Rio de Janeiro.  From the lively music, to the outdoor street performers, to the local celebrations, open markets, fabulous nightlife, and crowded beaches, Rio de Janeiro offers the kind of vacation experience that other places just can’t compete with.  The city just offers nearly everything that any traveler could ever want to experience.

The Beaches

One of the first places people head to when they come to Rio de Janeiro is the beach.  There are a number of wonderful beaches in the area, but the two most popular have got to be Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach.  Some of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro are on the ocean and some are on the bay.  While many people think that the beaches in Rio de Janeiro are topless, this is not the case.  The waves vary in size from small and gentle to large and crashing depending on which beach is being visited.  Some of the many activities that can be participated in on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro include sunbathing, swimming, surfing, personal watercraft riding, parasailing, beach games, beach combing, and more.  Many of the more popular beach areas are lined with well developed shopping and eating districts, this is a great way to experience the beach and then take a break from the sun and sand as well.  Some of the popular beaches in Rio de Janeiro include Arpoador, Botafogo, Copacabana, Grumari, Ipanema, Leme, and Sao Conrado.

The Shopping

One of the most popular activities when visiting Rio de Janeiro, like when traveling to a number of destinations, is going shopping.  The city offers a number of different types of ways to experience shopping there, including everything from open markets featuring crafts and handmade goods to upscale shopping areas featuring local and world famous designers.  For visitors who shop at the open markets and from street vendors, bargaining is accepted and a good way to come away with an affordable purchase.  Some of the best open market shopping experiences can be found along the beaches, especially the Sunday shopping fair held on Ipanema Beach.  There are also great shopping opportunities shopping areas like Norte Shopping and the Nova America Outlet Shopping in Del Castilho.  For those looking for a shopping experience that is comparable to what they have back home, a visit to the malls in Barra da Tijuca is in order.

The History

Rio de Janeiro, and all of Brazil really, has some extremely interesting history.  From it’s days as a site of European exploration, and even before that, there has been some fascinating events that have taken place in the city.  Much of that history is easily accessed through visiting both museums and historical sites throughout the city.  Some of the more popular museums in the area include the National Museum of History, Museum of Fine Arts, Image and Sound Museum, Navy Museum, Museum of Carnival, Museum of the Republic, Museum of the Indian, Carmen Miranda Museum, First Reign Museum, Astornomy Museum, and the Train Museum.  There are also a number of fascinating historical sites to visit including the Christ the Redeemer statue that sits atop Corcovado Mountain, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Parque Lage, the Botanical Garden, Saint Benedict’s Monastery, Palacio Gustavo Capanema, and the National Library.  Experiencing the history that can be learned and seen in Rio de Janeiro gives the traveler better insight into what has gone on to make the city what it is today.

The Food

One of the best parts about visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro is experiencing the wide variety of food that is available there.  For those wanting a general sampling of a number of different Brazilian dishes, a great place to start is one of the many buffet style eateries.  Here visitors can select how much they want of specific dishes and then pay by the weight of the meal. 


Feijoada is the most famous Brazilian dish and is available widely through the city, especially on Saturdays.  There are a number of great styles of eating available in Rio de Janeiro as well, including everything from all you can eat buffets to fine upscale dining, and even street vendors.  Some of the more popular restaurants in the city include Porcao Rio’s, Fellini, Sushi Leblon, Braz, Confeitaria Colombo, Porcao Ipanema, Antiquarius, Zuka, Nam Thai, Gula Gula Ipanema, Carlota, Gero, Mil Frutas, and Aprazivel.

The Accommodations

There are as many different styles of accommodations in Rio de Janeiro as there are in most cities, and which one is perfect is dependent on who is doing the traveling.  Renting a condominium allows the traveler to stay in comfort, but also do a certain amount of things for themselves like cooking.  This can be affordable in the long run as it can save money on eating out.

A great site for looking for accomodations to Rio is expedia.  Search for an expedia hotel coupon code for added savings. Sometimes there are offers for extra night stays or coupons for cheaper travel. Expedia purchases items in bulk and these added discounts can lead to considerable savings. Ensure you read the fine print to make sure any possible cancellations are possible. Sometimes because of cheaper rates, it may have a non-cancelation policy.

There are a number of fine resort hotels that are available to stay at in the Rio de Janeiro area too.  These offer a number of creature comforts as well as many great features that can be useful for relaxing and enjoying one’s self without leaving the hotel.  Economy hotels can be found throughout the city, many close to the waterfront and many further away.  These offer visitors the chance to save some money, but also be more in tune with the population of the city and experience individual neighborhoods more.  There are a number of popular places to stay in the city including the Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel, Copacabana Palace, Sofitel Rio de Janeiro, Martinique Copa Hotel, Windsor Excelsior Hotel, marina All Suites, Promenade Palladium, and the Sheraton Barra Hotel and Suites.

Visiting Rio de Janeiro is a real treat for the adventurous tourist looking to experience a friendly and interesting culture.  Whether visiting the city during the popular Carnival celebration, or just visiting at any of the other pleasant times of year, a Rio de Janeiro vacation has the opportunity to be one of the most unforgettable vacations a traveler every takes.  The city offers a number of incredible experiences including everything from wonderful food, fantastic accommodations, beautiful beaches and scenery, interesting historical sites, and much more.  A vacation to Rio de Janeiro is quite possibly the best choice anyone looking at possible vacation destinations can make.

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