Seven Must See Places To Visit In St. Lucia

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A Caribbean vacation is something that many people dream about taking at least once in their lives.  What a shame it would be to find the perfect location, book reservations, spend time on the island and then leave only to find out later of a wonderful attraction that should have been visited.  For this exact reason one of the most important parts about vacation planning is for the traveler to get an idea of what kind of things there are to do once they are at the destination.  One of the most gorgeous places to visit in the Caribbean is St. Lucia, and here is a look at seven must see attractions anyone traveling there should make an effort to see.

Pigeon Island National Park
One of the most stunningly beautiful areas is St. Lucia is Pigeon Island National Park.  When it comes to great photography opportunities no other place on the island can top Pigeon Island National Park.  There are a number of hiking opportunities to take advantage of in the park and also some very important historical sites as well.  The park has some development near it including a great marina and some wonderful small eating establishments.  The view from the fort at the top of the climb are simply unbelievable.

Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef
Often described as paradise here on Earth, the Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef area is incredibly beautiful and one of the most unique places to visit or stay on the island.  There are fully mature gardens surrounding the hotels found there and the beach offers one of the most quiet and secluded experiences on St. Lucia’s shoreline.  Swimming, snorkeling, diving, and more are all welcome activities there and the reef is particularly a popular feature.  The setting and atmosphere there are truly lovely and special.

Errard Plantation
Regularly rated as one of the top attractions in St. Lucia, the Errard Plantation offers visitors the opportunity to see an area that was once a working plantation during the glory days of St. Lucia’s past.  There are a number of animals that can be viewed while strolling about the land there and the trails that lead off into the rain forest and along the rivers are exciting and fascinating.  The staff at the Errard Plantation are very knowledgeable about the history of not only this particular attraction, but of the entire area as well.

Fregate Island Nature Reserve
Although it appears to be not much more than just rocks jutting out into the sea, Fregate Island Nature Reserve is much more than that.  To truly enjoy this feature of the island, one traveling here must have an intense interest in animals and nature.  This area is home to a number of different kinds of wildlife including Fregate Birds and Boa Constrictors.  This spot is not for the faint of heart or those seeking large expansive areas that are easy to get around.

Maria Islands Nature Reserve
One of the nicer nature reserves in the entire Caribbean, the Maria Islands Nature Reserve is definitely worth a visit for anyone wanting to explore St. Lucia’s natural areas a little more thoroughly.  The ride across the water from the mainland is just part of the enjoyment of visiting this gem of an area.  Hiking about the nature reserve is a great experience with ample opportunities to see many kinds of plants and animals.  The island is completely natural with no hotels, restaurants, bathrooms, or structures of any kind there, so travelers really wanting to rough it will be more than satisfied.

Anse Mamin
One of the hidden treasures of St. Lucia is Anse Mamin, an old plantation near Jade Mountain that welcomes visitors seeking to get away from it all and possibly enjoy some solitude during their vacation.  There is a beach bar and grill on site that provides food and refreshment to the guests and locals who frequent the area.  There are also some great hiking and biking trails that seemingly lead off in all directions.  This is a great little stop and the perfect accent to a St. Lucia vacation.

St. Lucia Rain Forest
This is a great attraction, especially for those coming from an area where a rain forest would be something so unlike anything they would encounter in their daily lives.  The beauty in the lush jungle plants and the excitement of possibly seeing some actual wildlife make a visit there appealing to many visitors to St. Lucia.  There are a number of tour companies that run treks into the rain forest and some involve hiking in large groups while others specialize in small group experiences.  Among the many featured activities in the rain forest are a zip line experience and tons of great photography opportunities.

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St. Lucia truly does offer something for nearly everyone who visits there.  For those seeking recreational opportunities, there are options inland, on the beach, and of course in the water.  For those seeking cultural experiences there are great restaurants, wonderful open markets, interesting museums, and fascinating historical sites.  For those seeking a quiet and secluded vacation away from crowds and development, St. Lucia has a number of exclusive resorts and hidden getaways perfect for them too.  St. Lucia does a very good job of offering the perfect vacation to anyone who travels there.  A visit to St. Lucia is one of the best decisions anyone contemplating a Caribbean vacation could make.

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