six Little Known Facts About The Beautiful City Of Venice, Italy

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There are thousands of wonderful vacation destinations around the world, but only a few that are really elite.  One of those extra special locations is the beautiful city of Venice, Italy.  Venice is located in Northern Italy and is famous as the city built on water, with canals criss-crossing through nearly every part of the city.  There are a number of wonderful attractions worth visiting in the city, and one of the most fun parts is just experiencing viewing the city from the canals.  Venice is an ancient city with a fabulously interesting history, but here are five little known facts about this one of a kind city.

1.  The city of Venice, and much of the surrounding area, is built within an area known as the Venetian Lagoon.  This lagoon is the largest wetlands area in the entire Mediterranean Sea area.

2.  The Bridge of Sighs is one of the most distinctive bridges spanning the canals of Venice.  It connects the Doge’s Palace with the old prisons across the waterway.  The bridge is fully enclosed and the windows have bars made of stone.

3.  Within the city of Venice, there are actually 118 small islands that roads, buildings, and other structures are built across.  All are connected by either water or bridges to the rest of the city.
4.  The Piazza San Marco is seen as the center of the city of Venice and is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit and photograph.  This is also one of the lowest places in the city and the first to flood when there is weather bad enough to cause a large storm surge.

5.  One of the biggest local celebrations in Venice is the Carnival of Venice which lasts two to three weeks and starts roughly two weeks before Ash Wednesday.  In 2004, nearly a million visitors came to Venice to take part in the celebration.
6. There are only around four gondolier licenses given per year. There are only around 400 licensed gondolas in operation. The gondola ride has a fixed cost set by the government; although many tend not to follow the law and charge their own price.

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Millions of people head to Venice every year for one simple reason, it is like no other city on Earth.  The city offers fantastic architecture, wonderful food, unique shopping opportunities, and great historical sites.  Some of the many outstanding attractions worth visiting in Venice include Saint Mark’s Basilica, Burano, San Rocco, Doge’s Palace, the Grand Canal, Santa maria dei Miracoli, Campo Santa Margherita, Rialto Market, Teatro La Fenice, and St. Mary of the Friars.  Anyone with any appreciation of history and architecture will absolutely love a visit to Venice.  The city offers the kinds of memories and experiences that cannot be had anywhere else.

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