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There are a great many destinations to choose from when deciding on a vacation. A Mexican vacation is a great choice for a number of reasons. The country offers a very good value to those that are coming there, but it also offers beautiful scenery, fascinating history, and a wonderful amount of things to do. One of the top things to do along the coast of Mexico though is surfing. The surfing offered in this part of the world is both plentiful and full of variety. Beyond what is offered on the water though, the life on the beach and the coastal communities there is something to be enjoyed and even envied. Mexico is truly blessed with a number of excellent surfing locations.

Puerto Escondido

Surfers from all around the world are familiar with the waves of Puerto Escondido. The huge, powerful, and beautiful waves there are an ever present sight all year long. The entire coastline through the area offers all kinds of surfing and boogie boarding potential. There is plenty of room too so that a large number of surfing enthusiasts can all be accommodated in this one area. Other beaches to the north and south offer great waves for beginners to learn the basics at too. Once the surfing day is done, the nightlife in this quiet and laid back coastal Mexican town is another of the many popular things travelers love about Puerto Escondido.

Todos Santoa

A great small Mexican community to travel to for surfing and more is Todos Santoa. The waves here are long and offer wonderful surfing opportunities for surfers of all skill levels. There are a number of take off points to take advantage of and the surroundings are simply gorgeous. There are few places in Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter, that offer the relaxing slow paced way of life that Todos Santoa does for those who are either done surfing or interested in other things too.


Huatulco is a resort area that has sprung up in recent years, and now is thought of quite well in both surfing and vacationing circles. On shore there are not nearly as many first class accommodations and amenities as can be found in other locations that are more famous, but the community is very nice and still has much to offer. Offshore, the waves at Huatulco are fabulous, though maybe not as extreme as some expert surfers would require. There are a number of locations where surfing can be done up and down the coast from Huatulco itself, and there should be plenty of room to handle everyone coming there.


Colima offers many beaches that feature waves so powerful and perfect for surfing that they have hosted numerous world championship events. The huge waves found here are not usually recommended for beginners, but there are other locations in the outlying areas where surfers of lesser skills can have a great time. Expert surfers enjoy spending their time out on the massive and fast waves found at Colima. The beaches in the area are distinctive too, thanks in large part to the black volcanic sand that they are made of. The community is very in touch with the surfing world and there are many places that cater to crowds who visit there specifically for water recreation.


The small community of Sayulita is a vacation paradise that until it was discovered by surfers, flew under the radar and saw very few vacationers. The waters feature consistently large waves that are available to surf year round. One of the best parts about surfing Sayulita is that large groups are welcome because there are waves there for all kinds of surfers with all kinds of skill levels. The beach life there is fantastic and a wonderful place to enjoy more than just surfing. The community is very welcoming to tourists and is a great sampling of Mexican life.

Punta Perfecta

Located near Cabo San Lucas, Punta Perfecta has been a popular Mexican surfing location for decades. The waves here are perfect for surfers of all skill levels and are available to be surfed year round. The local communities offer great accommodations, fabulous local food, and plenty of things to do when the vacationer is all done surfing. The waves though are what brings people to Punta Perfecta, and very few people ever leave disappointed. There is plenty of coastline and plenty of breaking surf to provide enough room for even the busiest of surfing times.

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While Mexico is famous for a lot of things, everything from bullfights to nightlife, one of the things it is very popular for is the great surfing found along it’s coastline. The surfing in Mexico ranges from great beginner areas with calm and pleasant waves, to raging areas where massive waves form awesome pipelines before crashing hard onto the beaches found there. It is very hard for someone to decide on a surfing vacation in Mexico and then end up disappointed in their choice. Mexico is truly one of the best destinations for anyone looking to take a great vacation, and at the same time spend some serious time on their surfboard.

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