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The city of San Francisco is a wonderful vacation destination that offers an incredible amount of different things to see and do. Those traveling with the intent of experiencing a lively city with a wealth of shopping and dining opportunities will be more than happy they chose San Francisco as their destination of choice. Those looking for a city that offers museums, art galleries, and historical sites that are easily accessible and incredibly interesting will also be happy they chose San Francisco. Many people don’t realize it, but those looking for an interesting place to get out and enjoy nature will also appreciate the city of San Francisco. The best way though for a traveler to get a feel for the city, and get a good look at the city’s layout, is to take one of the many different tours that are available there.

Tour the City on Foot

The biggest strike against a tour on foot of the city of San Francisco is that you can cover less ground. When touring the city by walking, you aren’t going to cover as much ground. There are far more benefits to touring the city on foot though. This type of tour allows you to see many of the buildings that others drive by in an up close and personal way. You may even get to enter different facilities that those touring the city from the streets do not. A tour of the city on foot also usually focuses on a more localized neighborhood level, which can be very interesting in a number of different ways.

Hit the Water of San Francisco Bay

The waters of San Francisco Bay have played an important role in the city’s development over the last century. The water is home to watercraft that travel it for shipping, transportation, recreational, and tourist reasons. From the San Francisco skyline to the many protected natural areas in the region, a number of great views can be had from the ships that travel the waters of San Francisco Bay. Touring San Francisco from the water is a completely unique way for you to see this wonderful city.

Take a Bus Tour

If you are coming to San Francisco and want to get a great feel for the layout of the city, as well as see a wide variety of attractions and landmarks from all over the city, one of the best things you could do is book a tour through any of the many tour companies that offer services there. This is also convenient for other reasons too. Touring the city on a bus allows you to be together with either your whole family or even a larger travel group. It also allows you or someone else in your party to enjoy the sights too while not having to worry about actually navigating unfamiliar streets. A bus tour of San Francisco is one of the most complete ways to experience the city.

Tour San Francisco From the Air

While it is one of the most expensive ways to see San Francisco, touring the city from the air is also one of the most unique and thrilling way to see the city and the surrounding area. Seeing the city and the area around it from high above allows you to get a good feel for the layout of the city as the pilot or guide points out landmarks and attractions from high above. Aerial tours of San Francisco also usually incorporate venturing out over San Francisco Bay and even the very beautiful Golden Gate National Recreation Area. If you do decide to tour San Francisco from the air, you’ll be creating memories that will stick with you forever.

Something Unusual… a Segway Tour

Segways are a very popular and unique mode of transportation. A fun way to tour the city of San Francisco, from the sidewalk level, without suffering the pounding of your feet on the cement is to take a tour from aboard a Segway. This has many of the same benefits that a walking tour does, but is much less physically demanding. It also has the fun of riding a famous Segway, an experience that most people have never gotten to do.

Tour the City in a Duck

You may be asking how exactly you can tour San Francisco in a duck? A duck is just a friendly name for a World War II era amphibious vehicle. These vehicles have been reworked and altered to comfortably take passengers now on tours around the city. The unique part of this type of tour is that after the tour from the streets is finished, the amphibious vehicle can then enter the water and provide a one of a kind experience by literally driving through part of the waterfront area. There is no more exciting way to tour San Francisco than to do so as a passenger in a duck.

Take a Bike Tour of San Francisco

For those wanting to tour the city of San Francisco, and do so in an athletic or highly recreational way, a tour of the city on a bike may just be exactly what is needed. This type of tour allows you to get a good workout, remember San Francisco has some very imposing hills, and at the same time see some of the many important attractions, landmarks, and buildings found there. These types of tours can be done with your own bike, or bike rental can be included as part of the ticket price. A bike tour of San Francisco is an awesome way to see the city.

Experience Independence Through a Self Guided Tour

You may be one of those people that prefers to do things on your own. For a more independent feel while you tour San Francisco, you should look into the possibility of a self guided tour. There are a number of different options for those wanting to participate in a self guided tour. These tours can be done by purchasing a guide book, picking up pamphlets and brochures, or even buying a CD or downloading an MP3 file that contains an audio tour to listen to as you drive about the city. Self guided tours are great for the whole family for a number of reasons. The independence it allows you though is the part that most people cite as what they like about them. Now you can stop and spend more time at attractions or features you like, or you can even stop your tour and postpone it to the next day or a later visit. A self guided tour lets you experience the city with the type of freedom that no other tour of the city allows.

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The city of San Francisco has been entertaining and occupying travelers for well over one hundred years with its interesting mix of great urban and beautiful natural attractions. The city has exciting shopping districts, a waterfront area that can occupy a vacationer for days, a number of attractions located across and around San Francisco Bay, popular professional sporting events, and much much more to offer to the lucky traveler that chooses it as their vacation spot of choice.

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Ask for the Funpack to get 2 hours validation parking at Pier 39.
Also check http://www.city-sightseeing.us/blog for specials and current events.

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