Taking A Sports Vacation To The Great State Of Texas

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People go on vacation for a number of reasons.  Some are seeking a relaxing stay in a beautiful environment.  Other travelers want to participate in physical activities that they cannot participate in when they are near their home town.  Still others wish to spend their vacation in some of the larger developed tourist meccas in the United States and around the world.  One of the growing trends in specialty vacations though is the trip that is designed to focus on sports fans.

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Taking a sports vacation can be a great way to spend time away from.  The opportunity to either focus on one team and follow them from the practice field to the stadium, or even game to game, can be an incredible amount of fun.  Likewise, the chance to enter a different part of the country and immerse one’s self in the local sports culture in a way that multiple teams and multiple sports are experienced can also be a very valuable experience to have.  One of the greatest areas in the United States to travel to for a sports vacation is the state of Texas.


For many years baseball has had a special place in the hearts of Texas sports fans.  There are a number of teams and levels of play that can be enjoyed when visiting the state.  Major League Baseball is represented well in the state by both the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers.  The Astros were the first Texas baseball team to make it to the World Series and their home games in Houston are very popular with locals as well as those from outside the area.  The Rangers play their home games in Arlington, just outside of Dallas, and have one of the nicest stadiums in all of baseball.  There are also a number of minor league teams in the state too including teams in Corpus Christi, Frisco, Midland, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Amarillo, Laredo, San Angelo, and Round Rock.  Fans of college baseball can watch games featuring Texas A&M, the University of Texas, Baylor University, Rice University, and more.


Texas is not always thought of as a basketball friendly state, but they actually have three National Basketball Association teams there.  The Houston Rockets are the oldest basketball franchise in Texas and have been very popular over the years.  The Dallas Mavericks are also a popular team that plays an exciting brand of basketball.  The San Antonio Spurs have been extremely successful in recent years and are one of the more feared teams in the league on a yearly basis.  The Womens National Basketball Association (WNBA) is also represented in the state of Texas by the San Antonio Silver Stars.  Fort Worth and Austin also have professional basketball teams, they play as part of the National Basketball Association Development League.  The University of Texas, University of Texas-El Paso, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, Rice University, Baylor, and other colleges in the state also field popular college basketball teams that any basketball fan would find joy in watching.


When it comes to sports, Texas is famous for it’s football.  It seems at times that being a football fan is a requirement for anyone wanting to live in the state.  The Dallas Cowboys have represented the state since 1960 and over the years have been extremely successful, even earning the nickname America’s Team.  Games at Cowboys Stadium are extremely popular and if given the opportunity to go, a sports fan traveling through the state should not pass up on it.  The Houston Texans are a relatively new franchise that came into existence after Houston’s previous team had relocated to Tennessee.  Texans games are a great way to experience sports in Texas and their home stadium is very fan friendly.  Texas has other teams representing it as well including teams from several indoor football leagues, and even women’s professional football leagues.  College football is extremely popular in the state and fans of Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor University, Texas Christian University, University of Texas-El Paso, University of Houston, and the University of Texas all take the sport very seriously.


Hockey is a rather new sport in the state of Texas.  It has grown in popularity during it’s short time in the state though and one of the most exciting sporting events there can be viewed by attendees of a Dallas Stars National Hockey League game.  The Stars came to Texas from Minnesota in 1993 and just a few years later won the Stanley Cup, the championship of the NHL.  Other hockey teams play at lower levels in the state including in the American Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League, and the Central Hockey League.  Attending a hockey game in Texas is unlike seeing one anywhere else in the country.  People there have truly embraced the sport and are making it their own.

Other Sports

Aside from the mainstream sports listed above, the state of Texas also offers sports fans a number of other options for sporting events worth watching.  FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo are both successful Major League Soccer teams.  Other soccer teams play in Laredo, Houston, and El Paso as part of the United Soccer League’s Development League.  One of the most popular spectator sports in all of Texas is rodeo.  There are a fine number of professional and amateur rodeo events held throughout the state at all times of the year.  High school sports, especially football, are taken very seriously in Texas.  A great experience for an outsider is attending a Texas high school football game for the chance to experience big time fun on a grassroots level.  Auto racing, golf, tournament fishing, and lacrosse are also popular in the state, and a sports fan traveling through the area should not have too much trouble finding just what they are looking for.

There are a number of things that go into making a vacation to the state of Texas the perfect thing for an individual, couple, or family.  But, if that group has an interest in or love of sports, then Texas is the perfect place to travel to.  From baseball to football, and even some more unusual sports, Texas has enough options and opportunities to entertain and interest almost any sports fan.  It doesn’t matter if the traveler is a fan of professional or amateur sports, a sports vacation to Texas can be a truly special event in their lives.

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