Ten Awesome Experiences And Attractions Worthy Of Any Vacation To Georgia

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There are a number of fascinating and unique vacation destinations in the United States. Many are extremely popular and can sometimes be overcrowded, while others are overlooked but are true vacation gems. The state of Georgia has a number of wonderful things to do and see during a vacation, and though it is a somewhat popular destination, it does not usually face the overcrowding problems that other locations have. Here is a look at ten awesome experiences and attraction worthy of any vacation to the state of Georgia.

Professional Sporting Events
The city of Atlanta is home to a number of great professional sporting events and contests. Fans of all major sports will be pleased with the selection of competitions they can view there. The National Football League is represented by the Atlanta Falcons. The National Basketball Association features the popular Atlanta Hawks. One of Major League Baseball’s most successful team over the past couple of decades has been the Atlanta Braves. Hockey fans can even find enjoyment while watching the National Hockey League’s Atlanta Thrashers.

Tour of Savannah
One of the more quintessential southern cities in Georgia is the city of Savannah. One of the best ways to explore and learn about this area is by taking a historic walking tour of the beautiful neighborhoods, homes, and downtown areas as well. One of the top draws to the many different touring opportunities in Savannah is the wonderful amount of southern architecture that can be seen there. Tours are available for both those that wish to be driven around the city, as well as those that would prefer the opportunity to walk through the area and soak up the atmosphere a little better.

Gone With The Wind Movie Museum
One of the biggest eras in Georgia history was the filming, promotion, and debuting of the movie, Gone With The Wind. This film went on to capture the imaginations of all Americans, as well as many awards, in 1939 and the early 1940s. It has since gone down in film history as one of the most successful and popular movies of all time. The film was premiered in the city that much of it is set in, Atlanta in 1939 and the event saw a number of celebrations and the appearances of all of the film’s stars, which was big news in Atlanta and the rest of the south during this time. The museum is located in Marietta, Georgia and offers a wonderful chance to learn great details about both the movie itself as well as the events surrounding the famous premier.

State Botanical Garden of Georgia
Located in the city of Athens, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia is a truly beautiful sightseeing experience in Georgia. The garden covers more than 300 acres and is open to the public for viewing. There are an incredible amount of different species of flowers, trees, and other vegetation at the botanical garden. The University of Georgia uses the site as part of it’s horticulture programs, and both it and the facility benefits massively from this relationship. A walk among the many areas found in the garden can be a real treat to someone visiting from outside the area who has never been there before.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
Located in Atlanta, one of the top draws for anyone with an interest in history or civil rights is the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Here visitors will find a number of ways to explore the life and accomplishments of one of the most revered people in American history. The site contains the home that King was born in, the church where he preached, and the the memorial site that pays tribute to him and is also where he was buried.

Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center
One of the more unique historical experiences is available by visiting the city of Columbus. Here visitors will find the Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center. This facility packs a great deal of information about the American Civil War in with the wonderful hands on opportunity to see real Confederate warships first hand. Anyone interested in history or more specifically military history will love a stop at the Civil War Naval Center. Included in the exhibits are the CSS Jackson and the CSS Chatahootchee ships. This is an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the entire world.

Stone Mountain Park
One of the most popular outdoor areas in Georgia is Stone Mountain Park which surrounds Stone Mountain, a huge exposed rock dome. The park has a number of different areas within it, some feature the more natural areas of the surroundings while others are developed and aimed at entertaining the many tourists that visit there each year. Memorial Hall is a museum devoted to the history of Stone Mountain.

 For those wishing to see what life was like in pre-Civil War Georgia, a visit to the Antebellum Plantation and Farmyard can be a fun way to see first hand the buildings, artifacts, and land as they appeared at the time. Crossroads is a version of a mid 1800s southern town, with a few modern day twists added. There is a scenic railroad that takes visitors on a loop trip featuring many scenic and historic areas. There are also a number of trails leading through the park and up onto Stone Mountain itself. There are many other much loved attractions at the park too including a skylift that takes visitors to the top of the mountain, a massive carving of Confederate historical figures, a working riverboat reproduction that cruises around Stone Mountain Lake, and a laser light show too.

Skidaway Island State Park
Situated near the beautiful city of Savannah, Skidaway Island State Park is one of the most popular places in the area to take children. This is also a great way to get out of the more populated areas and experience nature up close and personal. The park covers more than 500 acres and features hiking and biking trails, camping opportunities, wildlife viewing areas, and even a swimming pool. Skidaway Island State Park offers a number of different fun and exciting experiences for both adults and children.

Federal Reserve Bank
One of the more interesting places to travel to in Atlanta, and as a b onus also one of the best free attractions, is the Federal Reserve Bank that is found there. Here, visitors will see the process involved in the making of money. They will also learn an interesting amount of history related to the currency and coinage of America’s past. There are a number of antique money related machines and other artifacts on display, and there is a unique opportunity to purchase some truly interesting souvenirs.

Visit Tybee Island
Tybee Island is located near Savannah, and in fact for a period during the 1950s and 1960s was referred to as Savannah Beach. This small island is actually the easternmost point of the state of Georgia. It has little population, but is a popular vacation destination for locals and those that have experienced it’s charm. Surfing and kayaking are available just offshore of some of the most beautiful beaches that the state of Georgia has to offer. The Fort Pulaski National Monument is a great place to visit with children and adults both enjoying walking around both the old fort and the grounds. The Tybee Island Light Station is recognizable to many people as it appears in a great deal of promotional material for vacationing in the area or the state of Georgia as a whole.

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Georgia is located in America’s beautiful southeast region and visitors going there can take advantage of the extremely pleasurable climate there. The coastal areas are beautiful, as are much of the more inland regions too. A visit to Georgia combines the opportunity to learn some unique history and at the same time experience beautiful scenery and fun attractions too. For a truly original vacation, one that is unlike those that are available in some of the more widely known areas of the country, a fun trip to Georgia may be just what’s in order.

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